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Thousands dead. What are you going to do about it?

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posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by TheyAreWatching

Originally posted by Mindzi
To stand up to the might of the US military in our domestic homeland would take quite a bit of manpower and firepower.

I can't see our military standing up to a resistence group formed to bring justice to the people in our government because they represent and defend the American people, not the government.

Maybe they would follow orders, I don't know for sure obviously.

But, I'm just saying, it seems kind of hard to believe that they would forcefully defend against a resistence group formed by Americans who's only purpose is over-throwing a corrupt and murdering government.

There was a poll taken of the military and 25% of them said they would shoot another American, if need be. So that's only a fourth of our military, however, they could always bring in U.S. "peacekeepers" if the People tried to start anything. And I think at this point, the govt could quickly squelch everything by calling them terrorists. I think outside intervention is our best hope. There are several blocks of countries that seem to be forming in opposition to the U.S. If enough of the rest of the world is willing to stand up to the U.S., which I think is coming sooner rather than later, then we might be able to do something, together with some kind of U.S. resistance groups.

I've been asking myself the same question since 9/11, what to do about it? I honestly cannot think of one thing, since I don't think a revolution would work at this point. Well, not unless something like the tearing apart of the Berlin wall happened where thousands of people spontaneously started tearing down the wall. The only thing I can think of is to keep myself informed and try to inform anyone who will listen to the truth about where our country is headed. And I've been doing that for 6 years.

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 12:18 PM
Violence will not solve the issue at hand. To think that, is proposterous (sp?)

We need to look at someone like Ghandi, like MLK Jr., for peaceful ways to get the word out. You have to understand, that violence on American soil, if by foreign countries, will not spare 'us', truth seekers, just because we want to get rid of those in power.

No one here can fathom the idea of war in American cities, and it should not be wished upon domestically or by foreign countries.

We must continue to stay the course of finding out answers, peaceful rallying, and eventually the truth will come about.

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 12:20 PM
im not gona do nothing like everyone else here who likes to play with fire loll

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 12:22 PM

Originally posted by Frith
In today's world the military industrial complex and its myriad of known and secret heavy artillery make citizen militias laughable.

I agree with everything you've said. This part though got me thinking. Why are we having such a problem with insergents then?

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 12:43 PM
Maybe off topic but...

I think our military is genuinely ineffective against large-scale guerilla warfare from random pissed of citizens with guns and explosives. They could bomb the hell out of general areas that they know are hostile, but trying to figure out who's an enemy and who's not, for something "pre-emptive", probably doesn't work too well for them. If there was ever another civil war/revolution or civil unrest here, I imagine it'd be more like what's going on in Iraq than anything else. Standing armies would be raped, but a lot of mad, unorganized guerillas popping up still seem to be an Achilles heel that they have.

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by Griff
I agree with everything you've said. This part though got me thinking. Why are we having such a problem with insergents then?

Certainly a homeland guerilla war would be an endless problem for the USA if the people decided to revolt. The problem comes from the willingness of the U.S. government to aerial bomb civilian populations to terrorize the fighting population to stop such as they are currently doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now we know that some foreign populations are willing to do this and die or let others not involved with their conflict die for their cause. The issue would be whether or not U.S. citizens would be as willing.

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 01:08 PM

Originally posted by TruthSeekerMP
No one here can fathom the idea of war in American cities, and it should not be wished upon domestically or by foreign countries.

If a foreign country was ever able to invade and a war broke out on American soil, I'd stand by our government and our military and fight instead of using that as an oppurtunity to take down our government. This problem needs to be solved internally.

Also, yes, our military has problems with guerilla warfare tactics and insurgency groups but, violence isn't the solution to this problem. Killing a few of our own troops here and there and discussing how we'd do it or how it could be achieved solves absolutely nothing.

The only way to win this battle is to use the same tactics our government uses, psychological warfare. Unfortunately they have a much bigger infrastructure in which to spread their lies, i.e. news networks, but nobody ever said it would be easy. It can be done and it should be done. It may come with a price, but it's well worth it.

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 01:17 PM
The answer to 1984 is not 1776.

The answer is to stop consuming.

