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"Take Back The Night" is a women's auxiliary to the American Mafia....

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posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 01:35 PM
I am opening this thread to present the premise that an ultra-left wing "secret society", the "Take Back The Night" organization, is in fact a kind of women's auxiliary to the American mafia societies that have historically controlled much of the political life in New England and New York, to be conservative.

The "Take Back The Night" marches are professionally co-ordinated marches that pretend to be against violence, but the training that their staff provides to local citizens' committee that gather spontaneously around this topic is not at all against violence, and in fact is not even "feminist" in its goal.

It provides a network of volunteers to work alongside and become embedded in legitimate law enforcement agencies, who then refer all female victims of crimes or females making inquiries about "rights" to the nonprofit centers that are controlled by the Take Back The Night organization. These centers operate completely outside of the public accountability of local or regional government.

One very notorious instance of "strange bedfellows" between "Take Back The Night" and traditional Massachusetts mafia was in the GE superfund PCB case in western Massachusetts.

GE had to get rid of PCB contaminated soil. "T-B-T-N" had to justify a women's movement in a heavily blue-collar, Catholic county.

A GE secretary who has full control of the GE computer system and who also was the staff member largely responsible for arranging charitable contacts had a sudden problem: her son helped in the Lenox 7 drowning of two others, including the son of a prominent union steward at GE.

Suddenly: problem solved. PCB soil "disappeared" into school yards and elsewhere, resulting in increased cancer and birth-defect rates (25% miscarriage ratio) while Lenox 7 members, which included a son of the Bianco family as ringleaders, never did a day in jail for putting the car into the lake. (did not intend death!?!)

Local T-B-T-N group suddenly had reason to get $$ to educate women about pregnancy, claiming miscarriages due to ignorance.

educate=political indoctrinate.

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