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Give it a Bash, the new Look

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posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 02:16 AM
Oh, and for firefox users, CTRL + increses and CTRL - decreases font size

I tried CTRL mouse wheel on mine and it didn't work.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 04:23 AM

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord
... until then, we're going to be limping along looking for our lost marbles.

Ok, so you did find a new "hobby" to replace hair-pulling once you lost your hair...It's nice to know that you're up to the challenge of "changing your pace."

Originally posted by ZeddicusZulZorander
Smash your own stuff, and blame someone else. It's the way of the world!
No wonder there are so many lawyers.

This is precisely the reason why manufacturers must go to extra time, effort & expense to put waning labels on their products...Such as; ladders with "proper use instructions" & Q-Tips say never to insert the cotton tip fully into the ear canal. They have to go to so much extra trouble to protect themselves from idiots who happen to know lawyers.
Maybe ATS should place such a disclaimer warning on the Home Page?

Yes, I have an actual purpose for making most of this post with quotes: I'm trying to avoid single-line posting!

Okay, I'll have to confess: It's something that only recently started to happen. When I click on the "Quote" button, it jumps down to a position directly under the "Reply" button. Then I have to click it again just to get the "posting screen" to load up. Also, the low-contrasting Edit button seems to have found a new place right above the "Reply" button...I had to highlight the area with my cursor to find it...

Originally posted by Majic
...but I still get the impression that some members are concerned that this transitional state is the final version.

Well, that's not why I'm here. I realize that, when they tweak here that something else happens there. All I'm doing is pointing out there so that it doesn't get missed in all of the marble-scrabbling...Sort of like helping the Staff to remember to put up the veneer & trim after the major construction is completed.

I used up 250 points to change my avatar background to a more "Dark Matter-friendly" color...But I still notice that a few people (some even posting in this thread) who show some low-contrasting colors with the text on their backgrounds. What I'm wondering is, for those members who may not have enough points to change their colors, could they get one free color-change in their profile editing when the "construction dust" clears?

Hope I'm not nit-picking too much...I'm sure stuff will get straightened out soon. Already SO has lost all off his hair & convinced the rest of the Staff to help him look for his marbles...As anyone who has ever lost a needle in a haystack would know, getting everything put together right can take a lot of time. I'm remembering my military days, when there was never time to do it right but always time to do it over.

Originally posted by dr_strangecraft
...Especially if you are reading in a furtive way...
...or using your boss's computer while he's out, so your posts won't be traced back to you by the N.S. of A.

Heh, I never thought of that...Thanks!

Seriously though, I have an IP server that randomly changes my IP number every time I connect...That helps a lot.

[edit on 8-12-2006 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 05:13 AM
I like this new look of the board.Great work guys

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 07:31 AM
i have noticed on the new posts section that when a thread goes into more than one page, the page numbers are the same as the background colour so you cant see them (i thought originally that they were just missing) i found this out by highlightng all of the page and then you can see them.

as others have already mentioned, i also think it would be a great idea if there was a choice to view it in the old colours because lots of people seem to be having great difficulty with the new scheme.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 07:33 AM
The next round of refinements were delayed due to our server downtime issues.

Some new adjustments are coming today, along with a option to choose "light" or "dark" on every page of the board.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 07:37 AM
thanks for that update SO (and for the work involved also) it must have been a nightmare day for you

will the new option you mentioned also change the black background colour or just the foreground colour?

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 10:32 AM

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 10:42 AM
Much improved and considerably easier to read.

I miss the different background colors that pertained to a partcular forum, but the present setup is doing ok.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 01:26 PM

Originally posted by 11an
I like this new look of the board.Great work guys

Wrong thread.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 02:34 PM
I'm really finding it much less enjoyable like this. Many things are not readable and this 1/2 page just does not make any sense to me as far as functionality goes. It reminds me of a blog moreso then it does a forum.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 04:37 PM
Huh I am having a hard time posting my new podcast.

Your file, btshpod_2057.mp3, of application/force-download is not supported, please try a different file.

this is the error message I am receiving... am I doing something wrong?

