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Examples of fear mongering, propaganda, and some interesting facts.

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posted on Dec, 3 2006 @ 09:47 PM
I was searching through some videos today, and found a number of examples of fear mongering, propaganda, and also some things that are just interesting to find out.

War on Terror Montage

Dictatorship USA

Bush family Purchases land in parugauy (Is it True?)

Bush State of The Union Adress 2006 Montage

Shock & Awe- The truth about The War on "Terror" (graphic images

Heil King George (some images may disturb younger or sensitive viewers. An image of what some consider the "devil" and "the grim reaper" are shown)

Freemason Terrorists or Government fearmongering at the expense of innocents?

Why buy $1000 hammers and toilettes, when you can just lose the 2.3 triilion dollars?

More to come depending on demand, or lack of it.

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