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So,anyone heard of project Green Glow niether

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posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 03:10 PM

That is what i was asking when I found my way to the thread linked below...

yes thats the void...

Let me tell you how i got there...

A few years ao i heard on the news that BA ( British Airways ) were/have started a project into "alternative" propulsion systems called...wait for it...


Now i know that around 85% of the members that read this post will KNOW what that pertains to...(the Searl Craft, among others springs to mind, ). And for those that don't know, it is said to be the HIGHLY charged Ionized air surrounding the craft/saucer, GREEN at the bottom going to a sort of pinkish colour at the top.

SEARL CRAFT VID...the guy's got no teeth but MAN can he buid a craft

I think we might SOON see the Slow intergration of the technology (which i believe we already have ) into the mainstream. They MUST already know what they are doing if the name is anything to go by.
So, i did a google search and came up with pretty much nothing, here's what i found
With a ....pic? looks like something you'd find at a rave
I think the guy whose thread i linked up top, cut n pasted from this site

Thats it, not very good huh?
If BA or ANY company is planning to spear-head the intergration of Electrogravitic Propulsion systems or alike, into the mainstream, this could be VERY interesting.
So i'm wondering, why the silence? Why bother mentioning it on the news without any follow up, and a RUBBISH amount of info on line, why mention it AT ALL when it'll be out of the publics minds in week or so..(or maybe that was the idea....ooOOoooh
, they cant say they didnt tell yer then ).

But seriously, i know we've got some GREAT researchers here on ATS and some REAL intellects (you may not know who you are, but i'm SURE you'll all figuer who you are not
). So lets se if we cant dig up some more information about the subject, which in its self seems to be a challange.

We all want our next flight to be in the latest technology going, so lets try and find out WHAT THE BL***Y HELL IS TAKING SO LONG!!

And no, i won't be just sitting back watching you guys do all the work without contributing (as ive seen with quite a few cheeky posters). I'll be doing some research and posting my findings......

But now.....
Right this second...
i'm going to bed......been up all night...quite tired

So cheers in advance peeps

[edit on 12-12-2006 by Anomic of Nihilism]

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