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Future Shock

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posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 02:50 PM
By MidnightDStroyer

Chapter Zero-Introduction

I want to tell you a story; This story will take its setting from one that you know well, reader, because it happens to be the same setting where you live on a day-to-day basis. This story is brimming full of intrigue, betrayal, greed & (mass) murder on an unprecedented scale. Unfortunately, there's very little romance involved in this story because I couldn't figure out how romance could even be remotely integrated into the plot; At least, not without that romance being performed under false pretenses or with ulterior motives. Be that as it may, I hope that this story causes you to think...really think...about the world we live in.

This story may, by necessity, contain a lot of speculation due to lack of specific evidence, but the clues are all around you if you have the courage to look for them; After all, that's what research is all about, isn't it? This story is nothing more than one person's attempt to accumulate research on the entirety of human history into a (very) short synopsis. If you have access to a library, use it; If you have access to the internet (which, if you're reading this, you probably do), use that also. If your internet time is limited, don't waste your time reading this online; Copy the whole text & paste it into any word processor program available on your computer & save it on a floppy disk or print it on paper to read later. Don't let yourself use the pitiful excuse of not having enough time; If you've been interested enough to read this far, then you already have the time. It only remains to be seen if you have the curiosity it takes to make the time for conducting further research.

As the Great Bard (William Shakespeare) has said, "All the World is but a stage & we are all merely actors upon it, playing our parts" (This quote is paraphrased). You may find that any part of this story could involve you, as the reader, to recognize your part in this story. You may even recognize of some of your ancestors that have played their parts throughout the history of this story. I think my part happens to be skulking around backstage, looking to find the scattered pages of the script, checking & rechecking that script for consistency & continuity, looking at the props & scenery, forever hoping that once the script has run its course the ending turns out to be a happy ending, even though the flow of history doesn't point that way. All I'm doing here, dear reader, is telling you what I've learned while skulking around backstage; In a way, my writing this is akin to coming out upon the stage in front of the audience to play a "bit role" that could impart some vital information to the plot of the story...A narrator, if you will.

Take some time to play the role of a detective, using history to find your clues & a healthy bit of deduction to figure out what those clues mean. Research not only the historical events themselves, but also research the people who performed their parts in history, the social/political/religious/economic environment & time period they lived as well as their motivations (which can be gleaned from other documentation that they've written during their lifetimes) that initiated their actions. Don't rely merely upon your memory of the history you've learned in school; After all, there are a number of people (who you don't know & have no concern for you as a human being) that have the power to specify what & how much you're taught. Memorizing names, places, dates & events is pretty much all of the history that many schools are allowed teach a child. Even the amount of real truth contained in that "official" history is circumspect.

At times, you will need to rely on speculation, supposition & "hunches" to fill in some of the blanks because there is no one detective in existence who can find all of the clues alone. Instead, use your hunches & ask yourself difficult questions that may point you in the direction of more clues. Use logical deduction on current events & compare the results to similar events in history. Modify your thoughts with what you learn about human nature & motivational factors during your research; Learn to think "outside the box" that you've been herded into during your whole life. The broader & deeper your self-education gets, the more of the "big picture" you'll be able to see or extrapolate.

Everything I mention here, reader, is an attempt to motivate you to have the curiosity to research the answers yourself; Due to limits on time, I can't provide you with specific references (except in a very few isolated cases). All I can provide is some kind of direction for your own research; I can show you the path & describe it's twists & turns, but you must choose to walk it or not.

Here, I am only providing the outlines of the script because the script itself is scattered & widely spread about; You must find the individual pages of the script & study it well if you wish to know the entire script itself. This material will be primarily focused on the United States of America for it's (arguably) the most potent National Power active in the modern world; However, I must also provide some world history because the United States of America did not originate all that long ago and the histories of other nations had (& still have!) great influence on those origins & its continued existence. It's up to you, reader, to discover enough pieces of the puzzle to be able to discern the overall image of the picture our future represents.

To give you some bit of background on myself, as the author, consider that what you've read in the supermarket tabloids (at least, the non-sensationalist articles) to be merely a scratch on the surface of what this author is trying to convey to you. I'm something of a conspiracy theorist with a healthy (or is it unhealthy?) dose of conspiracy history mixed in with a generous batch of mostly "mainstream" history & self-researched history. Think of the story of Future Shock as being a practical use of the old folk homily, "Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat those mistakes". As true as this old saying is, this means that human history & society follows "cycles". As I've already pointed out, I'm continuously checking & rechecking the script for consistency & continuity; To do so, your research in history (and the causes & motivations of the players of the events in history) will be mandatory. Then you will be able to see what the future is likely to hold when you already know what came before in the Great Cycle of History.

Reading & contemplating the motivations of past events is only the start; You must be able to put the scattered clues together & learn the motivations that initiated those events.

Chapter One is provided to give you a historical background of those parts of the script that have already been played out upon the "world stage". The context is a general, loose description based upon what you've probably known (or guessed or feared) all along. As current events will be covered in Chapter Five, this chapter will end (in general) with the advent of the Modern Age & up to the current US Presidential Administration (as of this writing in the year 2003 AD).

Chapters Two through Four outline the three major factions of power that have played a part in the history of this story. I provide an examination of the motivations of the actors in the script, the events they performed & the results of those actions throughout the times following after.

Chapter Five outlines current events, the actors who are currently "on stage", the actions they are performing & the results of their actions on society.

Chapter Six is pure speculation upon those parts of the script that have not yet been played upon the world stage, but includes how past & current events flow with their own momentum to reach the next era on the Great Cycle; This is the meat of Future Shock. There must be a certain factor of speculation involved here, but that very same speculation is based upon a solid ground of knowledge of similar events in history that have shown a tendency for consistent patterns of repetition. The direction & impact that these events will have upon the future have already been seen in the past; After all, history does have a disturbing tendency to repeat itself. The only thing that really changes between history & modern times is the scale, scope, the number of people affected by more "current" events & the specific techniques used to achieve the same results found within history.

Chapter Seven relates some of the actions we can take to prevent the possible darkness of our probable future, correct the problems of modern times & restore a balance that humanity has not known for more than 10,000 years.

You too are merely an actor on the world stage; Try not to be too afraid that you're going to blow your lines while you're on the stage, reader. After the historical parts have been related, this story becomes only (ad-libbed) speculative fiction...Doesn't it?

Chapter One-General History

Chapter One should get you to think back to the ancient times...Even before humankind stepped out on the world stage, back to the beginning of life. As near as we can know it, life learned a very important technique for survival; Cooperation. Even the simplest, most basic single-celled life forms found out that, by joining together & cooperating amongst themselves, they were more likely to survive & reproduce. After enough cooperation through time they found that some cells in the group could diversify & specialize; Some cells would specialize to provide sight, others specialized for digestion of food, others specialized into a network of neural tissue to aid in mobility, etc. This is what paved the way for the higher life forms to develop. Thus, the Epochs of archeological history have been researched & recorded. Then Humanity finally took its place on the stage.

Whether you believe in Evolution or Creation (even though there is no real contradiction between the two), the results of researched history come out to have the same result. What is meant by "no contradiction" is simply this: The original Judeo-Christian Scriptures state that human beings "came from the earth". Later "versions" (changes!) made to the scriptures themselves point towards a belief that God literally formed us from a handful of dirt. The original writings actually indicate that, even though God sparked the process of human evolution, we still "came from the earth" & our evolutionary process was begun & guided by God but His "tool" to do so was the evolution of developing life. Either way you look at the appearance of human beings, the results of our actions throughout history were still the same. Early humans learned that, by cooperating with each other & developing ways to change their environment to suit their needs, humanity came to dominance on the world-stage.

Think back, reader, to a mere ten or fifteen thousand years ago when human life was simple & illiteracy was the rule instead of being the exception; I speak of the times before the invention of writing. It has always been known (at least by the select few "elite" among the population) that knowledge is power...Specifically, this meant power for those who controlled access to that information. In this case, the "elite" that I refer to are those in positions of power & influence; The Political Aristocracy who have direct control over the common population by force of law & arms, the highly successful Merchant Class with wide-ranging influence on the economy & those with policy-making powers in the Religious Hierarchy.

Quite early in human history, the elite learned the value of cooperation, at least, a limited form of cooperation, among themselves. Another lesson the elite learned is the concept of "divide & conquer"; By keeping the masses of "commoners" fighting amongst themselves, the elite were more likely to benefit from their limited cooperation with each other. Put simply, the elite prevented the common people from cooperating while the elite themselves practiced cooperation amongst each other. With such an attitude towards the commoners, is it any wonder that a related attitude took hold?...The attitude that the lives & deaths of the commoners were worth less to the elite classes than their own agendas to gain more power, wealth & control?

Even after the invention of writing, just a few millennia ago, there were quite a few in these elite classes who were illiterate but it was a very small percentage, when compared to the populations of the average serfs. It used to be a common belief among the serfs that "book learning" was a waste of time & a useless activity for people who practiced physical labor for a living; It's quite likely that the "elite" actively created & encouraged this belief...After all, what need does one have to read when the only job of the "servants" are to farm the land, tend the livestock and blindly kill their neighbors when the elite issues marching orders for war?

Since the days before permanent towns & villages were erected by the hands of men, people had to hunt & gather food to survive, which in time gave way to agriculture & animal domestication; Even though the wolf had been domesticated into the dog for centuries longer, I'm referring here to the domestication of herding animals for the purpose of providing food.

Wasn't the rule by the "enlightened elite" much better for the people than that "primitive" hunter/gatherer lifestyle so long ago? See how the lives of the people have "improved" under the rule of the elite? Take a look at all of the revolutions throughout history & all of the reasons the serfs had for revolution to answer that question.

Look at the French Revolution that overthrew the Political Aristocracy, the Russian Revolution for the same reason, the American Civil War, in which the southern States fought for the self-determination to keep slaves & maintain an agricultural economic base instead of switching to an industrial economy as the northern States did (A war of economics as much as anything else). Look also at the Industrial Revolution in which the major weapons were the industrial machines that maimed & killed the common people who operated them until laws (& organizations like OSHA) were made to protect them. Look at the various Jihads & Holy crusades in which people who professed faith in a "kind & loving God" committed mass murder & widespread oppression on their neighbors. Look at the Inquisitions that tortured & killed many thousands in the name of that same God. Look again at the widespread use of subtle, covert oppression, "hostile takeovers", "price wars", "undercutting" the rivals & selective murder that various Merchant Guilds have committed in order to gain trade monopolies & eliminate rival Guilds. These are only the barest few examples, dear reader, of the myriad ways that people sought to break away from being controlled under the rule of the "enlightened elite". Each of these examples and countless more like them have been indications on how well that the "common masses" really liked & benefitted under the rule of the elite classes. This is because the elite have ruled for only their own benefit instead of for the benefit of all humanity. In short, they've sought rulership & suppressed information (suppressed the truth!) out of personal greed rather than to serve a duty to the human race. Granted, people need leaders...But people need leaders who have the benefit of all in mind instead of personal greed & lust for power.

All of this death & destruction throughout history was wrought for the possession of information & the control of those who would or would not be allowed access to it. It was instigated by the elite, but was performed by the commoners who wanted & needed the right information to make important decisions & perform important actions...But the people have always been fed on a diet of minimal information, misinformation & outright lies by the elite who controlled that information. So the people would make only the decisions & perform only the actions that the elite themselves wanted the people to make; The people were led into the decisions & actions that ultimately benefitted only the elite classes themselves. In a word, manipulated!

Information used to be scarce due to the restrictive limits on time & manpower to copy information for wider distribution; Books were extremely rare. Only the elite & the professional scholars (who worked for the elite) knew how to read & write. The information contained in those books & documents was entirely owned by the Political Aristocracy because they had to know certain information in order to rule & make laws effective for their own benefit, owned by the Religious Hierarchy because they held the Ancient Wisdom of Spirituality & Divinity in order to keep a leash on the "faithful" & owned by the Merchant Class because they had to keep records of their wealth, transactions, business contracts & general political climates in order to increase their own influence over the spending habits of the masses. Only these classes & those people who swore into their service could access their information & even then, only while in service to the elite.

