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Possible FEMA Trailer Cache Sighted

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posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 02:54 AM
I was going to tag this onto the ongoing discussion of the trailers in Indiana, but thought it would be worth a new thread to breathe some life back into the topic.

During this past weekend I had occasion to be on the Massachusetts Military Reservation, specifically Camp Edwards, for some military training.

We were occupying classrooms on the street that buildings number 1028 and 1029 are on, near the USCG Chapel(s). I am not 100% sure of the name of the street and unfortunately I had the trailer sighting as we were leaving Sunday, so I could not go back and check. Using some online maps, I believe it was South Inner Road.

Anyhow, proceeding down South Inner Road in what seems to be (again, based on online maps) a south by southeast direction, the road stops at Generals Blvd and you can not proceed furthur, there are Jersey barriers and a fence and signs directing vehicles only up and down Generals Blvd. It appears that either Army Aviation or the USAF have a perimeter beginning at Generals Blvd. and that they do not want unauthorized personnel penetrating it.

Sitting at that intersection, to the 10 to 11 o'clock position, about 100 meters beyond the fenceline (thus making it to the east of Generals Blvd.), one can see a bunch of civilian-looking camping trailers clustered together in a very cramped, fenced-in area. As we made the turn north/northwest (left) onto Generals Blvd., this was to the right. I'd estimate there is an acre of them, from what I could see they all appeared to be similar but not necessarily identical, many were obviously brand new with protective wrappings, shipping labels, etc. stuck to them. The trailers were about two to five feet apart mostly, crammed in, as if the area was just to hold them and not to actually house people in that location. Some portions of the fence appeared to have grey tarpaulins attached, and it appeared that at one time the whole fence was covered in them but some were half blown off by wind or elements.

I wish I was as handy with Google Earth and whatnot as some of you are, but the best I could do to show you an aerial view of the intersection where the sighting was made is this (hopefully the link will bring up the exact image I see):

If you look at the top center of the image, you will notice a row of shrubs. That is along Generals Blvd. The intersection where I saw this from is the very first four-way intersection below where the line of shrubs stops. Remember that today the scenery there does not look like it does in the photo, but that is just to give you a relative idea of where this was seen.


OK here is a Google Earth link. To the left side of the image is the intersection of S Inner Road and Generals Blvd., you can see the Jersey barriers and fence line I described, and if you scroll down you can see the controlled access point as it appears today. The fenced-in area with the trailers does NOT appear, but as the image linked below appears on my screen, it would be in the middle of the field directly below the word "Satellite". Your screen may be different, but that is where it would be on mine.,-70.54287&spn=0.001279,0.002414&t=h&om=0

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posted on Dec, 5 2006 @ 11:57 AM
I took a look at the images you linked to, and that is quite a bit of space. And if the trailers are packed in as tightly as you indicated, it would deffinately lead to some suspicion. Very interesting.

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