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ET's & the NWO...

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posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 12:51 AM
If life is a puzzle then we must use forsight to understand the peices we're dealing with, if we're ever to survive this "control force" that has scrambled our thoughts. For arguements sake, let me reference unproven conspiracies throughout this post, so that I may hypotheitically prognosticate a finish puzzle. So here we go... BTW, To the time of posting links to CT sites that prove nothing, I will leave the disclaimer that all CT subjects I reference are manistreme conspiracies to the best of my understanding.

ET's made contact = Shared technology and remained elusive (for the most part).
The world is ran by corruption and our advancing technology continues to help wars and destruction, one would have to assume the intrusions by at least a portion of ET contacts were not so sincere in motivation. Also, there is a secret (for lack of better word) that some humans stumble upon that allows advanced development (enlightenment) and a higher awareness, these secrets can also fall into the wrong hands/desires. Thus, our present situation with higher aware people that surrender to the temptation of darkness, further empowering the original darkness.

Who has help keep this ultimate secret of contact and future ideology? NWO some say. Free masons? Who know?

Let's look at US. A bunch of ideological people from England decided to take their destiny into their own hands. Which subsequently started the "american dream" culture. Bring us up to WWI & WWII we see a lot of changes take place.

The Kennedy vs Bush conflict (which the Bush's won).

Bush's fund Nazi party through his banking conglamerates and the British. I always scratched my head over the reality that the germans were able to create a army to take over the world just over a decade after the treaty of versailles cripple their military indefinitely and economic infrastructure. So for arguements sake, the evil powers that be allowed the nazis to become powerful, which eerily exterminated millions of jews, only to be awarded a country in the middle of chaos, which was laced with texas gold (oil).

Israel becomes a country (1948) US begins funnelling Billions of dollars and unlimited military technology to the country. Religions supposedly are to blame, but if you look real closely, Islam and Christianity believe in same creator. Christians support Israel by giving millions of dollar in support each year, so what gives. For the sake of arguement we're still talking about ET's and their "collective influence."

The Bush & Company agenda has been at the peaks of elitist controls since the 1920's. Let me reference "The Project for a new America" that is written and endorsed by Bush cronies.

US helps install Taliban to sell oil at good price (pipeline). Clinton gets heat from activists and craps the deal while president and points his finger at the Taliban's evil leaders. They harbor Bin Ladden and they devise a plan to retaliate against US (9/11). Israel finds out through intel. Tells Bush buddies. They allow it to happen and prepare accordingly. For the ultimate plan of course... "Project for a new America." ET's influence still present.

Bush sr. attacks Saddam. Nothing. 9/11 happens. An eerie suggestion to blame Iraq surfaces. The false information comes to light, but we're already in Iraq while the people in US want revenge for 9/11.

Iraq is a mess right now. The media is blatantly reiterating Iran's influence in Iraq and Hezzbollah. They keep repeating he wants to wipe Israel off the map when he has repeatedly clarified his position on that statement.

So what does this puzzle start to resemble?

Maybe a calculated plan to eradicate the arabs in the middle east? Take their oil? Wait, didn't I mention the Bush's involvement in funding Nazis who wanted to exterminate people that were beneath them? Were the Nazis afflicted by the ET's "Collective Infuence?" Many would argue yes.

I also know that many leftist would compare Bush & Comp to Hitler and the Nazis. But within the Nazi party, you must remember that it was supported by the very rich and elite that actually believed they were of a better mold.

So here we are in the present, left with the control in the hands of liars and bigots... The world is in utter chaos. And my remaining question persists...

Humans have been lost in the world's temptations which has enabled their vulnerabulity to ET's collective influence? If this is true, and we are being led by forces of evil? What will it take to rise above it and defeat that influence?

I don't neccesarily subscribed to everything I mentioned, I was trying to stick with the hypathetical puzzle analogy lol. though it is undeniable that our world is ran by the influence of darkness (where ever the source lives).

What will it take to create our army of peace & forgiveness that can stand up to such childish "collective Inlfuence."

Any thoughts?


posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 02:02 AM
There is hypothetical answer to this hypothetical puzzle. So let's hypotheticalize.

Mr. Bush himself has given us hints to the answer. When the Iraq War started the president can be quoted as saying "We are trying to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi People".

This is exactly what the ETs are trying to do. The dark ET forces are stopped from full out invasion due to free-will guidelines that are in effect. But if they can win the hearts and minds of humanity then we can be conquered completely. When someone believes that humans are by nature hostile, vindictive, war like creatures then the Dark ETs are winning. They have joined the dark side in mind and heart.

In order to counteract the dark agenda there simply needs to be enough humans holding the light in all situations. In that I mean, enough people that see humans are not hostile, vindictive, war like creatures. If we were such then we would be living in a Mad Max world. The overwhelming majority of people just want to live in peace.

To hold the light is nothing difficult or special. One doesn't have to be spiritually attuned to higher forces to spread the love of allowance and acceptance. Just smile and see how contagious it is. Let someone out in traffic and do so without the thought that it makes you look like you're a nice person. Do it because you see the other person as an equal human being. Give a kind word to your neighbor. See the Creator (God) in the faces of everyone. Don't judge people that are different or don't hold your opinions or belief. Accept everyone because you realize they are all aspects of the Creator and to judge another is judging God.

I'm sorry if that sounds religious, it's not meant to. What this will do is align you with those ETs that are here to assist. It gives them an opening within the negative energy field so they can send in more love (reinforcements if you will). Think of the negative thoughts, emotions and energy around the planet. That's the result of the dark agenda. That's what is corrupting hearts and minds. Be a light within it and it will create a hole, an opening whereas more light can come through and touch more people.

The negative energy is a foreign (alien) installation into our reality. It doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel good. It causes all kinds of physical problems such as cancer and other dis-ease.

So the more people that can hold that positive energy within the negative energy field, the weaker the negative field will become. And someday soon the Dark ETs that are providing help to the Dark Humans will no longer have any power here. They won't be able to pierce the light (positive energy field) that we have created. Just as the light has been unable to pierce the dark for so long.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 09:55 AM
Great response Arm Of Geddon. If I may point out the obvious: that is a good way to be regardless of the existence aliens, nwo or even god. It's simple logic & common sense, we shouldn't require a dire threat to live that way


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