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The Mafia and Roy Demeo

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posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 03:32 AM
It was a cold and windy day on the date of January 18, 1983, a businessman had been calling the police all day to report a dark red Cadillac that had been abandoned in the parking lot of a boat club in Sheepshead Bay that went by the name the Varnes Boat Club which was located in the city of Brooklyn, New York.
It had been sitting in the same spot for just over a week.It was quite obviouse that the vehicle had been deserted.Police had already inspected the vehicle once, and finding out that the car had not been reported stolen, had left it as it was.They assumed that the vehicles owner would come and collect it sooner or later.A long time passed and no one arrived to pick up the car and so the manager of the boat club contacted the authorities once again and told them to have another look.
The police came to the decision that they were going to conduct a much more detailed investigation on the car.At this time police were now aware of a missing persons report on a local man who resided in the area,The report was put through by the mans wife and this car fit the description of the one she said belonged to her husband.
Upon close inspection the car looked empty, Apart from the dark brown stains on the seats. One officer jumped up and down and on the rear of the car and from the way the car rocked, he came to the conclusion that the trunk was empty.
After this the Brooklyn Police Force towed it to the police impound where detectives allowed the car to heat the interior for hours before begining their study of the car however when they opened the boot the came across a chandelier, this chandelier was sitting on the body of a man with dark hair aged around his late thirties to early forties.
The man in the boot was victim to gunshots as showed on his corpse and due to the long amount of time the body was in the trunk of the car, the man was stiff from the set in of rigor mortis. The man also had his hands over his face as if he was trying to shield himself from something and there was a bullet hole in one of his now solid hands and some of his body had been frosted to the spare tyre.
When the police performed an autopsy on the man they found out that he had bullet holes behind both his ears which indicated an execution style killing , my thoughts on this are this, imagine the letter V , i would think that the man would be at the apex of the letter and the killers at each top ending line.
It is also said that in the back seat of the once nice car, an electrical wire was located which was said to be attached to a recording device (it had been removed)
There were articles and paraphenalia around the vehicle that suggested to the police that this man was into some underworld dealings such as drugs and other illegal ventures.
I suppose it is this fact that makes me think that the victim sort of dug his own grave to a degree.
It was later found out from the mans family that he had left home on the date of January 10 at about nine thirty in the morning saying that he had to meet up with someone to go over some legal documentation , it was also found out that this was the day of his daughters birthday and he allways was home for the ones that had come around previously but this day would be a extremely bad change of weather.
It was the mans family that had contacted police to organise the missing persons report which led to the car being opened however one would find it most strange that it was about 8 or 9 days before they found out that the man had been killed, it is also noted that at the funeral in St johns cemetery in Long Island the wife of the man did not cry or weep once during the whole ordeal.
This mans name was Roy Demeo and it later was confirmed that this man was a member of the infamouse Mafia and that he was in a very powerfull position with one of New Yorks most prominant and feared crime families. He had the name "The Butcher".
Roy DeMeo was born in 1942 into a working class Italian family in Brooklyn, New York and he spent most of his time trying to figure out ways to make money as these were the years when everybody was living in the most economically and money deprived situations. As a child this man became good friends of his neighbors sons and they would spend there time together most of the days, His neighbor himself was the one and only mafia boss, Joseph profaci and it was through this mans sons that Roy Demeo learnt about the illegal art of laonsharking . This was the younge boys first dip into the ugly world of organised crime and he became familier with the ways of the southern Italians who had been living in New York at this time.
The southern Italian men had certain ideals and it is through these ideals that family became the only basis for trust and this included the most far away blood relatives and non blood relatives allthough these "outsiders" had to go through certain procedures that involved the act of godparenting.
There was one person in the family that descided who would live who would die as well as bussiness orders which if done right made the family or group more money .
There was another mafia member by the name of Paul Castellano who outlawed drug dealing amongst the family most specifically that of the drug heroin , mostly due to the strict consequences and the possibility that in order to protect themselves the person who was cought would become an informant to protect there own hide.
Anyone that double crossed "The Family" risked being taken out or more classicly put "Made a memory"
The job of family members was to make the family wealthy, respectable and powerful. This meant that good marriages and alliances with other mafia members families were allways a good way of provoking power growth among the group, other members with strong wills and protective attitudes towards the family were given other roles to partake in .

What fascinates me about this group is the ammount of loyalty among members of a family , they had a job to do and they did it.
What i am wondering is this,
Is the mafia still active today?
and if so is the mafia still as strong as it was back in the day??
I dont know if it is just me but they do seem to be one of the more classy gangs out there in the world , and on the subject of Roy Demeo i think that in a way he brang about his own demise by working for and being apart of the family, I was just curiouse who thinks the same and who doesnt , just so i can get a few different perspectives on people like this.
It was also known that if one family wanted to undo anothers bussiness ventures all they really had to do was tell people that the opposing member was an informant or that he was trying to undercut the boss and they wouldnt last very long at all , after all people have been executed for lesser crimes.
I am just curiouse as to what the members of ATS thoughts are on this, i know that i think this group , however bad they might be, are trully fascinating and very loyal , what do you think about them and can anyone else give some more info on them?
i will study them somemore and find out what i can about them,
they trully arouse my mind.
Are they still active? if not in Brooklyn then were?

Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen .


posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 01:16 AM

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by Omega85

Is the mafia still active today?

Yes. the mafia still as strong as it was back in the day??

That's more difficult to answer. Their activities have changed to a degree, and there is more competition. So, relatively speaking one might say no they are not as strong, though they are probably more active than they ever have been. Of course, not as active in traditional rackets these days however.

Are they still active? if not in Brooklyn then were?

I know for a fact that they are still active on New York State, but I don't want to get more specific than that right now. It's probably a safe bet to say that they are still active nationwide, not only in major cities, but suburbs as well.


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