It is consumerism that props this system up. Think economics.

posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 09:30 PM
Yeah you know what the problem is, while you may have nice ideals and I truly believe that u want a better are dividing americans with this, “9-11 was a conspiracy dog!” flippery.

I agree the gov is not on the up and up. There are many things about us gov that I hate. IT’s obvious that people actually have no control and cannot actively change laws, or are unwilling to, at this present time. But what is spouting these lies about 911 going to do? Nothing. All it’s going to do is alienate a huge group of people, that actually might have helped with your cause.

You talk about how terrible the gov is, but you don’t look at yourselves. You don’t see that 911 truth movement will never gain anything but cult status, because rational people will not believe in something that CAN NOT be 100% proven. Bombs, secret war games, conspiracies.....they are all nice things for a movie, but they have no basis in real life.

The 911 conspiracy has so many holes in it its’ as much as you cry and cry yelling at people to “wake up” or whatever, it’s not going to happen. 911 truth is like religion, either u believe it or u don’t. And in today's society, (at least american culture) people don’t have a religion. Not a REAL religion. How many christians pray, yet cheat on their spouses? So if u cant get supposed good god loving people to practice what they preach, what makes you think people will take 911 conspiracy with anything more than a grain of salt?

All Cters do, is drive a deeper wedge between americans, and divide america more. Believe me, if there was ever some kind of uprising started by CTers....CTers would get beat down in the street by REGULAR FOLKS because WE DON’T LIKE YOU. So if you don’t have the gov, or the mob on your side....then WTF can you really do?

You also hurt everyone, because lets say there was some kind of new law...making us get mandatory eye scans, or implant able chips..or some other really creepy device. I can guarantee you that there would be a LOT of people who would physically resist that stuff. But if people started screaming 911 conspiracy and trying to be like “look this is proof it’s true!” then you would have 2 mobs...1 devoted to 911, and conspiracies, and 1 devoted to anarchy/mob rule. And believe me, the mob won’t like the Cters. So in the end, you will accomplish nothing. All you will do is destroy a revolution that might have gained some ground, and cripple any chance of a revolution of the people.

Cause I can say for 100% certainty, that I will NOT fight and die alongside people who believe 911 was a conspiracy. I’d rather cause chaos, or simply conform to the governments wishes (most likely the 1st one). And I know I’m not the only one. Many people that may have wanted to fight, will simply descend into madness, or simply side with the government. That is why I feel u Cters are a cancer that is eating away at the true american sprit, and threatening the public unification in the case of an uprising.

My advice to you all is that if something ever seriously does go down, keep that 911 crap to yourselves. All it will do is cause chaos. If the time comes, focus your energy on rallying people TO FIGHT SOLEY AGAINST WHATEVER OCCUPATION / LAW THREATENS OUR EXISTENCE. Don’t use all that conspiracy trash to try and gain people to fight for you, because it will not work.

And furthermore, I think it’s hilarious how u diss people for not wafting to “leave their plasma tvs:” when you yourself won’t do the same. Isn’t that being umm whats that word...oh yeah a HYPOCRITE (the thing that u CLAIM to hate the most..) So don’t act all high and mighty, knowing good and well that you will not get up off your couch and do **** either.

Until you YOURSELF get up and stop being an Internet warrior, and actually go out into the streets and make some kind of change, don’t ask it of anyone else.

Besides, WTF is wrong with a little greed? Why is it so bad to wanna strive for the big house, plasma tv, and loads and loads of money? You know I used to be like u guys, saying f the gov they worthless... and in a way I still am. I firmly believe the usa gov is trash and I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION. At the same time, I realize there’s a lot of money to be made here in US. So instead of wasting all those emotions being angry and the gov and worrying if 911 was a conspiracy or not, I decided to dedicate my time to getting as much knowledge as I I can make a **** load of money, and move outta the usa.

IT’s all a game man. They set the rules, but we can manipulate them. I don’t have to like the gov, but I can use them to my advantage by getting all those rights that I have as a US citizen, and using those avenues to become wealthy.

Thats the real way u beat them man, not be screaming bloody murder all day. You win by making a lot of money, so that u can buy the life that you want. If I make enough cake, I can move somewhere more peaceful...which solves my problems.

