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Montana Cow Genetic Engineering

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posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 09:19 AM
may this case be an indication for an undergoing of "secret genetic engineering"?

this report says the udder has been removed, also other parts were removed.
aren't there cases of cow mutilations which have the same remains upon the treated area and accuracy like in a surgical operation carried out with laser technology?

the udder of a cow can be used for reproductive cloning.

would a person or a group of people use lasers to mutilate cows?
for what purpose?

the different energy formations inside the soil surroundig the animal, and a continuing appearance throughout the mutilation cases of a circular shaped increase of energy inside the soil around the victim animal are also very strange.
in this case, what are the reasons for the high level of energy inside the soil 200 feet away from the cow?

i recognized the forming of the pushed down barley to be the same appearing of plants pushed down in a crop circle formation, but maybe it is because the cow left an imprint on the plants before rolling to its current position.

the question is: did the cow fall from above?
if it did, it was lifted up. a lift of mass requires energy.
there are remains of energy - anomalies - inside the soil, which indicate an earlier presence of energy, at least they indicate the soil has been, to some point of time under an influence of a form of energy.
ergo: the soil must have been inside the radius of influence of this energy, must have had "contact" with the energy.

probes of the cow, maybe of the hair, should by this also show increases of energy levels, because if the cow was transported by some energy it was directly opposed to the focus of this energy.

how would mass behave inside this field of energy? as far as i get this, this field of energy charges mass, it influences a current state of energy level. to lift a cow it would require to "charge" the area inside the field that way a "lift" occurs.
the soil was charged. was the cow also charged?
imagine: magnet: |-|+| |+|-| (simplified.)
this technique would require a huge ammount of energy.
but actually it is possible to lift objects several ways.
by acoustic waves for example.
or by waves of energy in general, by a puls, by an impuls.
for example imagine, by an advanced combination of them.

if the cow was also charged after or while being transported, maybe the charge of the cow is/was responsible for the appearance of energy inside the soil at the "impact side". maybe the cow is now uncharged. maybe it was first being charged at the location 200 feet away, where remains of energy inside the soil can also be found.

could it be that someone "makes a cow pregnant" and removes the adequate parts to continue the process of breeding, or at least requires the adequate parts of the cow to carry out a breeding process? cattle are very easy, in this case "cheap" victims. i think it is obvious that parts a being removed for a certain purpose, i´d say a "scientific" kind of purpose.

i was recently reading an article about the possibilities of cloning humans inside stern cells from cows.
humans are trying to be cloned since a long time and that is for sure.


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