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 04:57 PM

Originally posted by Regenmacher
I don't like inverted text fields, and if I want tortured eyeballs I will check into club Gitmo.

Perhaps it's time for personal ATS stylesheets to circumvent the colors.
Not everyone lives in a black cave devoid of sunlight and glare.

Fill your eyes with that double vision.
It's just as fun as an icecream headache!

[edit on 5-12-2006 by Regenmacher]

regen get rid of that before you get ATS sued for like 10 million dollars because they had a seizure...or even worse....EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!!!!AHHHHHH!!! Sorry I was just reading some rediculous lawsuits.

I thought the old main page listings for sub forums was better then the new listings. But if more people like it now definately leave it because its not a big deal. Now chat is a big deal. If dark matter includes chat, I hope we get on that quick. What isn't wrong with chat? haha, sorry.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 05:13 PM
Side note...

Before the redesign we had significant "abandonment" on the home page... meaning most new visitors were not clicking-through beyond the site home page.

After the redesign (although it's only a few days), over 80% of all new visitors who hit the home page first, are clicking through to another page. That's a significant jump.

This was the main reason for the rethink and redesign... home page abandonment.

After about a month, we'll have much more solid numbers and trends to report on.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 05:38 PM
I can see that. The old homepage could get confusing to someone who didn't get it. It's almost like you would have had to be familiar with the site to understand it. A slight hinderance when it comes to pulling in new users.

SO, how many of those visitors are now joining. Or rather, has there been an increase in new members since the upgrade?

Edit: now I see the "after a month" thing.

Rescind question

[edit on 8-12-2006 by Rasobasi420]

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 05:49 PM
Yeah, I don't like the eye hurt thing either...Too bad I'm not near sighted..that might help? I simply can't see some of this black/ on black stuff. It's like sitting in a dark room trying to sew a piece of black fabric with black thread.

I don't like to complain but, this isn't's a whole lot of work now, alot of eye strain, and I find myself turning on every light I can in the computer room just trying to compensate all the dark. I adjusted my setting to the lightest too, and sometimes that option seems to be working, and sometimes it isn't? Go figure?

I liked the way it was before
I don't like change either, but seeing how we are in the Manority.....

Edit** to add

They were right on when the said in the banner: "Online discussion will never be the same after ATS Dark Matter

[edit on 12/8/2006 by jensouth31]

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 06:02 PM

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord
After the redesign (although it's only a few days), over 80% of all new visitors who hit the home page first, are clicking through to another page. That's a significant jump.

I don't have any issues with the new layout....looks good...It's the black on black.
If you guys could use a font that stands out on the black or dark grey...I'd be alll cool with that. I like this place and I don't intend to leave....I'm a very loyal person.
This is all about bringing in new members? hmmm

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 09:05 PM
As mentioned previously (and frequently), the new color scheme is hard on older eyes and the"up to top of page buttons" are sorely missed by those of us too lazy to scroll back up; however, I'll be reading ATS with a flashlight and a zoom lens if need be. Great work, amigos. Appreciate all your hard work and dedication. I trust you'll get all the kinks worked out so that even more people can enjoy this worthwhile site.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 09:11 PM
while i appreciate all of the hard work that goes into keeping this site one of the best on the net, i dont really care for the new colors, or the fact that i have to go pressing extra buttons to get a taste of what's active at the moment. but i suppose i'll get used to it.....there's always got to be one malcontent in the mix.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 09:16 PM
Only one other tiny little insignificant problem..

The "Customize" new button does not show up on every page...

Specifically the "Rate the Avatar, NEW" thread on my browser, (firefox) I can not "SEE" the page controls unless I highlight it...


Oh Yeah, and my "You Have U2U's" has been Lit Up for two days...

I have no U2U's...

Just so you know.. LOL


[edit on 12/8/2006 by semperfortis]

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 09:42 PM
I don't see the need for two threads about the new design to be running simultaneously. Please add any further comments, complaints, and suggestions regarding the new design and related issues to the original thread:

Project "ATS Dark Matter" -- The Evolution Continues...

Thread Closed.

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