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Reasons why WE (YOU & I) are the Anti-Christ. Happy Holidays!

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posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 04:49 PM
Reason #1:

1) For sake of arguement, let's say that the words "Truth" and "GOD" are interchangeable: The first of the ten commandments said: "I am the lord thy god and thy will have no Gods before me". I interpret this to mean: "I am the Truth, and you will have no Truths before me". I believe this so adamantly, if God is not the God of Truth, then i have no god, for there is no truth. What would god be, if god did not put the truth before all? A deciever. That is my thinking on this. And has humanity either as a whole or individually chosen to love our truth before we love anything else? let's find out.

Reason #2:

2) Our first love was Fear. It is a natural byproduct of the instincts to survive, and a natural logical product of the instinct of "self pre-serve". It allows us to acknowledge and recognize what may cause us harm, or threaten our survival.

Reason #3

3) Our second love was Food, as it was needed for cellular reproduction as we grew in the womb, and as we grew into the macro-organism we are today. i mean "love" in the sense that our cells are addicted to it. and an "addiction" is simply something someone cannot stop doing.

Reason #4:

4) Our third love was Family, as they were initially our first provider(s) of protection and nurishment. Even if we did not have what others would consider a "conventional" family, it was our maternal mother that provided us with nurishment and protection for the first 9 months, prior to birth.

Reason #5:

5) Our fourth love was Friends. We needed to feel accepted, and wanted to belong. Our friends offered us more understanding to our life's questions, and ourselves. They offered us the sense of belonging we needed, and a sense of acceptance, which we wanted.

Reason #6:

6) Our fifth love was Fornication. I don't mean "lust" here. I mean "fornication", in the sense that we were curious about a thing called "love". We were trying to understand and comprehend love, and the physical aspects of love is a piece of the puzzle we needed to understand and comprehend.

Reason #7:
7) Our sixth love was Finances. This provided us a means of percieved security, and control over our previous loves. With financial security, odds are we could provide for a signifigant other (love 5). With financial security, odds are we could afford to entertain more friends, and help them out when they needed or wanted help more easily (love 4). With financial security we could afford to have more children, and provide for, shelter, and nurish them (love 3). With financial security we could afford more food (love 2). And yes, money also gives us a sense of control, over the fears of losing the things we love. or even help pay for the scary movie, so we could face our fears (love 1).

Reason #8:

What are our first 6 loves?
1- Fear.
2- Food.
3- Family.
4- Friends.
5- Fornication.
6- Finances.

What do they have in common? They all begin with the 6th letter of the "all FIB bet". "FIB" means LIE. "F" is the sixth, placed before God's "G", the 7th.


humanity as a whole has made 6 choices to love 6 different things that begin with the 6th letter of the "all fib bet", before their "opinions" have permitted them to love their own truth, or comply with the first commandment.

So, what has humanity chosen to love before they love the truth? 666.

6 choices made to love 6 things that begin with the 6th letter of the alphabet, before we have chosen to love our own truth.

Or, in your opinion, is this a Religious Conspiracy in which generations of people have knowingly and activley participated in?

" Let him with wisdom calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of man. "

is "man" singular, or is "man" the human race?


I would also like to add:

Christ = son of God.

Anti = opposite.

So, if we can quantify and define all negative emotions away for what they are, then:

What is the opposite of a son?

Thanks in advance for your contributions. And, happy holidays.


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