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Wright-Patt AFB

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posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 10:42 AM
I used to live across the street (highway) from Wright-Patt AFB in Ohio. It is rumored to house alien craft/technology.

A member of my then-girlfriend's church was stationed at Wright-Patt. One time at a party he mentioned that there were "very unusual items" at the base, but could not/would not comment further.

Does anyone else have any knowledge about the base, or heard any rumors?

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 10:45 AM
I'm looking here on ATS for links with info about Wright-Patterson AFB.

I found these so far:

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posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 11:07 AM
Well I currently DO live .... very near .... wright pat. Nothing unusual as far as aliens that I know of, and I have been all over the base. They do a bit of testing there for aircraft and design, it is a major contracting base for aircraft, they buy for all other air force bases. They have a, well it is what people think is a telecommunications research and or spying facility (small black building, no windows, 1 door and cameras covering every square inch of the perimeter) but the only person I have ever met who knew what was inside said it was classified top secret.
Then there is a museum lol, nothing dangerous there I don't think.. WPAFB is also a major hub between America and Iraq, supply planes go to and from with any thing from food, medicine to people. It is also a hub for emergency search and rescue, it houses jet aircraft of all kinds during bad weather (say a hurricane hits N Carolina.. they come up here. They also are a major training center for big planes, which is why if you come to Dayton you might be wondering why that massive plane flys in circles very low to the ground like 24 hrs a day. And of course it is rumored to house bodies of aliens. In the days of Roswell WPAFB was a very important facility, it was on the targeting list for the USSR's nukes so it wouldn't surprise me if something had been found, this is where it would gone. All hangars are above ground, all house planes or testing facilities and yes, a few are top secret and public cannot go near, but it is because they test new technology in there.

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 11:34 AM
The building with no windows, only one door and security cameras inside sounds like a SCIF. If there are UFO/alien artifacts on that base, I'll bet they're stored underground.

What about the blue room Senator Goldwater talked about ?

How did that term get coined ? Someone must have seen it.

Is that supposed to be some kind of archive of UFO/alien knowledge or
a storage facility for artifacts ?

I wonder what security is like ?

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 08:36 PM
Umm no.

Trust me, that base is everything to Dayton, if it ever closed down the city would be a ghost town.

We get a report on EVERY thing that goes on in there, it is a very open base (though less so since 9/11) all construction is heavily reported on, such as new buildings being expanded on for a new telemarketing system being built there (something along the lines with callers?) the women who runs the base would have difficulties passing gas in public with out the DDN reporting on it. Every construction contract is printed in the paper, the base resides in a valley that can easily be seen from all over the outlying area. I can see right down the road where all the hangars face on my way to work every day. Trust me, there is no underground in WPAFB .. it is to public
The most exciting news to come out of there is the Springfield air squadron might be re basing there. Ooo.. that suspicious haha

Also the building is rumored to be a international telephone interception post where international calls are monitored. (the NSA Bush spies scandal is not new.. our government is always listening.)

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posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 10:16 PM
What about "The Mound" at WPAFB? It is rumored to be a indian burial ground, but what if it was really something far more interesting?

Any info on "The Mound?"


posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by Rockpuck
Trust me, there is no underground in WPAFB .. it is to public

Sorry I can't trust you. I don't believe you can state that as a fact.

posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 12:19 PM
The mound was not an indian burial ground as far as I know and have never heard of that.

The mound was a nuclear research and manufacturing facility, it is actually not located on WPAFB either, a few miles away on it's own seperate ground. The mound constructed for the most part triggers for nuclear war heads, nothing really significant, it was also a major player in the development of the first atomic weapons, apart of the Manhattan Project.

The mound was a disgrace for our region however, while we where proud to help develop our nuclear deterent for the nation, alot of national pride there, the working conditions where pathetic. Many, many people to this day are dieing painful deaths because of their exposure to toxic gases. Many stories surfaced of people walking into rooms full of thick black smoke, which was actually a nuclear gas and injesting it, stories of people leaving uncovered food in the work area, around radiation and eating it..

Right now, the mound is closed off, they are trying real hard to clean it up but it is over budget and taking far longer then it should, the big problem is alot more radiation and toxic gases where leaked then originally thought.. the grounds will probably never be used again, at least not for a very long time. I beleive they wanted to turn it into a tourist thing first, now all they want is to just demolish it and move on because of the embarassment the government caused there.

And Schaden thats cool, not making you believe me, but the theory of the aliens being brought to WPAFB where not underground, it was to hangar 3. Above ground.
Not everything has to be an underground base ya know.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 07:53 PM
From what I recall from my time near Wright-Patt, "The Mound" was an area south of Dayton, or in the southern part of Dayton proper. I don't know if nuke weapon parts were made there, but there were TV reports about the dumping of radioactive material, and such material has leeched into the area soil/water -- there was even a map showing the radioactive "plume" across the area.

The burial mound you are thinking of might be Serpent Mound - that's due south of Columbus, closer to Gallipolis, I think (Gallipolis is across from Point Pleasant, WV, home of the "Mothman" legend).

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 11:00 PM
Here's a link to docs they claimed didn't exist.
Nothing remarkable but it points to a planned deception.

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