Proclamations written by the Political Aristocracy needed to be distributed by literate people who would run through the towns & villages, reading aloud to the people what it was that the "Lord & Master" wanted them to know; In modern times, the mass media fills that purpose. The Religious Hierarchy "taught the enlightenment" of the Divinity to their congregations even though their "divine wisdom" was written entirely by the hands of men. The Merchant Class merely held their information from everybody not of their class, unless revealing such information in select places & to select people would increase their profit margins. In short, the Lord & Master of Information (of whichever class of elite) had complete control over what information the people would learn; In that way, they could keep control over their "subjects" by never letting them know that life could be any different (or any better) somewhere else or in some other way; Thus was born a "status quo" that insinuated itself into society to the point of being unquestioned by the very people who were manipulated into it. By instituting systems of taxation, tithing or ever-increasing prices on goods & services, they could drain wealth from the people & create (information-deficient but physically efficient) armies that could put down rebellions among the population...Rebellions begun, most likely, by some wiseguy "commoner" that figured out that life could be better & told everyone else who was willing to listen to him; Either that, or it was an "elite" pretending to be (or seeking his way to rise above being) a commoner in order to manipulate the people into giving him more power. Hitler was a good example of the latter.

After the advent of science & invention (ie: the Renaissance Age), the masses actually had access to information, but the proportion of literacy amongst the "common class" was still dismally low for generations. New publications of newspapers, magazines, books & such other documentation became much easier & cheaper to print & distribute, however the rate of literacy rose slowly. The elite sought to control the spread of information, just as they have always done; Control of which authors would get published, book burnings, defaming the character of "subversive" authors & limiting access to schooling to learn reading had much influence on the people as to what they would & would not be allowed to read. Even the newly-instituted school systems fell under the control of the elite, by use of money & influence over what would be (& more importantly, what would not) taught.

The armies that were created by the elite were not relegated to only putting down rebellions, primarily because the mere presence of an army kept the likelihood of a rebellion minimal at most times. Mostly the Lord & Master of Information would send out his armies (crusaders/security forces/whatever) to conquer his neighboring "Lords & Masters of Information", usually for the amount of wealth he could gain if he should succeed. Once firmly entrenched within his neighbors' conquered lands & subjugated people ("acquired business resources"/"the religiously converted"/whatever), the Lord & Master who won the conflict could see what information that the defunct Lord & Master had in his possession; Then he would alter it to suit his own purposes & rewrite that information to justify his acts of war, mass murder & oppression.

As a related note, reader, have you ever researched the actions that Hitler took to rise to power prior in pre-WWII Germany? You may take a close look at the current Presidential Administration in the United States & notice a nearly step-by-step repeat of that history. This is no mere coincidence, reader; After all, it's only well-known, documented history that the United States & Soviet Union governments "absorbed" many of the highest levels of Nazi Hierarchy once the war was over. They never "retired", they were merely working for "new bosses"!

Remember that, in ancient times, the winner of a war could do pretty much whatever he wanted to do with the lands & people of the loser; Such wars were the birth of large-scale practices of slavery. You must realize, reader, that the majority of countries in existence in ancient times practiced wide-spread slavery...Even the Classical Greek Democracy & the early generations of the USA "Democracy" has been usually described as "rule by the people". However, "demos", the root-word of democracy, means (in Greek) "citizen body"; Therefore, if any given class of people aren't "officially" recognized as citizens (ie: immigrants, slaves, etc), then they're not allowed to participate in the government structure. There's another bit of "suppressed information" that only the elite (or a historical scholar) would be likely to know; This is not something I learned in the mainstream school system, reader! As I've mentioned earlier, you must continue your education on your own & not rely entirely on "mainstream" education!

As another side note, reader, the newly-instituted Patriot Act & the subsequent Acts that follow it are merely a means of the US Government to allow stripping the citizen of all Rights of Citizenship, therefore creating a slave that may be imprisoned & tortured without Rights, all under a broadly-defined label of "terrorist" that can include anyone they wish? Also, the TIPS program encourages The People to spy on each other...Just like Hitler did during WWII Germany! These are merely two examples of how the Nazi Hierarchy "absorbed" by the US Government have been working for their "new bosses".

Reader, have you ever heard of the homily that, "History has always been written by he who wins the war"? This goes hand-in-glove with what the winner of a war could do to the loser. After all, history is only another form of information that can be controlled. After a war, the Political Aristocracy would burn (or ban) some history/law books & rewrite other history/law books to justify their "righteousness" for instigating war in the first place & create new laws to favor themselves (Have you noticed the correlation between Hitler's book-burnings with the US Government's demand for public libraries to report what books that citizens check out?); The Religious Hierarchy would also burn books that disagreed with their "scriptures" (The destruction of the Library of Alexandria during the rule of the Ptolemaic Dynasty under Cleopatra II stands out in history as an example); Those scriptures that were allowed to continue existing were also "translated, edited, reinterpreted & rewritten" time & time again, adding new controls & restrictions to the "faithful" masses of followers as well as censor or oppress (and even murder) any "heathen unbelievers" that disagreed with them or sought to retain their freedom from control; The Merchant Class held their information close to themselves as they have always done, letting only those who belonged to their class have limited access. Another modern-day example is by looking at the flurry of paper-shredding & spread of lies that always seems to accompany an investigation following the discovery of unethical/immoral behavior by the elite!

The Merchant Class also used their wealth to pedal influence with the Political Aristocracy & make changes in trade laws (and also other semi-related & non-related laws) to benefit their business and, of course, higher profit margins. All the while that the Merchant Class used their influence on the Political Aristocracy (Currently, Microsoft is working with the US Government to write the software for storing all known historical information...This will effectively give Bill Gates control of our history for whatever "editing" he may desire, not to mention that Microsoft virtually invented the concept of widespread use of spyware in their programs!), the Religious Hierarchy adds the influence of "divine right" to the rule of the Political Aristocracy in exchange for more secular authority over the people (The initial writing of the King James Version of the Bible was written with the bias of justifying the "divine rule by royalty")–At the same time, the Political Aristocracy uses its ability to "make laws" to limit the other elite classes & increase its own power & control. Can you see how the elite classes used limited cooperation between themselves now, dear reader, while at the same time keeps The People ignorant & controlled?

All three classes of elite would use wealth and/or influence of one kind or another to create laws/regulations/social reformations/etc that would limit the amount of information that could be printed & distributed; The elite would either call the information "State Secrets", "Privileged Information", classify the information on a "Need To Know" basis (But don't the masses of people who actually perform the major events in history have a "need to know" of what they're really doing & why they're doing it?) or even deny the existence of the information altogether in order to continue to control access to their information. By whatever method or use of "semantics" in the language, they still maintained control of information; As a result, they maintained control over the masses of "commoners".

As you can see, history shows that the various classes of elite have learned the lesson of "limited cooperation" well.

However, Life itself has learned long ago that full cooperation is necessary for survival, but the elite have only practiced limited cooperation between themselves while negating attempts at cooperation amongst the masses; This seems like a good indication that the human race is not likely to continue surviving unless we begin practicing full cooperation on a worldwide basis!

People, the masses of the uneducated, were continually manipulated by politics, religion & economics to commit such atrocities on each other all throughout history, all the while the elite would sit back (mostly) safe from the violence & strife while gaining more control over the people in the process. Even if one or more of the elite fell (from assassination, scandal, whatever other reasons), there have always been other elite, affiliated with the current ruling consortiums of elite, ready to jump into the spot so recently vacated; Note the scandals associated with the current President's rise to Office (only about a decade after his father was in Office!) even though he had shown no real ability to lead during his life; Consider not only the voting controversy in the year 2000 that hit public awareness, but the current President had actively "covered up" his own personal history of bankrupting two companies & nearly bankrupting the state where he was Governor (As well as being a drug/alcohol abuser in college & repeatedly AWOL from his military duties until being appointed into Office).

It continues even today, reader, as a look at any news publication or the television can show you. This is the Power of Information at work, instigated by those who control access to the information & keep it out of the hands of the very same people whom they manipulate. The elite have always used their greed & lust for power as their motivation to use wealth & influence as well as lies mixed with just enough truth to create fear in the "unknowing masses" & to increase blind obedience from the public. With information at their disposal & the ability to control that information, the elite had decided the fates of billions of people over the millennium of human history...And it still continues this very day.

Manipulation & Social Engineering are terms that shall become most familiar to you, reader. Throughout history, the people of certain times & places have seen the depths of the Manipulation & Social Engineering that have been used on the common people & these times & places have suffered violent revolutions to overthrow the elite classes...But then who usually stepped into the power-vacuum left by those now-missing elite? Usually, other families & names of exceptionally clever ("Clever" doesn't imply real intelligence, but at least a "shrewdness") individuals in the elite classes who would bide their time & subtly release some information to the masses in order to cause the seeds of revolution! History shows that those elite who hold some power & influence always wish to gain more; Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but petty amounts of power corrupt completely out of proportion to the amount of real power actually possessed.

When combined with the attitude (mentioned earlier) that commoners are a "penny-a-thousand" (An exaggerated version of "dime-a-dozen") & only have worth as stepping stones on the way to the top, is it any wonder that the elite only get replaced by more elite? Is it any wonder that those few people who can handle the true responsibility of power for benefitting the masses of humanity rarely (if ever) get admitted to the ranks of the elite (unless the elite themselves made a mistake about the "responsible one's" motivations)? Is it any wonder that those few people who gain power that can handle the responsibility only exist long enough to be manipulated into doing what the elite wants, then discarded (usually with "extreme prejudice") before they can make any positive contributions to society? Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy are two famous examples of responsible leaders who have been discarded by the elite. These two men (& a pathetically low number of others throughout history) have already known the hardest lesson that a true leader must learn; The most effective leader is he who serves more than he is served.

These classes of "elite" have always played their endless game of "one-up-manship" on each other (While pretending "limited cooperation" with each other), sometimes shifting the balance of power this way & that...All to the detriment of the people that fell under their control. Unless some drastic changes are made in the way the "common people" see & act towards this Manipulation & Social Engineering, this Great Cycle will continue indefinitely into the future; Another possibility is that there will come a day when these petty power-games have destroyed the Earth's ecological ability to support the human race at all. After all, isn't the ecology of our Earth (Our only home!) being adversely affected by the despoilment & exploitation of the elite to feed their own greed? Granted, in the event of a "mass extinction" of the human race, there are likely to be some human survivors; But if these surviving human beings manage to claw their way back out of barbarism again, the Great Cycle will continue anew if humanity hasn't learned its lessons of history. After all, the only ones with the wealth & influence that can ensure survival of a despoiled ecology are those very same "elite"! By constructing controlled environments to live within, they'll

Between the Greek Mythic Age & their Classical Age, they were thrown back into a near-barbaric Dark Age; Even the ability to read & write was lost & who knows what knowledge & information they lost during that time? This Dark Age was caused by the ruling elite at the time, after having exploited the people for so long that plunder & piracy slowly replaced production & trade. The European nations underwent a similar Dark Age & lost much. So has Asia. With more companies leaving America for foreign countries, the largest loss of jobs ever seen by this Nation & the National Deposit growing by leaps & bounds, this very repeat of history is happening in America itself!

By now, you can probably see the pattern forming; The changing balance of power which cycles through each of the elite classes in turn, each major change spawning a new "Dark Age" due to a general collapse in society...All wrought by the ruling elite classes who rule for their own greed. Is it any wonder, reader, why there have been so many revolutions in history in an attempt to change this "status quo"? Some countries & geographical areas experience smaller cycles at differing rates of speed, but the same cycle can be seen over a greater period of time covering the entire world & the human race as a whole. Such a pattern is difficult to see, unless you look at the Great Cycle over a worldwide scale for periods of centuries & millennia rather than limiting yourself to viewing individual geopolitical areas over decades & generations.

A question I asked myself was that, if humanity as a whole undergoes a Dark Age would we be likely to retain enough knowledge to have "learned our lesson" by the time we claw our way back to "civilization" once again? As the repetition of history indicates on the scale of individual geopolitical areas, the answer would be "no". The climb back from barbarism instigated a wide "borrowing of ideas" from other, still stable nations; If the whole world undergoes a Dark Age, there will be no "still stable nation" to aid in the climb back to civilization.

The Great Cycle of unethical & greed-induced rulership has always reasserted itself once the barbarism had ended. However, once seen for what it is, this Great Cycle can be broken & replaced with something better as long as the lessons of history have been learned & effort is taken to keep such tragedy from repeating yet again. To do this, people need to know what is happening, they need to know the truth of history; Truth will never be given by the elite, it must be searched & found. The people must never again allow the elite to steal the control of your lives & spread ignorance like it was candy to children...The human race must "grow up". The only type of "world unity" that will be for the benefit of humanity is if that sense of unity comes from within the people...It can't be forced as the elite wish to do, otherwise it will lead to a self-imposed "cycle of self destruction" with the elite leading the way for us all.

Chapter Two-The Religious Hierarchy

Let's take a look at the Religious Hierarchy for a few moments; Even though the Political Hierarchy were the first of the "elite" to stand up & take power (As leaders of the tribes they were born into & lived with), it was not usually used as "power for the sake of power"; Granted, the Alpha of the tribe had some additional perks with his position, but he always had to keep the needs of the tribe as a whole in his mind; More on this in Chapter Three.