So yes, in the end...just give it up, and do something with your life for flips sake.

posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 10:49 PM
Thanks for the post Spawwwn. It's an excellent example of one of the largest problems we are facing.

There are other threads on this site for the purpose of debating 9/11. I made it clear that this is not one of them. Please show some restraint and take your emotional outbursts somewhere else.

posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 11:13 PM

It's great for you and all that you don't really give a crap about 9/11, but some of us do. It was a very tragic event, probably the most tragic in our nation's history (debateable). Why let this tragic event just slip under the radar and allow the government to continue on, pushing 9/11 behind us so that no truth movement can gain too much power, and sit by and watch them pass laws right under our noses that limit our freedoms and further erode the constitution, all the while forgetting that it was 9/11 that allowed them to do these things? Why just give in? I'm happy for you that you're content with being a good little dog for them, but I, and others, are not.

It'd be nice if you also get this negative image about "conspiracy theorists" out of your head. You, and others, assume that every conspiracy theorist believes in CIA brain scanners and aliens living amongst us. This isn't true. Yes, there are those, and feel free to label them what you wish, but I have seen others like myself that only sense a "conspiracy" when it's credible and when a 'reasonable doubt' can be proved. This is absolutely the case with 9/11.

I'm not afraid to do something about this situation, but, I'm smart enough to realize that I can't do it alone. I recently joined up with the 9/11 Truth organization in a volunteer position for now and I'm hoping more groups will be formed so that I can join them as well. I'm not afraid to leave my (limited) life luxuries to fight for something I believe in and that I believe needs to be dealt with.

Not to really attack you personally, just making an observation, take it as you wish, but I think you're one of the many people who have been talked about on this thread. The one's that are afraid to leave their lifestyle. The one's that put the simple un-necessary things in life to cover up just how miserable your life is over the truly important things. I think you're intimidated by the government. I think you're too afraid to do something because, A), your selfish ego won't allow you to get too close to something that you sense a possibility of you being completely wrong about, and B), you're afraid of what you might find if you look for it. It's a pretty scary thought thinking about the possibility of our government commiting such attacks on it's own people. It's a scary thought thinking about the future possibility of a "police state" type country. It's a scary thought thinking of your friends and family being thrown in concentration camps. These things may sound ridiculous to you, but if you weren't so scared to get close to the politics of events such as 9/11 and view it with something other than rose colored glasses, and pay attention to the laws being passed, the military moves being made, and the erosion of the foundations of this country to re-build and re-form into something bigger, more powerful, then you'd see it as it truly is..a nation built on greed, military might, and war mongering.

If you're too afraid to touch the subject, that's fine. That's your personal choice and you have every right to it. But don't turn right around and bash people that don't make the same decisions as you, or who find it best suits them to pursue the truth, or who aren't afraid to look at the politics of it, or who aren't afraid to leave their lives of luxury, or who don't have the same opinions, beliefs, and views as you. Because if you want to sit there and make up your decisions, opinions, and views, then label and make fun of others for making their own personal decisions, opinions, and views, then YOU, my friend, are what most people call a..what's the word...oh yeah, a HYPOCRITE.

[edit on 12/7/2006 by TheyAreWatching]

posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 11:20 PM

Originally posted by Spawwwn
because rational people will not believe in something that CAN NOT be 100% proven.

Does this apply to NIST, FEMA, etc.?

Bombs, secret war games, conspiracies.....

The wargames were officially acknowledged by the DoD. Nothing secret about them, save what most of them entailed or exactly how many there were. And it was a conspiracy no matter who you think did it; look up the definition of the word "conspiracy". You can think what you want about the existence of addition devices in those buildings.

posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 11:56 PM
Okay, I tried real hard not to reply. But Spawwwn, you ruined by thread and that pisses me off.

First of all, rational thinking requires you to remove emotion from your decisions. The display of emotion in your writing would suggest that your thoughts are NOT driven by ration. You clearly state the importance that greed plays in your life. You also make it clear that you think our efforts are wrong because they might “drive a wedge between Americans” or “alienate people”. Spawwwn, your thoughts are driven by such things as consequences, fear, and greed. These are emotions, not facts. I will not decide to believe in a certain way because I don’t like the consequences of the other. I am only interested in the truth, whether I like it or not.

