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Thousands dead. What are you going to do about it?

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posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 02:34 PM
Hi NAL, The most important thing you alluded to was the comfy lives. The trick is that you give people what they want and there not willing to give it up. Those who have nothing have everything to fight for, those who have plenty are lazy and complacent and by lazy I dont mean in the physical sense but a mental state.

No revolt will take place inside the US while too many have too much only when one looses all that is familiar and taken for granted will people do anything about it,
History is replete with such events.

As far as doing something about it there is much one can do, its about being inside economic control, once we are free of economic control life for all will greatly improve. Those who control us know they can only do so by such means, why do you think the US is fighting overseas. Its to continue the economic control, think of the film Trading Places it was a good social experiment.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 02:37 PM

Originally posted by Mindzi
You moron. Your ignorance is a prime example of what is manifesting in this country.

Civility please.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by Griff

Originally posted by Mindzi
You moron. Your ignorance is a prime example of what is manifesting in this country.

Civility please.

Understood, post edited.

posted on Dec, 9 2006 @ 01:30 AM
Spawwwn, you have a lot of energy and you have a lot that you’re trying to say. That’s cool, but if you want people to treat you will respect and discuss your points you need to remove the insults from your writing. Name calling and sweeping generalizations of the people that you’re talking to will cause them to focus on your shortcomings rather than your points. This kind of behavior will only annoy people, including those that share your views.

I read some other posts that you wrote, in another thread not related to 9/11, and you treated those with opposing views with respect. That tells me that you’re not that bad, but rather this subject gets you going. Just be cool.

You are right. We aren’t doing much. I started this thread to call attention to that. I am questioning our actions. I’m not here to “cry and cry”. Discussing topics like this with peers is a mechanism for people to explore their beliefs and feelings and those of others.

posted on Dec, 9 2006 @ 01:31 AM
Spawwwn, you had raised the question in your post about why our government would spend a trillion dollars, cripple nyc’s economy, and bring our economy to the brink of collapse. Excellent questions - I’ll answer them.

You’re right, a trillion dollars is a lot of money. Way more money than they would ever spend on a man hunt for terrorists or Bin Laudin. If they wanted to capture “terrorists” they would have done so by using the appropriate methods. Man hunts are not done with heavy artillery. Occupation is.

For our government, a trillion dollars is money well spent in our geopolitical strategy. And it’s not enough to bring our economy to the brink of collapse.

Attacking our homeland is a necessary psy-op to influence the public into backing a war that they would otherwise be completely opposed to. A war that our government feels is more important than the buildings and lives lost on 9/11.

Geopolitical strategy? Occupation? What is this guy talking about?

Spawwwn, we live in an oil economy. Everything we have, relies on oil flowing into our country. America and all its might is nothing without it. We can’t transport our goods, power our lights, or even grow crops that well without it. The keyboard I’m typing on is an oil product. We need it, and so does everyone else.

The problem is that the world is running out of oil. Hydrocarbons, like oil, come from dead plants and animals that get buried by layers of sediment before they have a chance to decay in our atmosphere. These hydrocarbons are mixed with water, sand, etc. in the ground. It takes millions of years of natural filtering through porous layers of sandstone or limestone before pools of oil can form. The problem is, we have depleted hundreds of millions of years worth of these resources in a matter of decades.

There is term called “Peak Oil” that indicates the trouble we are in. It stands for peak in global oil production. Oil production increases because our demand for it continues to increase. But once we go through the halfway point of all reserves, production becomes ever more likely to decline, hence a “peak” in production will pass. We have already passed Peak Oil. The consequences of this truth are scary. America’s economic and social decline is inevitable.

Our government knows this, and is acting. No superpower like ours will sit back and watch itself decline. Most of the world’s drillable oil is in the middle east. This is the reason we are there. Not because of a few make-believe terrorists. I guarantee you, we will not leave the middle east until the oil is gone.

To a superpower like ours, a trillion dollars, a few thousand lives, a couple of buildings, and a few planes are well worth the cost in order to preserve what we have.

But, for how long? Our government’s actions are only delaying the inevitable.

This world has some difficult times ahead. And I, for one, do not want to “look the other direction” while the fabric of society unravels itself. I think their actions are unacceptable. And I think they will get worse as things get more desperate. We need to deal with our world’s problems, instead of trampling all over each other to survive.

Looking the other way, will not solve anything.

posted on Dec, 9 2006 @ 08:52 AM
Pretty accurate post there. I agree with most of what you posted and yes it's scary what is going on. Tell me what can be done? Knowing the combustible engine has been obselete for a good 40 years now, and we are not moving forward with our knowledge of battery operation, electric cars, solar power, nuclear power...etc.

