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A Letter From a Soldier in Iraq

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posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 10:03 PM
Wow so much anger. I must agree with Semper it is certainly unusal for a Marine to so publicly critize the the Commander in Chief; however, last I heard it's not against the UCMJ. It is also equally true that not all soldiers agree with our policy in Iraq. My brother is returning to Iraq in 5 months and he has told me that while he will do his job to the utmost of his ability he's not sure his heart will be in it. Do those feelings make him a traitor? No they do not!!! He will fufill his oath and do his best. He is allowed to feel as he does.

On a side note the continue critique of Semper and his post is frankly out of line. He has shown the courage and class I always knew he had and apologized. Enough already. As jsobecky said Semper really doesn't need me to stick up for him but I believe he is due to the respect of accepting the fact he had a bad day and drop the subject. By the by I in no way feel my service in the Navy was diminished by his post. After all the Marines are the infantry for the Navy
Flame away Marines cause all kidding aside you are really pretty special

posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 10:44 PM
I read what semperfortis wrote in the supposed thought of him saying he's better than other Marines.

First off, whether I agree with semperfortis or not, he's served his country well...he has the right to look down on a fellow Marine.

Does that mean I agree with his opinion...not necessarily.

Does this mean I see semperfortis as less of a man because of his choice of words or opinions...not necessarily.

People are people, whether they are Marines or citizens like you and Me. People, of all sorts have the right to their opinion...period.

I don't care what any law says or thinks.

I don't care what any politicians says or thinks.

I don't care what government agency says or thinks.
You, I, semperfortis, and the rest of the free born world or not so free born world...have the right to have an opinion.

What we don't have, is the right, the freedom, or the permission to necessarily express that opinion any more.

I will still stand My ground on anything I've ever said.

I will stand behind, beside, and in spirit with semperfortis...whether I agree with him or not, just like I will stand with any soldier, Police Officer, or any other common or not so common citizen of the U.S.A. and any other country in the world.

I support, every single person on this planet, in having their opinion and the right to express it, whether I agree or disagree.

The line, gets crossed for Me though, when someone tries to force feed crap down My throat. I may listen to your opinion...I may respect your opinion...I may understand your opinion...but that does not mean I will accept it for Myself, that's My right.

I'm tired of people force feeding their crap down other people's throats here on ATS.

Let semperfortis be.

posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 11:20 PM

After all the Marines are the infantry for the NavyFlame away Marines

And PROUD I was to be my friend......

As for this comment,

An emotional man having a bad day at work doesn`t give me a warm fuzzy feeling particularly when his job involves the use of a sniper rifle. I hope ATS provides you an adequate venue to vent your frustrations for all our sakes.

Being a Marine Sniper and a Police Sniper, SWAT Team Leader etc, is not something that comes easy. It takes YEARS of dedication, physical training and education before you are even allowed to qualify for the position. Marine Sniper School has been rated time and again one of the most demanding schools in the Military.

That said, I am a Professional. This I do for my life's work. This is NOT and NEVER has been a job for me. It is who and what I am. I have taught these same techniques in 5 states and in Canada. Having a bad day for me, is not the ordinary persons bad day. However, I have seemed to cope with it for the past 25 years or so. So don't worry about that my friend. This is what I do.

Thank you to all my friends on here... Sometimes it is nice to hear support when your "down."


[edit on 12/12/2006 by semperfortis]

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