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And Gates Gets Richer

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posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 12:23 PM
During the coarse of 2007 the Windows Vista is expected to create about 100,000 jobs. That is considering all factors spread out through the I.T. industry including retailer and vendors. That figure might be on the optimistic side but there is still a bigger issue. Microsoft does control and pretty big chunk of the market and the launch of Vista will also generate a lot of revenue.

For every dollar of Vista-related revenue that goes directly to Microsoft, about $18 will be generated in the industry, according to the report, with up to $70 billion created for Microsoft's partners and the industry at large.

Microsoft partners are expected to invest approximately $10 billion in Windows Vista-related products and services between now and the end of 2007, the report noted.

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I am not picking on Gates hear. I got a lot of respect for everything that he has done. I am just more commenting on how much more it is seems he is due to have coming his way. His foundation has written the biggest check ever do go to a charity. And as I recall his family forchen is the largest by a long shot.
So in closing I hope all of you out there who will be using Vista will like the new product.


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