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Twin Earth's

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posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 10:09 PM
I recently listened to this interview of Brooks Agnew on The Edge Radio and he come up with a very interesting theory on how the Earth is Both 8000 years old and billions of years old at the same time.

If I understood his claims ( he is a Physicist and very astute ) he says that the physical earth is billions of years old and has evidence to prove this scientifically but there is an overlay of a spiritual type earth occupying the same space but at a different vibratory frequency.

He claims the Noah story was the epic arrival of living species via the arrival of this 2nd earth overlaying itself onto the physical ( old ) earth and thats were he lsot me with his technical "speak". The interesting bit was when he got to talking about the prestigious year 2012 phenomenom everyone is talking about, he claimed that this date was the time when the 2nd Earth would split off from the Physical earth leaving no connection spiritually to the older Earth and that it was a landmark event in historical terms.

Go to and download this Brooks Agnew audio and make up your own mind. I for one found it fascinating.

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