The first of the "elite classes" to rise into consistent exercise of power through applied selfishness was the Religious Hierarchy, some time after Religion was born (or was it "invented"? After all, religion never existed until human beings began the struggle towards "sophistication" & rose above the other animals). Being knowledgeable in the ways of the spirits of Animism & being able to formulate rituals to appease such spirits (that no one else could see, it should be noted!), the Shaman could use his (or her) influence to partially dictate the social behavior of the tribe...Including the leader (The Political Aristocracy of the tribe)! However, the Religious Hierarchy during these times could not influence the tribe as far as survival & prosperity was concerned, because the Political Aristocracy had that kind of power all sewn up for itself. The Shaman could "advise" the Alpha of the tribe, but no more than how it affected the tribe's interaction with the spirits.

By the time agriculture was invented & used as a regular food-source, the Religious Hierarchy rose to gain power & control over the tribe by organizing & categorizing the myriad spirits that were being praised with the old rituals. A few shamans, spread thinly amongst the newly created villages began to define & categorize these spirits by levels of power & spheres of influence; Since these shamans were the only ones who could "communicate" with these spirits, they unfortunately let their power-lust control them; They figured out a way to interpose themselves between the spirits (now calling them gods) & the common people, "interpreting" the will of the gods & commanding the people. Pantheism then came to be the "new religion". The Religious Hierarchy now "shared" power with the Political Aristocracy, by giving their decrees of "rule by divine right" to those in the civil leadership positions in exchange for those leaders giving the "church" lands & more influence over the leaders themselves & the rest of the village as a whole. It should be noted, reader, that the Mesopotamian Religious Hierarchy even had control over the drafting of citizens to dig irrigation ditches & perform agriculture; The Temple Gardens grew all types of crops but the common people ate only bread & onions.

Eventually, as population began to increase & resources began to wear thin, even Pantheism wasn't enough to control the people & the recent construction of larger cities; Wars over "religion" & "faith in the true gods" against the "heathen unbelievers" in the nearby cities began. As the populations of the "faithful" expanded across new lands (usually by wandering missionaries & force of arms), the Religious Hierarchy realized that "interpreting" the wills of so many gods degraded their power structure & the "teaching of wisdom" was becoming inefficient; Even the people from temples of different gods belonging to the same religious pantheon were fighting amongst each other. The Religious Hierarchy needed a way to consolidate their dogma into a coherent whole that could be uniformly taught to the "flocks of faithful" regardless of geographical separation; They saw a need for "One God" in order to more efficiently organize their own power..

"Officially sanctioned" Monotheism began in ancient Egypt by the "heretic" Pharaoh Amenhotep IV. You must realize, reader, that the Pharaoh (Actually, "per-o", meaning "Great House") of ancient times was not only the Head of State but he was also considered to be the living incarnation of a god himself (Usually some combination of Horus & Set, even though the "Osiris cult" was popular amongst the commoners); Thus, Pharaoh was also the Chief Priest. Amenhotep IV even changed his name to Akhenaten ("Useful to Aten") & built a new capital city (Given the same name) to honor the "One God" Aten. However, the common Egyptian was solidly integrated (with all aspects of their daily lives) into worshiping a vast pantheon of gods. The "Heretic Pharaoh" & his Monotheistic religion fell into obscurity after his death & even his royal descendants were reviled; His immediate heir, Tutanhkaten (later renamed Tutanhkamon) was wiped from Egyptian historical records until the discovery of his tomb in modern times.

Perhaps the major reason that Monotheism was accepted by the common people at all was because Pharaoh Akhenaten didn't leave any room for the "old gods" within his new religion; The quietly-spoken persecutions of the now-defunct Religious Hierarchy didn't help Pharaoh's reputation either. Everybody knew that hundreds of gods existed in Egypt alone, but "The Heretic King" had told the people that those gods don't exist anymore; He had their temples shut down during his reign. Perhaps one reason he disbanded them was that he saw the corruption within the Religious Hierarchy at that time. However, perhaps Pharaoh Akhenaten's biggest mistake was that he allowed the secular maintenance of the realm slide downhill in favor of his religious lifestyle.

The ancient Hebrew Religion became the next major Monotheistic religion; Indeed, its descendant religions are the most successful & widely spread religious practices still existing today!. This attempt at Monotheism became more popular among the people because the Religious Hierarchy learned a valuable lesson from Akhenaten's failure; The "old gods" still existed, but only as "lesser divinities", "saints", "avatars" or "lesser aspects" of the One God. Thus, people were still somewhat free to venerate the "old gods" without much fear of persecution, as long as they venerated those "old gods" under the strict control of the Religious Hierarchy's "visions". If you look at the lists of Catholic Saints, reader, & compare them with the old "pagan gods" (Particularly from the Celts & Druids) & their spheres of influence, you'll find that the Roman Catholic Religion "borrowed & modified" much from the pagan religions.

By this time, the Religious Hierarchy had a firm control over nearly everyone who fell within their geopolitical range of influence, even having power over the Political Aristocracy of the time; Even the Political Aristocracy owed their positions to the "divine right of rule"! Saul, Solomon, David & many others who were kings during these times would not have gained these positions without the Religious Hierarchy! Even before this, when the Hebrews didn't like the idea of having kings, the Religious Hierarchy provided "Judges" (Yes, I refer to the Book of Judges in the Bible) to interpret "laws & customs" for the people, based upon the rules imposed by the Religious Hierarchy.

You are probably aware that the Judeo-Christian Religion (& all of its myriad branches & splinters) originated from the ancient Jewish Hebrews; As a note, it's now generally accepted that the Jewish people originated from the selfsame Mesopotamians who founded the first Pantheistic religion!
Where did those ancient Hebrew scriptures originate? Well reader, you need look no further than the Dead Sea Scrolls; These are the source of the entire Judeo-Christian Religion because these Scrolls were "absorbed" by Judeo-Christians from the Hebrew Religion. However, you must also realize that these Scrolls are not complete: Some of them have been damaged (& partially unreadable) by age; They've been subjected to translation/re-translation & even a lot of reinterpretation (Okay, let's not mince words here: Outright Alteration & Change) over the centuries; We can't even know for certain if all of the Scrolls themselves have yet been found; In essence, many of those portions that are still unreadable had to be "extrapolated" for content. I you believe that The Church publishes modern Bibles on the assumption of complete accuracy & content of the Dead Sea Scrolls, you're wrong. The so-called "secret archives" of the Roman Catholic Church exist...And the modern Bibles are altered according to what information that The Church itself chooses to reveal or hide!

When looked at through the eyes of history, the Judeo-Christian Religion may have used the Dead Sea Scrolls as a source but they have modified the context of that source as well. This was the birth of Christianity, beginning as Roman Catholicism at that time. However, the Religious Hierarchy within the original Roman Catholic Church wanted more control over more people; Hence, they changed the original context & meaning of those original writings. In short, Organized Religion itself was "force-evolved" to adapt to the needs & desires of the Religious Hierarchy for more power & control over the common people.

For one modern example of information that has been long suppressed by the Religious Hierarchy; Hell did not exist (at least, not in its current widely-believed form) until after the ancient Greeks got their hands upon the original Hebrew texts somewhen after the beginning of their "Classical" Greek Age. I have found a website that devotes itself & a sizable number of related links to the discussion of the Hebrew scriptures (as they concern the topic of Hell) as well as the motivations of those "religious scholars" who've had a hand in altering the content & context of the original scriptures. This website (with direct links to other sources) is & it's interesting reading for those Judeo-Christians who wish to have a deeper understanding of the origins (& manipulations) of their religion.

In brief, the Hebrews (according to the text of the Dead Sea Scrolls) named the afterlife as "sheol", which simply meant "grave" or "pit"; In this case, "pit" describes the hole in the ground in which the body is buried; This is a literal translation, not an interpretive translation. When the ancient Greeks read & translated these Hebrew scriptures into their own language, they needed a way to instill fear of afterlife punishment into a sinner (In order to instill blind obedience), therefore they "borrowed" Hel from the Norse religion & mixed it with their own Hades. If you recall this period of Greek history, reader, this is the time after the "Age of Heroes" & the "Dark Ages" when the Greeks had even lost their ability to read & write. Once they began to colonize all over the Mediterranean Sea & started producing enough surplus goods to conduct trade again, they borrowed wildly from all other cultures of the area.
The Norse also believed in an afterlife, but the Hel that they had believed in was a place where all souls went, to suffer punishment or to receive reward, spending the remainder of eternity according to the way that the soul lived it's life on Earth. However, the Norse also had Valhalla as a place where those who died in valorous combat went to serve Odin, the All-Father of the religion. The Greeks also "altered" the concept of righteous souls being separated from the sinning souls; Thus was born Hell (Sheol being the "parent"), the eternal punishment for sin. Could this be the cause & origin of the stereotypical "Jewish Mother" who uses guilt-trips as a psychological tool to control her children? The Religious Hierarchy are past-masters of the techniques of "fear of eternal punishment" & "guilt caused by misbehavior" for their practices of "psychological warfare" against the common people. Is that stereotype based upon the "Middle Ages" manipulation of the scriptures & teachings of Jewish Religion, passed down through the generations to create such a stereotype? Perhaps, perhaps not; This is mere speculation on the origin of a well-known stereotype on my part.

Another concept that was changed from the original Hebrew writings was that the afterlife in sheol wasn't supposed to be for the rest of eternity. The Hebrew texts described the time of death, before going to God, as lasting only for "an age" (Again, literal translation). Thus, we can see that the Hebrews wrote of a finite period of time of rest (However long they considered "an age" to be, but definitely a finite period of time), removed from the cares of the earthly world before joining with God in Paradise. However, the Greeks changed these writings into becoming Heaven (The place where one is with God for eternity) & Hell (a place of eternal punishments for even the slightest of infractions of the laws of the Church); These "Church Laws" were largely distinctly different from God's Laws, as written in the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments were intended to be God's Laws for humanity, but Moses (heavily influenced by the Egyptians that he grew up & lived with!) added all sorts of additional Laws, such as the long list of "clean foods & hygiene practices (Egyptians were quite fastidious with their choice of diet & personal hygiene).

So how is it that the Religious Hierarchy can justify having "faith" in an all-knowing, all-powerful, kind, just & loving God be willing to send His very own children to an eternal punishment? Especially when you consider that this very same God is noted for forgiveness of even the most grievous of sins & truly wants you to be with Him? How did "an age" of rest from earthly cares while in "the grave" before joining with God become either a straight ticket to eternal reward in Paradise or a straight ticket to eternal punishment in Hell? For some reason (probably intentionally enforced ignorance instituted by the higher levels of the Religious Hierarchy), most of the lower-level Priests/Rabbis/etc. that you ask these questions of will not know the answers.

For that, we need to see what motivations those in the newly-burgeoning Judeo-Christian Religion had for making such changes. The website mentioned above has links to writings & other documentation that those in the Religious Hierarchy of the time used to communicate with each other; Many of which describe the real attitudes they had towards the people who followed them & believed in their "wisdom of the Divinity". The Religious Hierarchy wanted to expand themselves into having control over the hearts & minds of more people & gain firmer control over those already within the "flock". Those who were already of the Faith but still had extremely limited information available to them still had to rely upon the studies & teachings of the lower-level Priests; The Priests themselves only had access to information of the scriptures by "degrees" or "levels" according to their position in the Religious Hierarchy. Remember that information equals power & even the Priests who personally tended to their "flocks" of believers had to rely solely upon the higher levels of the Religious Hierarchy to give them information about God & what He wants.

They also instituted massive programs of conversion, mostly peaceful (with missionaries). However, when peaceful conversions were not practical or successful, they resorted to Holy Wars & Inquisitions; Conversions performed with the threat of torture & death. As Albert Einstein has been noted to say, "Killing under the cloak of war is still nothing more than murder." God has been noted to say, "Thou shalt not kill." Ask yourself these two questions, reader: How can any war be considered "holy"?; How can any Priest who works within a military/government organization possibly justify that "God is on our side" if a soldier's Faith makes him hesitant to obey orders to "kill the enemy"? These are merely a few more questions that even a lower-level Priest is not likely to be able to answer, simply because they don't think of those same questions (or the soldiers are told to take it on "Faith") when learning about Religion from the Religious Hierarchy.

