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Russian Spy Ring Dignity and Honour Prime Suspects of Litvinenko's Murder

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posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 04:35 PM
A Russian intelligence service ring, named Dignity and Honour, with more than 30 agents ran by Colonel Velentin Velichko, which has been revealed to be operating in Britain and described to Cabinet ministers at a Cobra meeting as "state sponsored assassins", are the prime suspects behind the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, and the suspicion for the go ahead order given for this murder is centred in Moscow.
The agents, equivalent to one in five of the Moscow government officials based in Britain, are known to be monitoring the movements and activities of Russian emigres and opponents of the Putin regime.

But they are also involved in a widespread operation targeting businessmen, MPs and scientists in an attempt to steal commercial and state secrets. Only the United States, it is understood, has more Russian agents operating on its soil.

The startling intelligence was presented last week to Cabinet ministers at a Cobra meeting, where they are briefed on issues of national security. They were also told that Mr Litvinenko, a former KGB agent, who died 10 days ago, was "most probably" murdered by "state sponsored" assassins, with the radioactive poison polonium 210 and that suspicion centred firmly on Moscow.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The entire article is a good read. According to the article, the threat is so severe that MI5 has warned businessmen from BP and Centrica that they might be targeted by these Russian agents.

In the article it is described that the Russian State is suspect of ordering the deaths of 5 people in the last two decades.

With friends like the Russian government who needs enemies?

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posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 12:33 PM
Litvinenko was buried today in London's Highgate cemetary. What startled me in today's reports is that he had converted to Islam, possibly on his death bed.

Four cars with tinted windows drove to north London's Highgate Cemetery, cordoned off by police, at about 1 p.m. GMT, with several dozen reporters already waiting at the gates.

Relatives and friends, including Chechen militant Ahmed Zakayev, wanted in Russia for terrorism, came to pay their last respects to Litvinenko, a British national who according to his father converted to Islam soon before his death.


Western media reported earlier that Litvinenko's body would have to be sealed in an airtight container due to radioactivity risks, and that it cannot be cremated for 22 years.

RIA Novosti

I wonder what his spiritual affiliations were before this? Most Russians from the soviet era were atheists, although a few kept to the Orthodox christian religion of their ancestors.

What can this conversion mean? And would there be connections to a spy ring that would want him dead?

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 03:26 AM
In one of the links I gave there is some interesting information which refutes the claim made by Julia Svetlichnaya. I believe it is very possible that woman is an FSB agent, or was paid to make those claims against Litvinenko.

Aftenposten has seen an email from a British human rights activist and Professor of Russian, and member of Litvinenko's network, who claims to have information that Svetlichnaya was acting on instructions from "a special bureau" - a reference to the secret service FSB - to study in London in order to have easier access to exiled Chechen leader Akhmed Zakayev.


The British professor of Russian, who insisted on remaining nameless on this matter, accuses Svetlichnaya of being part of a "massive disinformation campaign" about the Litvinenko affair.

Human rights activist Maria Fuglevaag Warsinski called the accusations of secrecy and blackmail into question, citing Litvinenko's efforts to publicize information he gained.

"He wanted to spread this information to as many as possible and was pleased by the help he got to disseminate this to human rights activists and advocates of democracy," Warsinski said.
Mikhail Trepashkin is the only one of the people in Russia who investigated the 1999 apartment block explosions who remains alive today. All the others - the last of which was Alexander Litvinenko - have been murdered.

The British detectives who have gone to Moscow to investigate Litvinenko's murder have been told by the Russian authorities that under no circumstances will they be permitted to interview Mr. Trepashkin, whom Moscow accuses of having betrayed state secrets.

Mikhail Trepashkin, who was arrested in 2006, is being held in a prison some 140 kilometres north of Yekaterinburg (formerly known as Sverdlovsk) on the eastern side of the Ural mountains. Although he is ill, he has been systematically tortured and exposed to extreme cold. He may soon die, and his testimony on the globally threatening events now taking place within the Russian special services, both inside Russia and in the world at large, may well be lost.

Also, there are some unusual events happening concerning a letter sent by the Kremlin to Britain's foreign secretary, because the British failed to stop the statements Litvinenko made in his deathbed in which he accused Putin.

Tension between the two countries seemed certain to escalate as up to nine Scotland Yard detectives prepared to visit the Russian capital in their search for the former intelligence agent's killer.

It was revealed yesterday that the Kremlin expressed its anger to Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary, last week for letting Mr Litvinenko accuse President Vladimir Putin of his murder in a deathbed statement.

The Foreign Office confirmed the existence of the letter, but officials privately denied they had been over-anxious to present Russian concerns about the affair.


All of the above information and more was compiled in the following website. All credit also go to the owner of that website.

Edit: Shortened link.

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posted on Dec, 9 2006 @ 04:43 PM
Apparently a lot of people are not really interested in what appears to have happened to Litvinenko, or the fact that the last surviving FSB agent, Mikhail Trepashkin, who investigated the 1999 appartment block bombing is rotting in a Russian jail for "betraying Russian state secrets", when the only thing he, Litvinenko and other FSB agents who are all dead under strange circumstances only accused high ranking FSB officials to the top of the ladder, which btw I feel I need to remind people that "Putin" was in charge of FSB, were responsible for the 1999 appartment bombing.... oh and to make things better the Kremlin doesn't want the British investigators of Litnivenko's death to talk to Trespahkin for some reason....

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