CTist? What? A conspiracy theorist is someone who questions the story fed to him. You are welcome to call me a CTist. You’re right, I question everything. And when I find too many problems with a story, I begin to look closer and form theories on what really happened.

A cult? Are you kidding me? Cults are full of people that blindly follow their leaders. Who’s blindly following their leaders here?

You used to be like me? Really? Then what happened? People like me don’t turn into people like you. Not ever!

Spawwwn, I didn’t drive this wedge between our people. Your leaders did. And I wont look the other way because it will help preserve my lifestyle. That’s weak. In fact, that is a Lemming.

And I am “Not A Lemming”

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 12:39 AM

Originally posted by Not A Lemming
Spawwwn, I didn’t drive this wedge between our people. Your leaders did. And I wont look the other way because it will help preserve my lifestyle. That’s weak. In fact, that is a Lemming.

It couldn't have been said any better or more truthful

The government and their lap dog's, the media, intentionally bash conspiracy theories, while not providing one single simple fact to back up THEIR claims, because they know that the "good" one's, the one's that follow the crowd, will buy into what they say and turn around and label everyone a conspiracy theorist, nut, psychotic paranoid outcast, and whatever else they can think up, and automatically dismiss what these "conspiracy theorists" are saying and trying to tell them without ever commiting to one second's worth of research for themselves.

If the government had it their way, nobody would ever question them. But this isn't the case because some of us have the ability to view a situation and spot inconsistencies with reality, which leads to research, which leads to questions, which leads to "conspiracy theories". So what do they do? The next best thing. They drive a wedge in the population. They divide conspiracy theorist and government follower. They toss us into the trash bin of society where nobody can hear us because they're afraid of what may happen if the REAL truth gets out.

Spawwwn, I'm glad to see you're following the crowd and doing exactly what your fraudulantly elected officials want you to do and say. You're contributing to the real truth not getting out.

Conspiracy theorists are trying to spread the truth, to get everyone on the same page, to unite everyone with the common and truthful belief. YOU are the one aiding the division of America.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 01:50 AM
TheyAreWatching, you're right. The "good" ones, like Spawwwn, will buy into whatever they say and keep us divided.

Let me say a thing or two about keeping us divided.

You can't pull off an event like 9/11 and keep it a secret. In fact, the government can't do much at all, and keep it a secret. But they don't have to, and they know it. All they have to do is keep the public divided, and nothing will ever get done about it.

They're not dumb. Everything is a psy-ops exercise.

Take our election system, for example. It's no accident that there are two parties. If there was only one, people would feel that it is us against them. But make it two, and all of a sudden people take sides - they get divided. In fact, most of the issues covered in elections have nothing to do with what either candidate has planned. They debate things like abortion and religion in schools. Why? They're not going to pass any laws on abortion or religion in schools. They debate this crap because these are the things that people get emotional over. The people take sides, get divided, and never form any united bond against the real things that the government is doing. I'm always amazed when someone says, "I'm a Republican" or "I'm a Democrat". What? No your not. The politicians are. You are not.

Have you ever noticed that they get worried when voter turn out is low. They actually begin to advertise on TV that you should get involved and vote. Why should they care? They care because they need this division of people. If the people aren't divided they may become united. And that is a big problem for the government.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 02:45 AM
Not A Lemming,

I think you and I are the same person. We think alike.

I've always thought of Democrats and Republicans as the same thing. They're politicians. They're going to lie, cheat, and do everything in their own personal interest no matter what party they're in. Two parties is just to give people a choice, and, like you said, divide the population.

It amazes me how some people can't spot the simplest little things having to do with our government.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 09:27 AM
We have a terrible man that currently holds the highest office in the universe. He was selected by the people...not elected. His faux war in Iraq was justified by lies on top of lies. This man was then elected by people that bought into the fear tactics that he presented. Some DO believe everything they hear. Actually too many. Especially when told that your life is in danger.

My opinion on the 911 Conspiracy Theories is for another thread so I will not even offer an opinion. (some of you already know)

I would just like to throw this out there. We had six years with Bush & Company controlling things. (house and senate) The American people stood up this past November and said "no more!" As you all know the Democrats run the house and senate. Since then, Rumsfiled resigned...a GOOD thing. Bush, although still an idiot in my eyes has yielded somewhat to the pressures of the American people. Changes HAVE To be made in Iraq and hopefully will result in the safe return of our men & women in uniform.

