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NO PLANE: FBI Releases New Pentagon Vid-anomolous images, analyts wanted

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 11:05 PM
Sry Mr.Fox we can't do that. Do we care? Not one cent. Nobody is here to prove anything to you, just to provide info make you think, and then go check for yourself.

Sry but again you are showing yourself for what you are, a mouthpiece for the official story with no desire to debate the possiblities, but to only reinforce the official lies.

Your tactics are classic. like the one above, demand full and undeniable proof of every aspect of the conspiricy, that you know can't be provided, and refuse to discuss possibilities beyond what you require as proof.

Along with your refusal to discuss 'The South Tower Incident', just makes it too obvious. Maybe you don't realise what you're doing, but I highly doubt it...

BTW loved your reply in this thread...
They should start a 'Biggest BS post on ATS ever award'. You're a shoe-in...

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posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 08:18 AM

Originally posted by CameronFox
Show me the pictures of the missile!

The better question is "Show me the picture of the plane" If you think that the Pentagon only had one camera to view that portion of the building, then you are pulling our string. Have you thought about the cameras that are pointing outward... most security systems want to see what is approaching.

Show me the witnesses that saw a missile!

Let's focus in on a missile and witnesses. In the book "Joey", the hitman said that most all of his "hits" occured in public because witnesses never have the same experience. So the more witnesses you have, the more conflict there is...

Show me ANYTHING that disproves the offical report!

To show anything to disprove an "offficial report" is trying to prove a negative. It is up to the claimants (government) to show us what they say is the official story. Where is there evidence? All we have are claims and statements by the people doing the investigation and not an independent team. If this were a business, it would not pass internal controls or Sorbanes Oxley standards.

Mr. Fox, you really need to provide something that is empiracal in nature and that it can be substantiated. By the way, how many of the Pentagon families actually got to see their loved ones that were on flight 77?

you can not. It's 100% speculation. Period

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