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FBI: US gangs using the military to spread globally

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posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 05:57 PM
During the Viet Nam war, "disenfranchised" youths were targeted for special ops training and elite corps like the Green Berets. Nobody knew what to do with them when the war ended and they got home.

So true - it's not a new strategy, or a new problem. Doesn't change the fact that it is socially significant.


posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by whaaa

Originally posted by jsobecky
. God knows we have enough Boy Scouts back home making their jobs tougher to do as it is.

Attacking the Boy thats a new low.
What's next becky, the Brownies, Campfire girls, Cub Scouts, YMCA, YWCA

I wasn't attacking the Boy Scouts as an organization; I was using the term figuratively. Ever see the movie 'Clear and Present Danger'? Like that.
But I can see how it could have misinterpreted. Signed, jsobecky, former Boy Scout.

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posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 06:12 PM
Many military come home and join various law enforcement agencies, also. Some go into private security co.'s.

I think it's a leap to assume that they will all come home and take their new-found skills to the streets. For some, the military is the break they needed to get the discipline to become productive members of society.

posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 07:15 PM
anyone's gang affiliation is not unknown to the military branch their serving in.
perhaps the screening is more stringent in any force, but the Army,
but that is the Armys' cross-to-bear!, they are the unit where 'things' are tested & explored! the other service branches a test-case model for experimenting on their own recruitment & retaining criteria.

If the army needed to, they would "undesirable discharge' known gang-members...because, for starters, the gang motivated personnel had a conflict in that their 'oath' of allegiance to the constitution was ?abbregiated? because of their active participation in a higher calling, i.e. Gang allegiance.

there's several processes to uncover these 'gang-devoted sleepers',
unless the soldier is content to be a K.P. regular & a bottom of the ladder soldier, he/she will need to have at-the-very-least a records check type of investigation for a minimum 'secret' security clearance...

as a squad or platoon member (as opposed to a K.P. regular) he/she
will need to have access to the daily crypto codewords...which requires at least a NSA/FBI/local-&-state police/ records check. which will surely uncover the person as; one-to-watch for abberant behavior related to gang membership.

imho, it's all a designed 'controlled chaos' procedure...the higher level of military intel & the C.I.D., are keeping their Big-Brother eyes on all these personnel (whether you know/believe it or not)

posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 12:52 AM
Thanks guys and I am glad I was able to bring it to the attention to those of you, like me, who didn't know this was as bad as it is. And am also appreciative for the thoughtful replies and discussion

I don't think the only issue anyone should have is these thugs coming home and causing chaos there, what about the spread of organized crime around the world ? Because that is what it will become if left to go on like this.

I remember seeing a show about the MS-13 gang and I was blown away!
This gang is possiblythe most dangerous gang in the US and they're using the US military to recruit and expand worldwide.

I also recall hearing about the rival gangs aboard the USS KittyHawk and USS BlueRidge .. and alas! All 9 ships currently stationed here at the Yokosuka Naval base returned to port yesterday.
I just really hope to see this addressed by the higher ups, before the trouble they can cause escalates because I fear for the future of not only the military but society at large as a result.

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posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 07:05 PM
Actually,they are/have been doing some screening if you will,they do look for gang/racist tattoos.

posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 03:58 AM
I used to be stationed at Lackland in the 90's. Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio used to be an open post until they started having drive-by's in the military housing units.

I can't say that gangs influence doesn't exist on Air Force bases.. but, I've never seen it.

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