I've already mentioned another tactic that the Religious Hierarchy used was the "borrowing" of ideas from those older "pagan" religions that they were converting (or destroying); After all, if altering the original Hebrew texts allowed them to keep control over their own faithful flocks, then altering the current ideas in the other "heathen" religions that they sought to convert could make those conversions even easier; Since the new religion (Christianity altered yet again, even more than any earlier time in history) contains suitable similarities to the older religion, then it's much be easier for the "pagans" themselves to "modify" their faith towards the new religion. Reader, you may again compare the lists of Canonized Saints to the "gods" of the pagan religions to see some of these "modifications". But do not stop there; Look also at many of the basic tenants & ritual observances for more similarities; For two examples, Christmas is scheduled upon the pagan day for observing the winter solstice & Halloween is based upon the pagan All Hallows Eve, the autumnal equinox & time of harvest.

Also consider that the basic Judeo-Christian religion can't even decide which of those "altered truths" (okay, let's not mince words...LIES!) to put their faith in; How many "branches" of Christianity are there? Were you aware, reader, that the faith of Islam was based upon the "branch" of Judeo-Christianity that came from Abraham when his tribe & family moved into the more eastern countries of the Middle East? What of the numerous Protestant branches? Baptists, Mormons, etc, etc, unto ad nauseam? Each of these "splinter groups" claim to be Judeo-Christian, but they all believe in a different set of lies that have originally been borrowed & modified from the original Hebrew religion & other religions which Christianity had come into contact during its history!

Why do so many "devout believers" automatically consider any devoted scientist to be an atheist (Or even worse, deceived by the Forces of Evil)? After all, Albert Einstein was once asked how he came up with some of his most brilliant theories; He admitted that, when sitting down to think about the universe, he'd ask himself, "If I were God, how would I have put it all together?" If Mr. Einstein was motivated by faith to ponder the Creation of God to such an extent, how would that make him an atheist? Wouldn't his devotion to contemplating God's Creation make him more devout than those who denigrated him? When Mr. Einstein found out that his theories on atomic physics were perverted into use as a weapon of mass murder, he cried. Does this sound like an atheist? Many scientists consider the Sciences themselves to be a path to "figure out how God did it", even though the Sciences themselves can sometimes be riddled with their own dogmas as thoroughly as any religion.

Why do so many "devout believers" who believe in a kind, just & loving God still preach tenants of injustice, hate & prejudice? Do you, dear reader, remember how "faithful" the Klu Klux Klan professed to be? You need look no further than the lies that the Religious Hierarchy have "absorbed" from the original Hebrew Faith & a multitude of other religions; The not-so-subtle dogmas that "demonize" any person who does not believe in the same faith & are therefore not considered to be "human". After all, even their own Bible (Most versions of it, anyway) claims that Jesus sacrificed himself for the sake of all mankind; Not only the believers, but everyone who has ever lived & everyone who would ever live (Past, present & future). If this is so, then why bother trying to convert anyone for any reason, especially by use of force? They've all been Saved anyway!

Even the original Hebrew Faith itself is guilty of this tactic; Many of the most fundamentalist of Orthodox Jews believe that God's Laws & tenants only apply to His "favored children", the Jews themselves. Anyone who is not Jewish may be lied to, cheated, even killed with relative impunity for it's not considered to be a "sin" if the victims were not Jewish (& therefore, not even truly "human"). You must also realize, reader, the being Jewish is not a function of Faith, but a chance of genetic heritage; Not "what you believe" but "who are your parents & what is your lineage". Racial elitism taken by "faith".

Have you, reader, ever heard of another homily that goes, "Some people are alive for the sole reason that it's illegal to kill them?" It seems that many (too many) religions (and governments!) define broad categories as to who it is "legal" to kill. All of this murder & oppression throughout history from people who profess having "faith" in a God who commands us not to kill; Ironic, is it not? It's quite sad as well. An article at a website, known as The Onion, puts forth this point quite aptly (if a bit irreverently) & you can read it at

This is not to say that I'm going to pick on only the Judeo-Christian Religion, reader, because literally all of the major organized religions (Buddhism, Taoism & others) profess to the same basic tenants; Love thy neighbor as you would yourself; Help each other when help is needed; Cooperate with each other in projects to improve the community & the human race as a whole; Have some basic respect & consideration for your fellow human beings; Treat others as you would have them treat you. For having such similarity in these tenants, it seems a waste of your time, your effort & your faith to follow any single religion when they all contain the same truths buried under a quagmire of different, self-conflicting lies.

Where did the Religious Hierarchy go wrong? By manipulating & socially engineering blind obedience from the masses through fear-mongering; The threat of "excommunication" (As if any human being or human-created organization could place themselves as intermediaries between a human soul & God, denying that person the Right to speak to & listen to Him). In some of the lesser-developed countries the threat of torture & death (A more direct & immediate method of fear-mongering than guilt-mongering ever was, but less insidious) is still used to gain the obedience of the masses; Refer to Islamic Jihad or the IRA, reader.

And yet you should be aware by now that, of all of the "Holy Scriptures" ever written, that only one example exists as being attributed to the Hand of God Himself; The Ten Commandments. Even this might be contestable, because Moses was alone on the mountain for forty days in order to get these Laws...Plenty of time for him to carve the stones himself. Scriptures in virtually all major religions were wrought by the hands of men, just as fallible & ignorant as any other human being who existed. We make mistakes, we misinterpret, we misunderstand or we simply don't have the level of intellect or possess a diverse enough use of language & vocabulary to accurately describe what we experience; As well as honest mistakes creeping into the writings of men, the Religious Hierarchy itself has inserted their own dogmas & lies into the scriptures, further misleading the people away from God's True Word & manipulated to be under control by the Religious Hierarchy itself.

Those who are truly Faithful research the information about the religions on their own. They're coming to realize that most religions share the same basic tenants & codes of behavior, but they can also see how the Religious Hierarchy have been manipulating & controlling the obedience of the people by manipulating the religious structure & scripture itself. In other words, dear reader, you can still have Faith but you do not need Religion to tell you how your Faith should be expressed.

Free your spirit & you will see that you no longer need to live under their manipulation. Besides the basic failings of fear-mongering, the seeds of the "decline of religion" (More accurately, the "decline of organized religion") were planted by the Merchant Class during the Neolithic Age & accelerated by the rise of the Renaissance Age, as you will see in Chapter Four.

Chapter Three-The Political Aristocracy

In this chapter, I reveal some of the specific history of the Political Aristocracy & its role in the control of information, as well as how they use that information to control "the masses".

Before & during the times of the practice of Animism, people learned to live within the boundaries of their environment & the Natural Order set forth on Earth; They developed efficient use of technique (Using bluff & bluster to scare off rivals, hiding from strong predators, etc.) & technology (The making & use of tools) that didn't upset the balance of nature. Certainly, there were some disagreements between tribes & some warfare, but they rarely (if ever) sought to maintain control over more than just their own tribe & the land that supported them. For the most part the people were content to marvel at the wonders of nature & strove not to upset its balance, even if they had to move on due to lack of food. The land took care of them & they in turn took care of the land. After all, if you change your environment too much, you render yourself incapable of adapting to the altered environment; The exploitation & polluting of our Earth is creating too much change in our environment too quickly for us to adapt. It makes me wonder, reader, how the elite classes intend to continue their rule if the human species goes by the way of the dinosaurs? High technology can only support a very limited number of humans for a very limited amount of time before the human being can adapt to a new environment; Of course, the elite intend to keep this technology for themselves so that, if humanity ever crawls back out of barbarism, they'll be in the best position to start the Great Cycle all over again. This planet is the only home we have so we must take care of it...All of us!

For any species of life (including Human Life!), nature places strict limitations on population growth & has a balancing effect on each ecological niche that existed. During the very ancient times, population was low, nature was bountiful & the food necessary for survival was quite easy to acquire. If the observed behavior of modern-day primates & hunter/gatherer tribes that still exist are any indication, the average person "worked" for about 4-5 hours per day & they had enough leisure time for religious rituals & creative loafing (Isn't modern "progress" wonderful?). Is it any wonder then, that early human society & technology hadn't shown any significant change in the archeological record for about 500,000 (Half-A-Million!) years? Who in the tribe would want change (Or even accept a change) in Paradise?

Way back in time, before the advent of writing & agriculture, the details of how tribal leaders maintained control over their people is not well known; Due to the lack of recorded information, most information of this period in time has to be examined & contemplated by archeologists. However, it has been surmised (by observing primate groups & currently-existing hunter/gatherer tribes as well as the archeological evidence) that the Alpha (leader or chief of the tribe) needed personal strength & cleverness for the benefit of their tribe.

If the leader was not clever enough to find food & shelter or strong enough to secure suitable hunting/gathering grounds from other invading tribes, then that leader would be challenged by someone stronger and/or more clever...It would tend to take a bit longer if the current leader was holding his position due to personal strength without the benefit of cleverness, however; A potential rival for leadership did not lightly consider the current leader's ability for sheer intimidation by physical prowess. Eventually, the leader who could not handle responsibility for the tribe's overall survival & prosperity would be replaced by someone who was more steady & dependable. This system worked because the leader was responsible for the prosperity of the tribe as a whole, not assuming leadership for his own personal desire to obtain power.

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Yet, the females of the tribe also had great influence upon the Alpha; It was they who selected the base-camp from which the females (Due to a more limited range of movement because of child-care duties) would gather plant-based food, bird/reptile eggs, etc. while the males went off (For days at a time) to hunt meat. It was the females who held most of the "social power"; The males took charge of the hunting & fighting, but it was the females who held authority in nearly everything else. So this meant that the Alpha (The Political Aristocracy) had to balance the needs of his tribe with the abilities & performance levels of the individual tribe members for the benefit of the tribe as a whole...Not an easy job, I must admit. It took someone with a real sense of responsibility to become (& remain) as the leader.

Every leader would also need to enforce a system of laws & taboos, but mostly these laws/taboos were structured around fulfilling the safety & prosperity of the tribe as a whole; For example, a leader might declare a swampy area as "forbidden", not due to any religious, economical or political reason but because one or more members of the tribe have died there in the past (Perhaps due to poisonous gasses or particularly clever or swift swamp predators).

Once a system of writing was invented, these laws & taboos could be written down & known, so as to provide a consistent method of punishment for those who broke those laws; Check out some information on Sumer (after their Age of Heroes. Before that time, the Religious Hierarchy had the most control). Also check up on Hammurabi & his Code of Laws for more background information.

The Religious Hierarchy (Chapter Two) & the Merchant Class (Chapter Four) also had their hands in creating laws & taboos from this point on, but that's covered elsewhere. For now, it will only be said that there was little-to-no real "elite" Merchant Class because the concept of trade-for-profit hadn't been pursued until people began to settle into permanent housing. However, specialists did exist; The tribe's best toolmaker would craft tools for everyone else in trade for spending less time with hunting groups & a better share of food, for example.

The Political Aristocracy & the Religious Hierarchy had already been cooperating with each other for a long time; The Political Aristocracy had more actual power during these times, even going so far as to direct how much influence the Religious Hierarchy could wield, but the change in that balance would take place in time.

Since the invention of agriculture, the situation changed drastically; Now that crops could be grown, goods manufactured by the hands of many commoners (instead of merely a few specialists) & the surplus traded, the elite found out that real wealth could be accumulated; Since people were no longer nomadic, accumulated wealth could be permanently stored instead of constantly carried. The biggest obvious benefits of this would set the Merchant Class firmly on is way to power, but that too will be covered in a later Chapter; This Chapter will reveal what this new "revolution" meant to the Political Aristocracy.

At this point, the Political Aristocracy had already been enjoying the benefits of control over the general population for quite some time, their own greed led them to accept the newly-prospering Merchant Class among the ranks of the elite; By manipulating the law structure, the Political Aristocracy found that they could drain wealth from not only the common people (Taxes), but the profits of the Merchant Class as well (More taxes). By manipulating even more laws in favor of increasing the Merchant Classes' trade routes their own income soared; As well as more wealth, the Political Aristocracy could gain lines of information about neighboring countries. This is, of course, information they would withhold from the commoners for "political" reasons.

Somehow, during this time, once they found that they could accumulate real wealth beyond all dreams of avarice, is when their interest in useless trinkets increased. Status amongst each other increased when they could spend outrageous amounts of wealth on the most useless of items; I speak, reader, of the time when a pretty, but useless metal became popular–Gold. No good for building, too soft for use as tools & not really all that particularly rare (when compared to precious gemstones & other such hard-to-find & transport natural resources), gold somehow became THE item to have & entire economies became based upon it.

Granted, in more modern times, it has been found that gold actually has some practical uses (as an efficient electrical conductor or medically-applied injections to treat arthritis for a couple of examples), but overall, the perceived value of gold has been vastly overrated compared to its real value. Even so, the basis of gold-value was somewhat tied into the agricultural value of the land & the labor that the common people provided to care for that land. This is perhaps the only thing that kept an economy reasonably stable; Having some real goods & services to provide backing to the coins that were minted. Refer to the Lydian King Croesus, who's family invented a system of standardized coinage.