As long as big business controls our elected officals, we are stuck in this rut.

Take away the oil, what we do have is coal...which is one of the leading producers of Greenhouse Gases.

Along with depleting our global oil supply, we are destroying or have destroyed our ozone layer and our evironment. Clinton was not a very good evironmental president so almost 8 years went by with him in office with minimal efforts. Bush...well lets just say his environmental policies are about as effective as his foreign policies.

As soon as Bush became president in 2001 he has allowed MANY laws to laps and therfore saved big energy companies Millions while costing our environment irreversable damage.

What to do? You stand up against the war in Iraq and your "with the terrorists". You stand up against Global Warming and your either into "junk science" or a "hippie tree hugger".

No matter what...if things don't change pretty soon...if not us, our children will bear the brunt of the actions the past generations have caused.

Global climate changes are already happening...there was a tornado in London the other day...i read this was the first one in history.

What to do ?

posted on Dec, 9 2006 @ 09:05 AM
GE has perfected the hydrogen engine in China. That changes everything. The fundementalist oil nations are now running off of a ticking clock and they are fully aware of that. They are under no illusions as to what is facing them after the next decade. They seek to retain their strength in African resources and with nuclear weapons.

posted on Dec, 9 2006 @ 08:44 PM
Alternative energy solutions - great subject guys. The thread is about our leaders’ actions and what we are going to do about it. So I’m hoping we don’t get too far off of the subject and not come back. However, the energy crisis is related, since this is the underlying reason for our government’s actions.

You mentioned alternative energy solutions. I think it’s important to distinguish what is a good energy solution and what isn’t.

Looking for alternatives like coal and natural gas doesn’t solve anything. These are hydrocarbons as well. They are limited resources, like oil, that depend on the same natural processes as oil. Not to mention, they contribute to global pollution and the green-house effect. Not a good solution.

Electric cars? Rather than burning fossil fuels under the car’s hood, they get burned at the local power plant. And then that energy is sent across hundreds of miles of wire and is used in an inefficient battery charging process. The energy loss, in this process, actually means that an electric car burns more fossil fuels than a regular car. The car might be zero emissions, but the process is not. Electric cars are not an energy solution.

Hydrogen Engines (Fusion)? This is a fusion reactor that gets its heat from bonding the lighter elements hydrogen and oxygen. It’s definitely clean. And hydrogen is one of the most abundant resources in the universe. But hydrogen is unstable – in the since that it doesn’t remain in the pure hydrogen form. This means we must first remove it from other molecules to make pure hydrogen. The question is this. How much energy does it take to remove it from another molecule, before we “fusion” it back into, in this case, a water molecule? If the total work to remove it is equal or greater than the work we get out of it, then we didn’t solve anything. It might make a zero emissions car, but it is not an energy solution.

Nuclear power (Fission)? Nuclear power does have a good side. We can contain its waste, rather than polluting the environment with it. But, I’m not sure how abundant the heavy elements like uranium and plutonium are. I know they are extremely rare compared to the lighter elements. And I also know that there is no natural, or unnatural, process for renewal of this energy source, here on earth. Since it is not renewable, and extremely rare, I’m going to assume that it is: Not a good solution.

Solar power? The sun is a natural fusion reactor with about 4 billion years of fuel left. It is already the energy source for all life on this planet. Using solar power will not deplete anything that would have otherwise remained a resource. It’s completely clean. And it will not contribute to global warming. This is an excellent solution.

Power from natural motion? Deriving our energy from natural kinetic energy sources is another excellent solution. Windmills extract energy from the wind. Watermills, like the Hoover dam, produce a lot of energy from rain water returning to lower ground. And wavemills have proven to be extremely successful at extracting energy from the power of ocean waves. Like solar power, there are no emissions and no use of non-renewable energy sources. And yes, there is way more than enough energy from these processes to make this a solution to our global energy crisis.

There are good solutions to the energy problem and there are bad solutions that don’t solve anything.

Getting back to our gov…

Our country is the most rich and power nation because our “elected” officials make decisions in the interest of the big businesses that pay them. It’s a system of greed. And it works.

But how well does our system work when the time comes to deal with issues whose solutions don’t make money, or worse, actually takes money away from the people who pay our elected officials?

So far, I have only seen “money making” decisions to solve the energy crisis. And these decisions have killed thousands and are only delaying the problem.

posted on Dec, 9 2006 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by CameronFox
Clinton was not a very good evironmental president so almost 8 years went by with him in office with minimal efforts.

Do not forget Clinton was the one who signed a bill stating the Area 51 was exempt from EPA regulations.

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