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Bush43 Like Chicken With Its Head Cut Off!

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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 05:05 PM
Report from Crawford, Texas

Running around the barnyard in a crazy-quilt pattern, first one way then another. So it is with Bush43. Like the Emperor in Hans Christen Anderson’s folk tale, Emperor Bush is “naked” in the world’s eyes. Saddam has WMDs, he said. Saddam is in league with al Qaeda, he said. He launched Operation Decapitation with great fanfare! Wearing a rented flying suit, he stood under the banner proclaiming “Mission Accomplished” pointing to himself. Expecting a Rose Bowl Parade in downtown Baghdad with flowers thrown over our liberating soldiers, What a parade.

There were no WMDs. There was no conversation between Saddam and al Qaeda. Then the insurgency came. At first, we denied it. Then as it grew ever more deadly, Bush43 taunted the dissident Arabs - “Bring it on!” he challenged from the safety of the White House 6,000 miles distant. Americans have lost nearly 3,000 KIA under Bush43's lack of leadership Tony Blair is nowhere to be found. He had to consent to vacate his office in May, 2007, thinks to Bush43. Secretary Condo Rice has not much to add, like a songbird, fluttering first here then there. All the time hoping someone will suggest a way out.

Rebuffed in Amma when a purposely leaked inside memo showed the US has no respect for Iraqi PM Maliki, we are now asking anyone in the region who wants, to come to the White House to give us a clue how to get out of Iraq.

Bush43 and Democracy in Iraq has proved to be the greatest disaster in American history since George Armstrong Custer ignored his own advisers and rode boldly into the Indian’s camp at the bend of the Little Big Horn river. Follows on 140 years later, Bush43, AWOL from the ANG to lead America in the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Bush43 has fired Rumsfeld after the voters spanked him on November 7. Bush43 “promoted” Wolfowitz to the World Bank to work his evil there for 10 years. Richard Pearle may have had an eureka moment. Karl Rove is in disgrace. VP Cheney, the reputed brains and brawn behind Bush43 is like Henry Kissinger, worrying about being indicted for his war crimes.

Now it is up to more sensible, more intelligent and more capable people to pull HIS chestnuts out of the fire! We cannot undo the 3,000 dead GIs who were compelled to follow on in this Fool’s Errand. Nor can we undo the harm to a viable nation-state - Iraq - we destroyed and are about to leave in chaos and civil war, the L E G A C Y of Bush43.

Maybe somebody can get us out, or tell us how to get out, but we will never regain the status we had on Nine Eleven Two Thousand and One. N E V E R in you lifetime.

[edit on 12/2/2006 by donwhite]


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