I say hopefully! Hopefully.... HOPE. One of the strongest words we as Americans have. We go to bed everynight with it. We wake every morning with it. We look into our childrens eyes with it, and their's into ours. It's what America is. American to me is the home of HOPE. No matter how bad things get in each of our lives...we always have it. I thank my God for that all the time.

This thread appears that all is lost....that the only hope now is to overthrow the government. How many of you are registered voters? If so how many of you vote? Do you vote in your town elections (so you can get that new firetruck or what ever) Thats where it starts. Your voice is heard through our elections. (yes I do know about the voter fraud that has happened)
We proved as a nation in November that our voices ARE heard. Maybe not as loud as we all want, but it was. After 911 everyone knew what the American People were about. Reguardless of who, or what or why this happened, we became more patriotic as a people. We took that sucker punch and got right back up and dusted ourselves off. We didn't sit in a corner licking our wounds like a hurt puppy.

Yes, you are only one voice...but you have to make youself heard. By PEACEFUL means. Look at Cindy Sheehan that lost her son in the Iraq war. She is ONE voice. She made her voice as loud as she could. She found others that believed that what was going on in Iraq was wrong. George Bush has known of her for years now and you KNOW he hears her. Mrs. Sheehan never talks about grabbing a weapon and standing a post to deliver her message. She has PEACEFUL demonstrations.

We are far from a perfect nation. We are a newer country. Not even 250 years old. We are still learning. Growing pains? I don't know. I can tell you though, with all the faults we have had to deal with over the past 200+ years... (ive only been around for a few of them) .....

I would never consider ever calling another place my home.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 12:54 PM
Wow I don’t even know where to begin. Mad at me because I ruin your thread? Lol. How? Because I answered your question about what I would do? If u noticed I didn’t debate the truth about it...

Well anyway, you are still doging my questions. What are YOU going to do? How come you are still on the IE posting on message boards? Shouldn’t you be out picketing the white house or shooting cops or something? Much as you want to talk, I still know none (or at least VERY few) are going to get out and do something. You will cry and cry and cry about how people like me are lemmings and sheeple, but you still won’t get out of the comfort of YOUR house and get on the streets and do something. Oh yeah sure you’ll make a lot of posts, but you still won’t rally or demonstrate or do anything. So I don’t see how you can call the rest of us people fools or get on us for not doing anything, when you won’t even follow what you preach. Yeah you join a group and have meetings once a week, big deal what’s that going to do?

And who said I didn’t care about 9/11? Lmao ok buddy look, you probably never even been to the city, so how you gonna tell me how I feel about my own stomping grounds? My biggest problem with these CTers is that the majority of them have only seen pictures of NY on tv. None of them ever went to the actually WTC and sat in the plaza or chilled out on the observatory. People don’t understand, WTC was nothing special at all. IT was just a really big office building, that doubled as a tourist attraction. It’s true that when it was being built, people resisted it and it was very controversial. IT is also true that up till the day of it’s demise, it was still struggling to rent office space. But it had actually been doing quit well up till 911. Spaces were being rented, more tourists were comming, and it was becoming a recognizable site in manhattan. Why would the gov wanna blow it up? Why get rid of a huge tourist atraction and revenue maker? 911 crippled nyc economy. The city lost billions because of 911, and still has a way to go before they are truley back on they feet. What government official would want to intentionally cripple a citys economy?

Furthermore, the war...and 911 has cost billions of dollars. Actually probably about a trillion considering our national debt is ridiculous. So tell me, what has the gov gained? They pushed our economy to the brink of collapse, to what, gain easier accsess to peoples phone records, and add a few more pigs to the pig force? Seriously man, I can’t see how you can say that the gov is gaining things all the time. The gov is loosing every day, and they are faced with the iraq problem as well as the REAL threat of terrorists. So you telling me a gov that can’t keep some sand terrorists in their place, is capable of mass murder? I’m serious I really would like to know how the gov has gained anythign except of few minor laws (which don’t even effect the average person in day to day life) from 911...because you seem to honestly believe they have gained something from iraq and 911.