Still, it came to the attention of the Political Aristocracy that it would be advantageous, with an entire economy based on gold, to issue coins as currency in trade for real goods & services; This put the Merchant Classes under their firm control because of the Golden Rule–"He who owns the gold makes the rules". So now the Political Aristocracy had cooperation with the Merchant Class as well as the Religious Hierarchy–Who continued to exchange some "divine influence" over the commoners for the support of "divine rule" for the Political Aristocracy & for the wealth that they could tithe from the Political Aristocracy (& the Merchant Class as well). These were the times of Monarchial & Feudalistic governments.

Again, it must be emphasized that the Political Aristocracy & the Religious Hierarchy maintained a relatively stable "balance of power" between the two classes of elite. If you want a specific example, look at the origins & subsequent history of the King James Version of the Bible; The KJV originated as a cooperative effort between the two elite classes. King James wanted to fund the creation of a new version of the Bible, but he wanted it to emphasize the "divine right to rule" for himself; The Religious Hierarchy would also create the Council for Bible Inerrancy to support this new version of the Bible. In exchange, the Religious Hierarchy would receive more lands, money & even more support from those foreign peoples that would put their faith in the new Bible.

The Council for Bible Inerrancy went so far as to oppose any real scholarly studies of the original versions of the Bible, even to the point of officially denouncing & creating dishonest propaganda (More LIES!) against any other Bible that contradicted the KJV! This is not to say that the Council was right; There is no such thing as an "inerrant Bible translation" for the very same reasons that I've already stated about the difficulties of translating the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Granted, the scholars eventually won out & the KJV has been mostly "corrected" (Even though it took centuries), but it still contains quite a number of inaccuracies to this very day. Yet you must ask yourself why so many people still consider the KJV to be the "best" Bible even today? Manipulation, social engineering & suppression of information by the Religious Hierarchy are responsible for this.

Chapter Four-The Merchant Class

A long time ago, there was no Merchant Class; At best, there was a member of the tribe who might be better at Stone Knapping (Chipping rocks to make tools or weapons) than most other members. If, for example, quite a few tribe members lost or wore out their tools then he'd be the one to make more; If he was exceptionally busy at making or replacing tools, he might be allowed to stay behind while the other males would hunt & he would help guard the females while performing his "job". Otherwise, he was considered to be a regular tribe member & had to perform the duties as such.

It wasn't until the invention of agriculture & the construction of permanent housing that the Merchant Class started. The Neolithic Age (also called the Neolithic Revolution because of how it "revolutionized" many old concepts & created new concepts) saw the creation of the Specialist Class, which was someone who could live entirely by providing a function useful for the whole community, like the village Potter for example. What made this concept new was that the Specialist didn't have to do anything else but perform a single function & he could trade his goods (or service) for his other basic needs such as food, clothing or carpentry work on his home.

Trade by barter was the rule of the day, until the Political Aristocracy began to accumulate wealth enough for useless items (as mentioned in Chapter Three). Once gold, gems & jewels (& later, actual coinage) became usable as currency, the Merchant Class picked up on this new method of economy & prospered; One of the most successful of the Specialist Classes was the Merchant/Trader, his "function" being the exchange of goods & wealth between foreign lands; The Religious Hierarchy also benefitted by providing a "professional class of "soothsayer/oracle for fun & profit.

As the Merchant Class began to accumulate sufficient wealth from their trade routes, they began to compete for power among the other elite classes. By threatening to cut off trade with any particular province, they could barter this influence for better laws to increase their own wealth even more rapidly.

Then the Merchant Class engineered the downfall of the remainder of humanity: Banks. Have you wondered, reader, why the bank can use your money for high-return investments (Currently 18%-23% or higher) & then only grant you a piddling little fraction of their returns (on your money) as "interest"?; You're lucky if you can get 5% out of an account with a bank; 3% is more commonly granted.

Why is it that the only way to get a loan from a bank is to first prove (To the bank, of course) that you don't really need the loan in the first place & then they charge high "interest" rates? Speaking of "interest", have you seen what the US Constitution (as well as the old Hebrew Religious Scriptures) have to say about the practice of "usury"? It's the same practice, merely under a different name. All three of the "elite classes" make heavy use of semantics in the language to confuse the "commoner" that much more thoroughly.

With tactics like this, is it any wonder that the Merchant Class slowly & gradually built themselves up while keeping their information as quiet as possible so that you & I couldn't do the same for ourselves...At least not without our first swearing fealty to them & the "almighty dollar" first? Information of lucrative investing practices (whether legal or not) was held secret from the common people & sole propriety of those who were already wealthy (Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, with "fake" money, no less). It's only been in the most recent times that their "control of information" hasn't been very effective, so now more people are using information that the elite classes have held secret for all of those millennia. The commoners' use of this knowledge is still very scarce in comparison, though.

Since the formation of the Federal Reserve, at least in the USA & many other countries overseas (primarily Europe & Asia), the new type of economy had surfaced; Credit. Credit did exist before that time, but only introduced through the banks as loans; It hasn't been all that very long ago that banks started granting "interest" on their account-holders' savings. Now nearly everybody in the developed countries use credit on a frequent basis.

About 20 years after the creation of the US Federal Reserve, gold was no longer used to back up the economy or the new currency being printed/minted; In fact, the Federal Reserve (Initially formed & continuing to operate against the guidelines of the Constitution itself, because it is neither controlled Federally & doesn't Reserve any backing of value) legislated new laws in the 1930's that made private ownership of gold bullion to be illegal. Because of the urging of the other elite classes, it was required of all private citizens to sell their gold to the government at current market prices of the time; However, the elite classes who owned gold bullion "went around" this new law by shipping their gold reserves for holding in overseas banks.

Once all of the gold remaining in the US had been sold to the government, the supply of gold still held in the USA bottomed out, being owned only by the Political Aristocracy or held in reserve in other countries...The perceived value of the remaining gold skyrocketed, including the value of the gold being held overseas. All of the elite classes who had pushed for the decline of gold ownership had experienced tremendous profit (close to 75% in gains!) on their "investment" in the new law. Suffice it to say for now, that the Merchant Class currently has everyone, including the other elite classes, by the proverbial balls because they control the economy & financing that everyone else depends upon.

While you're looking in the Constitution about usury, also look & see what it says about the extent to which the US Government are allowed to levy taxes on the population...Then look & see how much the Political Aristocracy have abused what little authority the Constitution grants them. Overall, the Constitution is as much of a document to limit the powers of the Federal Government as it is to designate its duties to the Nation. Over the past few generations of Americans, the Political Aristocracy have first buckled under to the financial influence of the Merchant Class, then outright sold out the entire Nation to the Merchant Class!

Also consider, reader, not to stop with the official Founding Documents of the USA, but also the other considerations & philosophical guidelines that the Founding Fathers wrote about; Plenty of wise forethought & deep consideration concerning the founding & operation of the USA will be found in those documents.

The Political Aristocracy found that it had to harden & accelerate their methods of controlling information & the obedience of the masses up to a new level because they have now found themselves under the thumbs of the Merchant Class; They now use fear-mongering, misinformation, secrecy & draconian law structures (Illegally & Unconstitutionally legislated at that!) at unprecedented levels as their primary tools to maintain control. This draconian control held by the Political Aristocracy is ultimately illusionary, because the Merchant Class has financial control over the Political Aristocracy...As well as everyone else. The careful balance of power & cooperation had been upset by the Merchant Class.

The proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" came in 1913 in America, when the International Banking Consortiums convinced (or tricked? or coerced?) The Political Aristocracy to let them create the Federal Reserve; This happened only about 20 years before making privately owned gold illegal. It's very name is a lie, because it's not under control of the United States Congress, as the Constitution demands (Which means that there's nothing "Federal" about it) & they have no real "backing" in reserve for the currency that is issued; The only backing is about 10% or less, in silver, for the amount of currency actually in circulation. Is it any wonder that, since then, the US Government & the Citizen Body as a whole have been sucked into the never-ending cycle of a boom-n-bust economy? Is it any wonder that they sought to extend their thievery across the whole world?

This is engineered by design, as every time a nation's economy swings in either direction, the Merchant Class prospers & everyone else suffers. The "money" that circulates the USA is actually nothing more than "corporate scrip", as it has nothing of real value backing it up; The only backing for it is a "promise". How much value can we put on the "promise" of the elite classes, reader, since they've done nothing worthy of trust throughout the entirety of human history? A bit of research about the Industrial Revolution & the tactic of issuing company scrip instead of real money for wages that was used by various companies shall give you some indication of how well that works for an economy on a national or world-wide basis.

If they allowed the world-economy to truly bust, then they would lose out too, so they engineer "recessions" & "depressions" in cycle with "booms" & "bull markets" in order to sink their hooks into as many more people as possible. The economic fall of one or a few countries doesn't phase the Merchant Class, since they still acquire more "scrip money" from the other nations under their control; They just strive to keep the overall world economy under strict control so they don't lose their own "meal tickets".

How do they do this? It's really quite simple, even though they intentionally make trying to describe the economic process sound complex; If the privately-owned banking system has control of the Federal Reserve, then they are the ones who control the amount of money in circulation & its value. If they only authorize the US Mint to print enough money to cover the principle-amount of the loans they issue (but mint nothing to cover the amount of usury they charge), then there will never be enough currency in circulation for people to earn in order to pay off the entire debt. Therefore it becomes a certainty that somebody, somewhere will not be able to pay back that interest & be forced to default on that loan; The more loans they issue, the less money that can be earned to cover the usury on the loans. As the bank will confiscate goods with real value on a defaulted loan (A loan based upon valueless scrip), they will always come out ahead. The more loans they issue without the "interest" money being made available for circulation, the more their leverage increases on the whole of the nation.

It is not this way only in the USA, reader, but in all developed countries all over the world that rely on a Credit-based economy; Even the undeveloped "third-world" nations have fallen under the thumbs of the new Credit-Based economy, which has never had any more backing than the "promise" held forth by a class of elite who have already proven themselves to be untrustworthy.

Chapter Five–Current Events

I've already shown you how the Merchant Class has usurped power from the Political Aristocracy; At least the past three or four generations (human-age generations) of Political Aristocracy (if not longer than that) has owed their positions & authority entirely to the manipulations of information & valueless financing by the Merchant Class; Let's not mince words here...The Merchant Class buys the loyalty of any & all candidates they can, so that it doesn't matter who wins an election because they're all under the control of the Merchant Class. There is no longer a "two-party" system in the US because they both are owned by the "Merchant Class Party".

The current status quo is that, unless the Political Aristocracy bows their knee to them, they lose their positions & even sometimes their lives. President Bush himself has publicly hinted at the existence of the "New World Order" & the "Shadow Government" but it seems more like he's been trying to warn us without getting himself killed in the process; Even he will lose his life if he becomes too blatant with his warnings. You may even be able to access the media-videos in which he states this...It's a matter of public record.

However, even now, the elite are trying to make information "disappear" by oppressing information sources (Shutting down websites that they don't like, censoring news media, etc) or moving information around in their computers & file cabinets in a game of "hide-n-seek", simply to keep this information out of public view. Don't buckle under such obvious dishonesty & unethical behavior, even if they use more fear-mongering to try to stop you. If the events I outline in Chapter Seven come to pass, they will no longer have any power over you, not even the power of fear!

Even the Religious Hierarchy must bow to the Merchant Class, for who else can provide them with funding to continue their own agendas for controlling the hearts & minds of the population? Donations from private citizens only go so far & that wealth dries up quickly if donations aren't coming in regularly. As the control of the economy is in the hands of the Merchant Class, this will influence the amount of private donations that the Religious Hierarchy can receive because economic poverty is intentionally engineered into the economic system.

Recently, The Merchant Class have even removed a stela (stone plaque ornament written with a message) containing the Ten Commandments from the front of an American Courthouse; The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution & other documentation written by this nation's Founding Fathers indicate that the USA was founded with high moral grounds & that not even the Government itself is allowed to remove our God-Given Rights & Liberties. I can not imagine a better place than a Courthouse to display a list of the Highest Laws given to us by God. If you happen to be an Atheist, then ignore the presence of the list; After all, those Laws are supposed to be in place to protect you from a corrupt, human-made legal system, no matter if you believe in a Divinity or not! If you're one of those who supported the removal of such a plaque from such a place, you've merely supported the elite in taking more of your Rights & Liberties away from you!

