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BBC Sports Personality of the year ?

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posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 06:58 PM
HM's Grand daughter Zara Philips has won BBC sports personality of the year.

Are you havin a girafe?

Joe Calzaghe should have romped this , I would also liked to have seen Darren Clarke win after a horrible year for him but Zara Philips c'mon , who out there voted on BTS? any one? I did I voted for Joe Calzaghe and my dad voted for Phil the power Taylor ( even hes more deserving for cripes sake)

Whats more third place went to Some one called Beth Tweddle ?!? I dont know who Beth Tweddle is and why would the 12% of thoose who voted for her .........erm vote for her since when has anyone been bothered about gymnastics in theis country? Just what is going on here people?

The only one I did agree with was Darren Clarke finishing 2nd hes a quality golfer and very brave to play on so soon after the death of his wife.

For the record heres the list of the ten potential recipiants .

Jenson Button (F1) Won one race in over what 140 and some .......... wow.
Joe Calzaghe (Boxing) Undefeated in a decade awsome world champion.
Darren Clarke (Golf) good rider cup , deserving in a poor year for British sport.
Nicole Cooke (Cycling) who?
Ricky Hatton (Boxing) Another undefeated champ.
Andy Murray (Tennis) beat federer this year other than that.
Monty Panesar (Cricket) should be in the test team IMHO dump giles for gods sake.
Zara Phillips (Equestrian) shes fit but who cares about horse jumping or what ever.
Phil Taylor (Darts) 13 times world champ and yet only shortlisted once have a word BBC!
Beth Tweddle (Gymnastics) WTF

Ok its been an abysmal year for (mainstream) British sport but c'mon this list is terrible not to mention the winners , a real dissapointment ...... so c'mon Bts lets come up with a more deserving winner either from that list or give a shout out to anyone you feel is lacking.

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