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Youth Group To Patrol Moscow To Spot Illegal Migrants

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posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 05:01 PM
This sounds like an echo from the past, doesn't it? I'm thinking about Germany in the 1930s. A youth group plans to patrol Moscow to "combat crime" and to spot illegal migrants. These patrols are not authorized so they will not do it officially. But I bet there'll be no one stopping them. A week ago they raided 20 markets in Moscow, and the police arrested several dozen people.

Kyiv Post: Russian youth group to patrol Moscow region to combat crime, detect illegal migrants

A Russian youth group plans unauthorized patrols in the Moscow region to help police fight crime and spot illegal migrants, its leaders said Thursday. The action by the group Mestnye (Locals) comes amid government efforts to tighten restrictions on migrants and bar them from trading at markets - moves strongly criticized by rights activists. "We will use all legal means available to oppose the influx of illegal migrants to the Moscow region," the group said in its manifesto. "The uncontrolled and excessive flow of immigrants results in them taking those segments of labor market which could be filled by indigenous population." Last Sunday, several hundred Mestnye activists raided 20 markets in Moscow suburbs, searching for illegal immigrants working as traders. Police briefly detained several dozen people after scuffles erupted between the group's activists and traders.

Lyudmila Alexeyeva, a veteran rights activist who heads the Moscow Helsinki Group, described both the government ban for migrants to work as market traders and Mestnye's action as "idiocy." "It's a disgusting throwback to Middle Ages," she told The Associated Press.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Many Georgians have been arrested and deported from Russia recently. I wonder who taught these youths to act like this. I guess they must be very nationalistic...

Just like good ol' nazi Germany. Heil Putin!

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 05:20 PM
These nationalistic degenerates appeared in the 90's, long before the issue with Georgia or Putin. I myself had a few run ins with their types. They really are an embarassment to the country, and if Russia was still communist they would have been taught a good lesson or even better thrown in jail. But now these morons run wild in large cities, and their strength is in numbers- they never attack or protest alone. Thankfully they are a minority, have no support of any political party, and are not well tolerated even by the far-from-fair police fair. It is mostly young people under 25, who were adversely affected by the onslaught of capitalism, and take their frustrations out on innocent people. No-one taught them to act like this- the political and economic environment taught them.

But whether Putin's reforms did or did not have something to do with encouraging these nationalists, I don't think he is to blame. I don't even think the majority of them vote for him- instead I think they lean towards the LDPR Party headed by Zhirinovsky who often ensights nationalism and the like sentiments. The youth group that supports Putin is mostly referred to as "Nashyi" (ours). They too are nationalist, but in no way ethnically or racially-prejudiced.

Problem in Putin is that he is still unable to reform the police force, in order to deal with these protests which sometimes turn violent. Now police mostly could not care less and stand aside, not to mention they are up to their necks in corruption. If the national police force can be reformed (Moscow is a good place to start), these issues can be dealth with. Of course you will never fully get rid of them- look at other Western countries. The skinheads in UK, neo-nazis in Germany, the National Front in France, the white supremacists in the US, and the list goes on.

What I can't understand is the amount of neo-nazis in Russia. I mean the Nazi's agenda was to enslave the slavic people, and far more Russians died in WWII than even the Jews. So how can any Russia consider himself a Nazi is beyond me, and a huge disgrace to these numbskulls.

posted on Dec, 7 2006 @ 10:26 PM
Seems like Putin has given this top priority. He says that ordinary citizens should change their attitude...

MosNews: Putin Names Fighting Ethnic Hatred Top Priority for Russia


Russia`s President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with political party leaders that an appropriate response would be soon given to racial, interethnic and inter-religious hatred

According to the president, civil society and political parties should have a clear position in regard to the problem. Putin also noticed that ordinary citizens in particular should change their attitude toward crimes concerned with racial, interethnic and inter-religious hatred.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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