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The Best Way to spread a news around internet: Epilogue

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posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 06:35 AM
Someone remember a mine thread called "The Best Way to spread a news around internet" (or whatever)?
I posted that thread because i was thinking to spread my infos to a great number of people around internet.
It is time.
Is in part correlated to the thread "An Experiment for Everyone", pretty failed but we (Me, L3X and Neo_Ikon_Epifanes) changed our policy and now want to spread on internet our infos.
I've translated some infos in a readable text (they came from MSN chat logs, with his agreement) and yesterday i gave it to him which will fix some points and when he has done his job, the next step is spread the news around the web. We will start from ats but we need to be sure that the news comes in every website.
So..some good places where i could spread the infos could be: ATS, Art Bell's Forum, GodLikeProductions,Thinkaboutit,Expolitics,Pravda.
Anyone has some good suggestions?
I need some links

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