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ITT Tech? What is you take on it??

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posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 01:43 PM

I am wondering what people think of this school. Since this is a CT site of sorts. I would like to get all the info I can before I put myself in dept for 35, 40 gram ya know?

I have been accepted to go there, which in reality I do want to but from what I understand after researching that this school has a few flaws in it.

Such As:

Teachers don't teach.. Most of them anyway..

The staff is more worried about money.

Credits aren't accepted in most places if you decide to move on or leave.

Hard to get a job after stating you went to ITT Tech.

They say:

The school is one of the best to teach anything computer related.

Staff is well trained and know what they are doing. The stuff we do is all up to date and can be learned in this school.

Credits are accepted everywhere.

We place roughly 80% of students with jobs before they graduate from school here.

So My question to you guys is this:

Have you ever heard anything positive/negative about this school? If so what was it and how did it affect the persons life afterwards.

I am just adding to my research so I don't make some stupid mistake. Cause 35 grand is a lot of money to waste on a piece of paper.


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