What of the Patriot Act & the follow-up document, the Victory Act? These were legislated without the benefit of due process. The Patriot Act was obviously already planned & written before the events of September 11, 2001; How else could President Bush introduce the Act & push it through Congress (without the benefit of due process!) so soon after the terrorist attacks? Because of this illegal Act, average citizens are already being arrested & held without due process; It has come to light, from a leak of information that was never intended to happen, that even ordinary, civil crimes are being tried under the Patriot Act! This is simply because those two illegal & Unconstitutional documents contain such broad categories to define a "terrorist" that literally anyone within the United States can be arrested, held without bail or even any basic Legal Rights whatsoever (Not even a phone call or any type of communication to a lawyer, family or media)! In effect, anyone arrested under the Patriot Act (which, as I stated, can include anybody arrested for any reason whatsoever) can be stripped of their US Citizenship, therefore being persona non grata, a cipher who has no Rights under any jurisdiction. Martial law hasn't even been declared yet; Think of how bad it will get for the Average American when (not if!) that happens. When I stated that the Political Aristocracy has always ruled by fear-mongering & the suppression of information, this is what I meant.

Not only that, but the Political Aristocracy has even put the entire Nation itself into an insolvable debt to the Merchant Class to the point that bankruptcy cases are increasing at unheard-of levels. The recent rise in unemployment rates also ensures that existing debts to the Merchant Class can never be resolved because people can't even work for the money to pay those debts! The Political Aristocracy is even beginning to actively oppress anyone who tries to ask them questions about what they're doing or who even disagrees with them! Under the Patriot Act, even a mere disagreement or any questioning of their "authority" qualifies as an "act of terrorism"! Fascist Police State, here we come! Look to later technical generations of the Verichip to be used as another method for the elite to track & oppress the people.

The Political Aristocracy, the Religious Hierarchy & the Merchant Class have all been guilty of multiple counts of Treason against this Nation, as the Constitution itself defines Treason...And they've been doing it for generations behind the backs of The People because of how they've been controlling access to information & their actual use of it!

The homeless rate, credit card debt & the unemployment rate are the highest that this country has ever seen while prospective candidates for any Office can only continue to sling political mud at each other over the nonsensical answers they give on nonsensical issues. They continue to manipulate public opinion as to what the really important issues are!

As most people rely on the Merchant Class to supply money (Actually, I've used the more accurate term of "corporate scrip" & I will continue to do so) for circulation, these homeless, penniless & jobless Americans will have to issue even more bankruptcy suits...And then pick up the leftover pieces of their lives & start over from the beginning (That is, if the Political Aristocracy doesn't first arrest them for the "terrorist" crime of having unpaid debt).

As the flow of history has already shown, these recent events are leading us into an American Dark Age! After all, the older countries in Europe & Asia have already had their Dark Ages...America in turn will suffer from one of its own, unless the public decides to start exercising the responsibilities & duties to regain & maintain their Constitutional Rights. However, with the level of technology & sophistication of the war-machine, America is more likely to fall to the rule of another national power than it would be to fall into its own version of barbarism; Once we're down, someone else will move in to take over.

If you follow President Bush's career prior to his being appointed into Office instead of being elected (circa 2000-2004), which he took great pains to hide until he was appointed into Office, you'll see that it is now publicly documented that he had already bankrupted two corporations (Which is the qualification that the Merchant Class wanted in order to place a "President" who could swiftly bankrupt the entire country), skipped out on his military duties (Not mincing words again, let's call it what it is–AWOL) as a pilot while in his term of service & was a heavy drug & alcohol user during his college days. President Bush has stated that he got off the drug habit when he "found God", but when he lied about the reasons to start this "War on Terrorism" he effectively sent thousands of American Soldiers to kill or die...All on false pretenses. He justifies this order to commit mass murder because he's "found God"...The same God who tells that killing is wrong. WTF?

All of these are crimes that require arrest, trial & (if judged guilty) imprisonment & confiscation of illegally-gained assets, both under civil & military laws; And yet, these crimes may not be prosecuted because President Bush is also the first President who saw fit to Pardon himself of all crimes committed before obtaining Office! If President Bush is smart, he'll issue himself another Pardon very soon so that he can't be prosecuted for the crimes he has committed since he has entered Office!

If you haven't noticed yet, reader, I believe that I should point out that every time the government has declared a "War on (An Abstract Noun)", that the problem had only gotten worse! The War on Drugs only increased the problem of illegal drug-trafficking, the War on Poverty only increased the poverty rates among American Citizens, etc. The current War on Terrorism has increased the number of terrorist acts & plunges the entire Nation into bankruptcy in the process. The government is actively suppressing as much news as possible on new terrorist acts so that the public will believe that this new "War on (An Abstract Noun)" is actually succeeding, when in truth, it fails as much as any other such war.

Currently, the state of New Hampshire is taking tentative steps towards becoming a "free state", no longer under Federal control; If this succeeds, I would expect many other states to quickly follow suit. Once again, we will be a nation divided & another Civil War is likely to begin, Free States vs. Incorporated States. You can check this out by looking into "The Free State Project", an organization that dedicates itself to getting stolen Rights & Liberties back to The People.

If this story sounds like the ravings of a paranoid, reader, keep in mind that it is not paranoia if someone is out to get you; What you must realize that the elite classes are & always have been "out to get you" & everyone else they can. Check into the final fate of James Forrestal in 1949 when he was the first Secretary of Defense; This will illustrate what I mean about whether paranoia is real or not.

Chapter Six–The Likely Future

From what I can see based on historical repetition, is that the USA (backed by England & a very few allies who are all tied into the same corporate, political & religious interests) will rise up as a new Empire; It's already begun with the US's military attacks on another sovereign nation, with others already on "the hit list" coming soon after. Considering the current political/financial ties between the current American Administration & the Royal Crown of England, it is my guess that England will merely be "propping up" the USA as a figurehead under control of England itself. One indicator of England's role in this burgeoning empire I've seen already is the fact that President Bush has been Knighted by the Crown of England, while the Constitution clearly states that no such foreign titles or honors shall be accepted by the President without the prior approval of Congress.

Starting with the Middle Eastern countries in order to control their oil production (Even though such fuel sources are rapidly drying up all over the world), the New World Order will swiftly expand from there; Those nations to come under invasion will most likely be the highly industrialized nations, such as Japan & China. Religious & political purges will quickly follow on the heels of the military forces, first to convert the Islamic peoples then to convert any non-Christian religions (Even though Islam has is roots based from the Judeo-Christian religion) native to other nations that fall under control of the New Empire.

The Biblical Book of Revelations may provide some other clues; Those predictions were based upon history & knowledge of human greed & lust for power that was known at the time they were written, although they contain a very heavy "religious spin" to them. If you can ignore the "religious spin", those predictions read as being insightfully based upon logic & reason. It must be stated that the Bible was originally written with heavy use of parable & metaphor, mainly because the original authors needed to write simply so that even the uneducated could understand the concepts they wrote about; Also, whenever translations between languages are needed, there's always going to be something lost in the translation.

The USA, following in the same path & taking the same steps as Adolph Hitler (You can research information that proves that some of those steps have already been taken!) & based upon the knowledge from the Nazi Hierarchy that were taken by the US after WW II, will become its own version of the new "Fourth Reich", oppressing & suppressing free thought throughout the nation & the world at large. The people will become actual slaves, forced to work to repay debts to the Merchant Class that cannot be repaid (Because this widespread debt was engineered to be insolvable). The whole of humanity will be under the oppressive thumb of the elite few...Worldwide slavery that hasn't been seen since the previous European Dark Ages.

Those people who refuse to submit to slavery will have to rely upon partisan tactics to escape the oppression, defend themselves & survive outside the fringes of society just as the "Underground" formed to resist Nazi Germany. As a result, terrorism (as it will be called even though many "terrorists" we be merely defending themselves from officially-sanctioned aggression) will become the new "rules of engagement" for conducting warfare & will plunge most of the world into a new Dark Age.

The ecology of the world will change drastically; You can easily research how much trouble that the elite has already engineered for the ecology of this planet & these changes are accelerating; Especially since President Bush has revoked many industrial pollution controls. Droughts & Famine are already becoming the forte of the news media every harvest time. The frequency & intensity of adverse storm fronts has stepped up over the past two decades; Remember El Nino & El Nina just a few short years ago & the severity of the hurricane season in just this year (2003) alone?

Our technology has far outstripped the human ability to adapt to it, even though technology should have instead been adapted to humanity; This may change drastically, as the advent of genetic engineering may allow the elite to "force-evolve" humanity (Similar to when I've mentioned how the Religious Hierarchy "force-evolved" Organized Religion back in Chapter Two) to adapt to the changing environment & the further desires of the elite.

The next most likely alternate path of the future I've described involves humanity breaking away from the repetition of history; People become aware due to the widespread use of personal communication through the internet (Unless the elite actually manage to finish clamping down on it before public awareness becomes widespread enough to make a significant difference); To avoid the suppression of the internet as a channel of open communication for the People, I call upon you, reader, to support any effort that reduces personal restrictions on Free Speech & the communication of Free Thought.

Once awareness has spread sufficiently, the People must make use of their overwhelming majority to make the changes needed to bring the elite classes into line; Make our leaders suppress their personal greed & give respect to the true duties & responsibilities that accompany the positions of leadership. In the USA, this would involve a serious "downsizing" of the government structure & reducing it's powers back to Constitutional levels.

We can have "Heaven on Earth" but it will take work; The ends do not justify the means, so try to keep morality/ethics in mind & avoid violence whenever possible while working towards that goal. When Alister Crowley was quoted to say, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law", I believe he was only partially correct...The only restriction I would feel comfortable with would be, "Your freedom ends where my nose begins". Be free to do what you wish, as long as no one is unnecessarily harmed; Basically, this means that, in order to stop a violent attacker or to act in self-defense, causing harm may be necessary, but do not seek to cause harm for personal gain or "entertainment".

In relation to an old Chinese curse, we are now living in "interesting" times. Public apathy (Socially engineered by the elite) will not improve anyone's lot, but make the elites' attempt at total control that much more likely to succeed & much more quickly.

Chapter Seven–What Can Be Done

As you can see from history, reader, the first instinct is for survival; Intellect developed from instinct in order to determine what would be the best course of action to take to ensure survival. The first survival strategy was cooperation & it was through cooperation that the human race was able to survive, prosper & build a form of stability. As long as people remained free with thought & action, humanity advanced through invention & applied effort. Each time humanity suffered under enforced ignorance, it took that much more effort to tear down the enforcers (the elite classes) & try to build society back up afterwards. How much easier it would be if people continued to cooperate after tearing down the elite so as to build a system of liberty that would resist later attempts of the elite to regain their control? Each person would have to take the responsibilities & duties that maintain that freedom.

Earlier, I mentioned something about how the school systems don't teach what you really need to learn...It has been through manipulation by the elite that has so degraded what we learn. In the same way, they've also subverted the sources of information & the very fabric of society itself. They've suppressed the really important information that you need to learn in order to make better servants of us all. We've been manipulated for so long & so subtly that we don't even know what cooperation is anymore...We argue about multiple-party politics to the point that we never stop to remember the history that proves that the elite still screw us over, no matter what party they claim to support...We argue over petty details on what the government should control when the Constitution tells us that the government should not have control over the issue at all. Divide & conquer, indeed! We've been divided by their manipulations for so long that we don't even recognize when we've been conquered! This pervasive manipulation must stop if humanity is ever to create Paradise on Earth. Our very survival depends upon cooperation & yet the elite have made a millennia-long career of tearing us apart; They've subverted our very instinct to survive!

Now why would the elite subvert the survival instinct of the very slaves they need to support their rulership? The answer is quite simple...They don't need all of us. In fact, they only need about 10%-15% of the total current human population to continue to support them. Since humanity is overpopulating the Earth & beginning to strain its resources (How much of this is the fault o the Religious Hierarchy? Remember the doctrine to "Go ye forth & multiply"?), they feel the need to "prune" us back to a more ecological (& more easily controlled) level. All of this is nothing more than a concerted effort of the elite to build the population up, then prune us back...Planned Obsolescence at its worst.

Next question: How are they going to decide who dies & who lives? That's the easy part; Those who have been brainwashed enough to obey the elite when they start a war are already brainwashed enough to kill those few who aren't brainwashed. Even though there will still be too many brainwashed & ignorant people after the resistance is dead, they just release a few plagues to thin out the population even more...Or instigate race-riots...Whatever it takes. Mostly, those victims of plaque will be classified by race or other genetic characteristics that the elite deem as "undesirable in the New World Order". As long as the remaining people don't come to learn that the elite are designing & releasing these killer plagues (Funding the research secretly, of course, like MKULTRA was), then the survivors will continue to obey the elite even more readily than before. Remember when the US Government gave small pox-infested blankets to the Native Indians? Remember MKULTRA performing mind-control experiments on people (Not Volunteers!) & how long this atrocity remained secret? You'd be very surprised what the Freedom of Information Act can help you to learn! Ignorance is not going to be bliss, even though the elite make a career of promoting ignorance! These are just other examples of the elite using their information & resources to further subvert people; Your own research can reveal more than enough to prove how thoroughly the elite manipulate us.