Now it’s time to address the whole “I was once like you” thing. People seem to think I am blindly letting the gov walk all over me. This is not the case. I hate the gov, and I hate law enforcement, and establishment. Period. Can’t stand them. However, I relize that hating them gets me nowhere. I also realize that wasting my time trying to picket, or start a movement, when there really isn’t anything to revolt against at this particular time, is ridiculous. Why waste the time that I could be using to get a better education, or a better job? Or just enjoying life?

Look life aint perfect man. I’m not gonna change the gov. The only thing that rallying and trying to produce evidence that 911 was a conspriocy is going to do for me and my life, is keep me from doing the things that I should be doing, and maximising my potential for success. how is that wrong? what makes me such a "lemming" for wanting to live a good life? lol see thats my problem is that these CTers don't even use common sense. Yes i'm sorry i am just a follow monkey because i don't wanna have to worry about how much an item costs, and i wanna be able to have the finacial freedom to do anything i want, and go any place i feel like. wanting to live luxuroious isn't a bad desire, especially when u have to work so very hard to get enough $ to live that way

Isn’t that really letting the gov win? IF I choose to say screw them, and waste a lot of my money, time, and a cuase that will NEVER gain any sort of real support, isn’t that letting them win? ME throwing my life away for them is letting them win, and that’s what this conspirocy nonsense will do for me. Don’t blame our gov for separating us, blame your own self for separating yourself from the rest of society. What does that emotion do for you in the end? It just holds you back from getting more money, and being truley happy in life.

Look if tommorow the gov said “you will all have to have chips implanted in you by next Tuesday”. I’d be like “ok screw this” and go out in the street with an axe and an uzi and **** up anybodys ******* ************ that wanted it. Thats truley impeding on someones freedom. So until it comes to that, what do we have to worry about? Why should I waste part of my day trying to change something that I can’t, and isn’t 100% true anyway? Blame the Cters for not producing enough true evidence to sway a lot of people. It’s not our job to believe you, it’s your job to make us believe. Until you stop using films like “loose change” (a factually innacurate film I might add) as the holy grail for your movement, then I can’t see how you can be mad at the rest of us for wanting to live normal lives.

Yes i used to be very much like you, until i relized that by me wasting so much time and effort on a futile cause, i am letting them win. So if it means turning a blind eye (which i honestly belive it DOESN'T) then so be it.

You defeat the gov by obtaining all the things in life you want, and by living a higher life than they think you can live. You don't beat them by separating yourself from society spouting conspirocys like they are the truth.

seriously if u spent half the time you do trying to get "to the bottom" of 911, and put it into something positive for your own personal gain, your life would be much easier and you would make the money that you need to research your silly little project more.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 01:36 PM

Nobody is going to reply to your post because you simply can't read what Not A Lemming and I have posted in response to you. So, I suggest that if you want the respsect of us listening to what you have to say, then you should send that same respect back our way.


If you would have actually read the thread, you'd know that nobody (or at least most of us) haven't embraced the idea of violent protest.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 02:22 PM

Originally posted by Spawwwn
Besides, WTF is wrong with a little greed? Why is it so bad to wanna strive for the big house, plasma tv, and loads and loads of money? You know I used to be like u guys, saying f the gov they worthless... and in a way I still am. I firmly believe the usa gov is trash and I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION. At the same time, I realize there’s a lot of money to be made here in US. So instead of wasting all those emotions being angry and the gov and worrying if 911 was a conspiracy or not, I decided to dedicate my time to getting as much knowledge as I I can make a **** load of money, and move outta the usa.

Your ignorance is a prime example of what is manifesting in this country. I'm not sure if you noticed, but this country actually use to be based on morals, free will, personal freedoms. If you do not notice what is happening around you, then you deserve to be blind to hidden truth. Your bs about material possession has no worth to me. I want this country to be what it use to be, not what it currently is. You making your "*** load of money, and moving out of the usa" will not fix any of the problems that exist within this world.

So go ahead with buying your fancy cars, your fancy house, soak it up while you can, one day you will be dead, and when that realization sets in, you will realize what you based your life upon was for nothing.

[edit on 8-12-2006 by Mindzi]

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