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Age Of Conspiracy Theory

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posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 04:22 PM
From the Litvinenko affair spinning an ever tangled web to television thrillers where the crime is almost always solved many as asking if the conspiracy theory has come to light. The television crime dramas aside it remains a mystery who killed three hundred people in bombings in Russia in 1999, which swept Vladimir Putin to the presidency. Litvinenko said it was the FSB who organized the bombings, Putin said that was delirious nonsense, although almost unnoticed Chechen leader Movladi Baisarov was shot dead by police in Moscow at the same time Litvinenko was dying. So many are saying that the conspiracy theory has come to light.
Alexander Litvinenko alleged it was the FSB who organised the bombings, a claim dismissed by Putin as "delirious nonsense". Also in reply, the FSB produced a photo of Litvinenko's bombings witness, Achimez Gochiayev, together with a Chechen leader, Movladi Baisarov - whose allegiances have strangely shifted in the murky conflict.

Almost unnoticed, Baisarov was shot dead by police in Moscow at the same time Litvinenko was dying in a hospital bed.

Over in the United States this year, the White House has been forced to produce a major inquiry specifically to refute the widespread claim that in 2001 it was the CIA or Mossad who blew up the World Trade Centre, in order for America to declare war on Islam.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

There might be a few more reasons to this the what is noted in the article. Like this wonderful communication medium we are all using. The level of information and ideas that can travel uninhibited help every idea, no matter how crazy, be viewed by anyone who wishes it. I look at things as so long as we are in a society with politics, there will always be the conspiracy. Also with any event where someone has something to gain, there will be some spin that will include a conspiracy. I also feel that one reason why the conspiracy has come of age is the public rarely if ever gets all the information available. So that brings us all to a place to discuss what is and is not a conspiracy. Keep talking everyone!

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