If anything, a governing body should be "under a microscope" much more than any other group or individual within the body being governed; And yet, the "governors" have more "secrets" than anyone else & also seek to learn even the most minor secrets of us all; Control of information rears its head again! Why else would they profane the American Right to Privacy? Why else do they seek to control us all through fear-mongering & draconian laws that subvert the very Constitution that they swear to defend & uphold? They keep their own secrets that would enrage the public & be dangerous to their continuing grab for more control. The elite have always manipulated the "masses" into believing that the interests of the elite are the same as the "interests of the nation", even though the interests of the elite have always been their own personal interests. Anyone who desires to rule should never be allowed to rule, because they seek rulership for their own selfish interests...They do not & will not cooperate with humanity as a whole. Only when a potential leader realizes that the government based upon liberty & freedom is, by definition, a civil service job instead of a self-service job should they be allowed to work in that position of leadership. They must be kept "under the microscope" while holding that position of power in order to ensure that they work towards the benefit of the whole instead of themselves.

I believe that a "One World" society can become a reality on Earth...But it must happen by mutual consent, through a sense of cooperation that develops throughout humanity; It cannot be a Paradise on Earth if it's forced upon us by manipulation, force of arms & fear. It cannot be a Paradise on Earth if only a small minority of people (The elite) have forced their own personal vision of that Paradise upon the vast majority of people (The rest of us). It goes without saying that their own personal vision of Paradise presumes that they control everybody else...It would be their Paradise, but it would be Hell for everyone else.

People are beginning to access information for themselves with the advent of world-wide communication & the exchange of information between scholars & scientists, news media & various kinds of people all over the world. The counter to fear is understanding & the counter to ignorance is information; Understanding is gained from the exchange of information & information is gained through research & keeping in contact with your fellow human beings.

As the major lines of communication open up for more & more people in the world, the understanding & information that's exchanged reduces ignorance & fear. The various elite classes recognize this & still continue to create new lies (Misinformation & propaganda) to spread throughout the various channels of communication as well as continuing to attempt legislation to suppress or "censor" that which they do not want you to know. We, The People, now have the ability to access information & we now have the power that the elite have always relied upon to maintain their control over us; We cannot let them take away the power that they have held exclusively to themselves. As a researcher, reader, you must be able to access various sources of information & correlate the truth that you find between them, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, as it were. Deny ignorance & deny fear; That is what the elite have relied upon throughout human history to maintain their power & We The People can now determine our own destiny & the future of humanity as a whole. free you mind & your spirit and your ass will follow.

Granted, the elite have a rumored history of making the most outspoken "disappear" or suffer from "accidents", but they can only do this to individuals & very small groups. The history of the slaughter in Tiananmen Square in China was a failed attempt to "deal with" a large group & keep it quiet. Even under active denial by the Chinese Government, news got out & outraged the whole Free World. With Freedom of the Press & the widespread diversity of the internet, there is no way that such an act can be repeated & then swept quietly under a rug...A few deaths will only inspire more resistance & the elite know this, so you, as an individual, would be much safer by keeping with large groups of people striving for the same cause. The odds of success are better with a large group & it is only a large group that will keep the elite from ignoring our demands for release from the slavery that they've bound us to.

The dangers to the People have been already seen during the Monarchial & Feudalistic Age, when the Church had more control than Ruler & the People combined. The danger of control by the Merchant Class can be seen now, during modern times of cyclic economic collapse & reformation.

History has shown that empires always fail & the Incorporated American Empire will fall just as surely as any other. In my own personal opinion, I'd like to see the new revolution to be a peaceful one...If only to make the first break away from historical repetition. It can be done, simply if every human being that can see what the world is coming to can gather all at one time in the locations of the Seats of Power; In the USA, that's Washington D.C.; For those of you who didn't learn any decent geography in our substandard schools, that will be on the East Coast...Locate it on a map or get someone to help you locate it on a map.

Once there, in a group of millions strong, just declare in one loud voice, "We will no longer obey you! You are working for us & your job performance sucks! You're all fired!"

The real kicker behind the majority of the Political Aristocracy is that all of the highest Offices within the US Government structure must swear (or affirm) an oath to "defend & uphold the Constitution", but as soon as their butts hit those office chairs, they violate that very oath (or affirmation), the terms of the Constitution & the attached Bill of Rights on a daily basis! This is why the entire governmental structure must be purged of all oath-breakers & the most peaceful way to do so is to fire them from those jobs. After all, every Government Office is, by definition, a Civil Service position but the Political Aristocracy have been using those positions as "self-service" jobs for far too long already!

Don't forget dear reader, that the entire military roster of personnel only represents 1%-2% (no more than 3%) of the total national population; The majority of those troops are scattered all over the world (Currently more than 120 countries!), unknowingly under unspoken orders to suppress native populations & "administer" their governments for them. The elite classes are vastly outnumbered (Current US population at this writing is over 292 million!) literally by millions-to-one & there is no one who can withstand those kinds of odds; The elite buckle quickly because they've depended upon stealth & subversion for so long that they've made themselves numerically weak.

The entire government structure must be seriously downsized & we must have new, extremely strict requirements for potential candidates; All information required for a candidate's background check must be freely revealed to the investigators & no candidate will be allowed into an Office without fulfilling all such requirements for qualification.

The Federal Reserve must be disbanded (I mentioned NESARA earlier...Support them & we can get away from the obviously-failed Credit-Based Economy without undue loss of private property as the economic changes are implemented).

Corporations, Churches & "Old Money Families" must never again be allowed to use money or influence to support any candidate because these are the supporters of the corruption that exists the world-over.

Candidates must sever all official ties with any foreign power (I've mentioned earlier, reader, that President Bush is a Knight, sanctioned by the Crown of England. This is in violation of his vow to the Constitution).

The most peaceful way to get the Merchant Classes out of our collective hair is to boycott them! We have no real need for the expensive & mostly useless products that they manipulate the media & social trends into advertising for them. Remember that if they can afford those high rates for television advertising, then they're charging too much for us to buy it; After all, that "corporate scrip" that they use to pay for the advertising comes out of our pockets when we buy those products!

The banking industry makes high profits from your money (I use the term "money" her under the assumption that we get our economy back on a track based upon real value); Take your money & invest it yourself. Access the financial information you need to figure out your best options & then take them. Don't apply for loans or use credit cards; If you can't afford what you want right away, save up the money to buy it & you will be avoid paying usury to the banks!

The Merchant Class should not be allowed to incorporate & conglomerate the media (or any other category of industry) by buying them out & making them broadcast (or produce) only what the elite want them to broadcast (or produce)...Make "Truth in Journalism, Advertising & Production Quality" stick! Make them conform to independently-financed studies to safeguard your own health & welfare; Don't let them subvert your opinion about their products' health issues by denying the results of independent studies on their products. Many times have the Merchant Class produced goods that seriously degrade our health & even kill us (Tobacco companies stand out in this category). Don't let them exert influence on your sources of information or your buying habits; If you do, you'll only fall back under their control again!

As for the Religious Hierarchy, I've already mentioned that you can learn more from your own research than any Church is willing to teach you...Follow your Faith, not the Religious Organization & certainly don't follow the people who claim to speak for God! The Book of Revelations puts heavy emphasis on the appearance of "false prophets" for a reason!

After sufficient research, dear reader, you may come to the conclusion that those who complain the most about the "decline of religion" are those who (at least subconsciously) realize that the tactics of information-suppression & fear-mongering are having less of an effect on the masses as a whole. The spreading of information through the internet has loosened their grip on what you can learn for yourself, but you still need to be wary of the lies the elite have spread throughout the internet as well; This is the same as any source of information you use. The elite classes only have power over you if you let them have it!

If God wants you to hear something, He'll let you hear it! If He does speak to you, do what He says as long as you do not lead yourself or other people into breaking His Laws, as the Religious Hierarchy have been manipulating people into doing for far too long! God does not want you to listen to someone who grows wealthy from your donations given by enforced guilt engendered by that organization...He would much rather see you become wealthy yourself, as long as you don't come to love that wealth more than you love your fellow human beings. That's where the elite have gone wrong...They've let their own greed overcome their duty to humanity, so be wary of that same trap yourself. Commit random acts of kindness...God likes that because it becomes a contagious habit in time & you'd only be following what He said that He wanted you to do. These are only the first steps, reader, so I can not predict further than this...Simply because this path is such a far cry from the repetition of history.

Remember, dear reader, that the elite have always conducted a War on Information; We must fight a War For Information! You take control of what you wish to learn & don't let any greedy, self-serving people or large organizations take that control away from you! Once you've been the detective, it will be your time to play a starring role in a cast of millions upon the world stage! Please strive to make this production finish with a happy ending because it's far past time that humanity has a happy ending in a story!

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 03:08 PM
your signature is very explanatory toward the length of your article. i would read it, but i'm sick and weak..

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 03:09 PM
For a time, this was first occupying the Really Above Top Secret (RATS) forum...I was looking for constructive comments for editing purposes at that time. Copied below are all of the comments that actually *helped* while this was in RATS:
From: Kronos
To: MidnightDStroyer
Sent: 9-11-2003 at 20:57

It is great post – I made several months ago sketch of similar post. Not that perfect in details rather general outline view of the process. Because I have extremely busy time (new house….) I made no progress… Your post practically illustrates general construction except of one addition. What holds the power over the world?

In short – my general thesis is as follow.

If you contradict natural explosive nature of biological organisms – always creating, searching, discovering with fixed doctrine of The Holy Scriptures - you are getting spin – vortex. Life is one force, entropy – doctrine is other.
To have success – you should follow doctrine. For psychic health you following explosive nature and looking for new answers. If you will see car arriving from the left side but sound will come from the right side – your head will turn nervously. Confusion, constant stress.

Confused people are never innocent; they know from the Holy Bible that making sex is big sin. In the same time they feel so it is quite natural, beautiful and very important part of the life.

Conspiracy sites show the famous pyramid of power. Reality is quite different. With vortex structure those in the center having no freedom, no power. The real power of US President, Pope etc. as an individual is ZERO. They are under absolute control of upper layers of vortex. The same is with corporations. If you became very reach and powerful you will found yourself in the luxury prison and you will no longer be able to change principles.

Vortex has enormous power. No way back. You cannot do anything against of vortex – you will have everyone against you.

You will say – your dollars are worthless. Other vortex particles – your friends who spent all life building their small fortunes will kill you and they will DEFEND system better than all law enforcement services.
You will say – this system is corrupted and bankrupted – it means EVERYONE is bankrupted and life doesn’t make any sense for most of the people.
Someone will say – I’m away of any doctrine – church – religion – IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.
99.9% of western civilization population supports that system and makes it spinning.

Vortex - real power - out of control.

The rest is in your post.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 09:22 AM
Ah, I see that this has been approved for public distribution.

A fantastically good piece of writing. I've converted it to DOC format and uploaded it onto my PDA, so I can take it where ever I go!

You get my vote for TWATS, MDS.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 04:20 PM
Excellent MidnightDStroyer!! It's probably not worth the Pulitzer but it'll do for me.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 05:27 PM
Wow ..thats the first post ive used "text aloud' to listen to.
A Highly informative piece of work
a few words come to mind , cognitive ,enlightened ,
and lucid account of the state of mankind

I think quite a few members here would benefit greatly
from this.

Youve got my Vote...whatever that means

posted on May, 30 2005 @ 02:15 PM

You have voted MidnightDStroyer for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have one more vote left for this month.

I'm speechless!

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posted on May, 30 2005 @ 05:01 PM
Excellent post, I wish I had the time to re-read it. I wll eventually.

You ideas of "social entropy" and the vortex paint an understandable picture for the mind. Maybe now we won't be doomed to repeat the past over and over.

I have written papers on the natural cycle of government, form anarchy and chaos, to order and justive, then the collapse to totallitarianism, and back to chaos. Your post really unifies some of the ideas of social nature, that I found hard to express in words. We are all just animals.

Well done.

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 02:10 PM
Actually, "social entropy" & the concept of "vortex" weren't my own ideas. You mentioned re-reading it, so when you do, please note that this thread was originally posted in the RATS forum & was moved out here when it was finally ready. Those two concepts were originaly posted by Kronos while thise thread was still in RATS...But they describe the same thing from a different perspective. Personally, I couldn't see how "vortex" actually cooincides with my original postings here, but "social entropy" is closely linked with everything else.

The main problem I have with "standard education" for history is that the schools place more emphasis upon wrote-memory of places, names, events & dates...I wrote this with more of an eye for "causes & motivations", which is something that you have to teach yourself.

[edit on 6-6-2005 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 04:02 PM
wow, this post sent a tingling sensation throughout my whole body... made me think from teeth to toe. By the way, I voted you for way above

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 07:41 PM

You have voted MidnightDStroyer for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

Not quite finished yet...

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 04:47 PM
Great post! I think the only solution is money-free society. As long as money exist there will always be such problems.

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 11:12 PM

Originally posted by Ghaele
Great post! I think the only solution is money-free society. As long as money exist there will always be such problems.

If you're referring to a "credit-based" economy as what you might find in Sci-Fi futuristic fiction...Credit based upon the current banking system we have today would only compound the problem. If you want to go to a money-free economy, we'd have to ban the banks (or at least drastically change the way they operate so they don't rip off everybody) & go to a complete barter system.

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 03:04 AM
i must tip my hat to you MDS, it makes you think, but also want to act, well put.

in time, hopefully it will become more of a reality, however, i fear that there will be much more suffering before such a time.


ps: u got my vote

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 09:10 AM
Nice work - you get my vote for way above.

When you talked about usary and it's prohibition in the christian and constitutional doctrines it reminded of something I read awhile back about how Jewish merchants took advantage of this (prohibition to receive interest) thoroughout the ages and used it for significant gain in fortune and power.

Is it possible that this "Merchant Class" is Zionist in nature and membership?


[edit on 8-6-2005 by KiwiDave]

posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 01:46 AM

Originally posted by KiwiDave
Is it possible that this "Merchant Class" is Zionist in nature and membership?

It's possible, but I don't confine the Merchant Class to be only Zions. For example, would you expect every single CEO of every single large, international corp to be Zion? Even if you consider the breadth & scope Zion influence, this is highly unlikely.

What I believe to be the top of the Merchant Class ladder is the large, international banking firms...Such as Medici Bank, Wells Fargo, etc. Of course, finding proof of such is damn-near impossible because the corps use better-than-military security on their "executive policies".

Not even huge corps like Disney, Pepsi-Cola, McDonalds, etc. can make any move at all without the blessing of the banks, because it's the banks that hold & move their money. Even so-called social services in the US must have the blessing of the Federal Reserve, not the government. The Federal Reserve is not under government control...It's really a conglomeration of foreign banking interests.

I've said it before & I'll say it again: SUPPORT NESARA!

[edit on 9-6-2005 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 03:53 AM

Originally posted by MidnightDStroyer

Originally posted by KiwiDave
Is it possible that this "Merchant Class" is Zionist in nature and membership?

It's possible, but I don't confine the Merchant Class to be only Zions. For example, would you expect every single CEO of every single large, international corp to be Zion? Even if you consider the breadth & scope Zion influence, this is highly unlikely.

What I believe to be the top of the Merchant Class ladder is the large, international banking firms...Such as Medici Bank, Wells Fargo, etc. Of course, finding proof of such is damn-near impossible because the corps use better-than-military security on their "executive policies".

Not even huge corps like Disney, Pepsi-Cola, McDonalds, etc. can make any move at all without the blessing of the banks, because it's the banks that hold & move their money. Even so-called social services in the US must have the blessing of the Federal Reserve, not the government. The Federal Reserve is not under government control...It's really a conglomeration of foreign banking interests.

I've said it before & I'll say it again: SUPPORT NESARA!

[edit on 9-6-2005 by MidnightDStroyer]

The Worlds Bank
The "big five" prime banks of Wall Street, the owners of the "Class A" stock of the NewYork Federal Reserve Bank, are: Chase-Manhattan, Citibank, Guaranty Trust, Chemical/Manufacturers-Hannover, and Bankers' Trust. The Class A stock of the Federal Reserve has not been sold or traded on the open market since it was hermetically sealed from the public at the end of the summer of 1914. It is the exclusive property of Wall Street and European prime banks, whose major stockholders are the trans-Atlantic Ruling Class. This pattern holds true of Central Banks throughout the nations of the advanced capitalist sector. The Big Five have interlocking directorates with the "Seven Sisters," the Anglo-Dutch-American oil cartels: Exxon, BP (British Petroleum), Dutch-Royal Shell, Texaco, Mobil, Gulf, and Standard Oil of California (SOCAL).

Several of these trans-Atlantic money and commodity cartels financed Mussolini and Hitler and actively maintained their connections with the Reich throughout World War II. They were also all actively involved in Stalin's Russia by the beginning of the first Five Year Plan in 1928. None of this is really secret-anyone can discover the facts by doing a little research. Nor should it be considered a "conspiracy" (either by those who promote or deny the essential facts of the matter) - bankers and businessmen have been "trading with the enemy" for centuries. It is just one more example of "the wise investment policy" of cartels like J.P. Morgan and Co. and Standard Oil of New Jersey.


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the "first beast", was founded in 1930 and was the first entity to be called a "World Bank." Monetarist and gold-based, it functions as a clearing house for the balance of payments between nations. It operated throughout WWII as an interlocking directorate and a clearinghouse for joint Allied and Axis high finance.

The World Bank/International Monetary Fund (IMF), the "Second Beast," was founded in 1946, after being drafted at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, during the war in 1944. The IMF functions as the collection agency for the World Bank, much as the IRS functions as the collection agency for the Federal Reserve Bank. The Wall Street branch of the Federal Reserve is the "fiscal agent" for the IMF in the USA. The capital pool of the IMF consists of the Prime Banks of the First World, which interlock with the First World (G-7) military-industrial complexes and the oil conglomerates.

The IMF functions under the aegis of the United Nations, as a Keynesian paper credit-mill, extending credit in the form of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to the Second and Third World debtor nations, requiring that they purchase specified amounts of the currency of the G-7 nations, imposing "austerity terms" upon their internal economies, and looting them by means of "repayment schedules" of their natural resources and minerals. These are channeled through the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) to the multinational cartels, also headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

With the implementation of NAFTA and the Uruguay Round of GATT, the real wages of blue and white collar workers in the U.S. will be leveled in time to near parity with the Third World. The last "Superpower," the United States, is not the primary head of the G-7 Beast, but is, owing to its debtor status, the last head, appropriately close to the horned tail, engaging disproportionately in UN Security Council "police actions" around the globe.

International Capital, having gone "global," will increasingly employ the blue-helmeted troops of the UN to enforce the hegemony of Capital in the future.


On a bright May morning in 1944, while young Americans were dying on the Italian beachheads, Thomas Harrington McKittrick, American president of the Nazi-controlled Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, arrived at his office to preside over a fourth annual meeting in time of war. This polished American gentleman sat down with his German, Japanese, Italian, British, and American executive staff to discuss such important matters as the $378 million in gold that had been sent to the Bank by the Nazi government after Pearl Harbor for use by its leaders after the war. Gold that had been looted from the national banks of Austria, Holland, Belgium, and Czechoslovakia, or melted down from the Reichsbank holding of the teeth fillings, spectacle frames, cigarette cases and lighters, and wedding rings of the murdered Jews.

The Bank for International Settlements was a joint creation in 1930 of the world's central banks, including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Its existence was inspired by Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, Nazi Minister of Economics and president of the Reichsbank, part of whose early upbringing was in Brooklyn, and who had powerful Wall Street connections. He was seconded by the all important banker Emil Puhl, who continued under the regime of Schacht's successor, Dr. Walther Funk.

Sensing Adolf Hitler's lust for war and conquest, Schacht, even before Hitler rose to power in the Reichstag, pushed for an institution that would retain channels of communication and collusion between the world's financial leaders even in the event of an international conflict. It was written into the Bank's charter, concurred in by the respective governments, that the BIS should be immune from seizure, closure or censure, whether or not its owners were at war. These owners included the Morgan-affiliated First National Bank of New York (among whose directors were Harold S. Vanderbilt and Wendell Willkie), the Bank of England, the Reichsbank, the Bank of Italy, the Bank of France, and other central banks. Established under the Morgan banker Owen D. Young's so-called Young Plan, the BIS's ostensible purpose was to provide the Allies with reparations to be paid by Germany for World War I. The Bank soon turned out to be the instrument of an opposite function. It was to be a money funnel for American and British funds to flow into Hitler's coffers and to help Hitler build up his machine.

The BIS was completely under Hitler's control by the outbreak of World War II. Among the directors under Thomas H. McKittrick were Hermann Shmitz, head of the colossal Nazi industrial trust I.G. Farben, Baron Kurt von Schroder, head of the J.H. Stein Bank of Cologne and a leading officer and financier of the Gestapo; Dr. Walther Funk of the Reichsbank, and, of course, Emil Puhl. These last two figures were Hitler's personal appointees to the board.

The BIS's first president was the smooth old Rockefeller banker, Gates W. McGarrah, formerly of the Chase National Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank, who retired in 1933. His successor was the forty-three-year-old Leon Fraser, a colorful former newspaper reporter on the muckraking NewYork World, a street-corner soapbox orator, straw-hat company director, and performer in drag in stage comedies. Fraser had little or no background in finance or economics, but he had numerous contacts in high business circles and a passionate dedication to the world of money that acknowledged no loyalties or frontiers. In the first two years of Hitler's assumption of power, Fraser was influential in financing the Nazis through the BIS. When he took over the position of president of the First National Bank at its Manhattan headquarters in 1935, he continued to exercise a subtle influence over the BIS's activities that continued until the 1940s.

Other directors of the Bank added to the powerful financial group. Vincenzo Azzolini was the accomplished governor of the Bank of Italy. Yves Breart de Boisanger was the ruthlessly ambitious governor of the Bank of France; Alexandre Galopin of the Belgian banking fraternity was to be murdered in 1944 by the Underground as a Nazi collaborator.

There is more than enough to show the banks are in control. It really is that simple. Why don't people want to see it??

'They' fund wars.

'They' fund countries.

'They' fund drug dealers

'They' fund the power stations that power your lights.

'They' invest in water works so they can sell you water.

'They' fund and invest in new innovative technologies which they control.

'They' invest in legal drug cartels that are used to control various nations.

'They' keep governments in debt indefinatley.

'They' make peoples life a living hell.

'They' make sure that cannabis stays illegal so they can keep the oil, wood chopping and textile industries in profit.

'They' manipulate food sources from being renewable (expiry seeds).

'They' fund police forces, armies, among other law enforcement.

etc. etc. etc.

Stop fractional banking then and only then will you rid the world of poverty and debt.

posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 11:03 AM
A long article of sorts indeed, but upon finishing it, or so it seems (history is being lived right now), it didn't seem so long after all. I strongly agree with ALL of the ideas, thoughts, and facts presented through those words. There were some things I never knew all the much about, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, and how they were the basis of what makes the bible the poorly interpreted /- misconstrued piece of religious text today.

Don't forget dear reader, that the entire military roster of personnel only represents 1%-2% (no more than 3%) of the total national population; The majority of those troops are scattered all over the world (Currently more than 120 countries!), unknowingly under unspoken orders to suppress native populations & "administer" their governments for them. The elite classes are vastly outnumbered (Current US population at this writing is over 292 million!) literally by millions-to-one & there is no one who can withstand those kinds of odds; The elite buckle quickly because they've depended upon stealth & subversion for so long that they've made themselves numerically weak.

This paragraph caught my interests the most more or less likely because I am in the 'U.S.' Military myself. Its odd, but understandable that I am apart of the smaller percent of the worlds society. I am one of those living away from the U.S., hence Japan. My reasons for joining the military have very little to do with Weapons/War\Seemed to be Coolness of Destroying (taking over) the Enemy.
As a matter of fact I am highly against what makes The Elite tick under how they have mere control about how the world goes round. It's sad because when Marshall Law at last comes into place for whatever reason, I will more than likely be the first of a wide whole forced (brain washed) to implement and take place in this Unjust Marshall Law.

As for the NESARA, I am not to fond of this. My reasons solely deal with how I used to devote all my time and effort to make NESARA possible, but it just never came to be. I used to be apart of the NESARA newsletter and every time I received a new one, the words made it seem like it was less than a few hours away to be FINALLY be put in place.
And each time it never happened. Why is this I kept wondering? Until one day I opted out of the newsletter, joined the military, got shipped off from every day normal society, and lost hope that the NESARA would ever become a reality. Maybe you can personally get me back on track with a synopsis of sorts why the NESARA never happened when it was supposed to and how close is it for the NESARA to ATLAST become a reality???

I will do my all to show all those interested and not interested this article because it is all apart of MY FREE WILL to Share this Piece of UNprecedented Plausible Piece of Information.

posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 11:12 AM
Damn good read MDS

I agree with it all

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