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How do the Points work?

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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 03:27 PM
IF you put up more threads do your points increase or what?

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by SimonGray

Earning points on ATS is easy, here's how:

Every member accumulates ATS Points as you post in our forums. The intent of the points system on our forums is to provide a more meaningful measure of your contribution to the community than simple post-count. The simple idea being, that active members who do well to participate in collaborative discussions that contribute to the goals of building our communities, will accumulate impressive point totals.

Points are credited to you in the following ways (from lowest to highest).

Posting: Each time you post in an ATS, BTS, or PTS forum, you gain One Point.

Getting Replies: If you author an active thread, this means you've generally done well to contribute to the community. You earn Two Points for each reply to your thread.

Submitting to ATSNN: Use the submission form in your member center to submit articles to or Each reply to your accepted news submission earns 50 ATS Points, and an accepted submission earns 250 ATS points.

Receiving Applause: Our staff (moderators, council members, and forum subject matter experts) have the ability to applaud posts we feel offer an excellent contribution to the discussion, or our community. You earn 250 points for each applause you receive.

Participating in research, fiction, and debates: These generally earn very high points, as each post in a debate can be worth 250 points, or more if you win your debate.

Hey, good to see another South African on the forum!
I'm from East London, but living in Australia.

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 03:45 PM
Point awards system-(All thanks to Chissler)

Post = 1 Point
-On any thread in the ATS, BTS, PTS

Posts in one of Your Threads = 2 Points
-On any of your threads in ATS, BTS, PTS

Applause! = 250-1500 points
-Applauds are given by Moderators and Councilors (=250 points)
-FSME (Forum Subject Matter Expert) (=500 points)
-on PTS the Applauses are worth 1500

These are all given for a job well done and good etiquette in your writings or threads, also given for good and thoughtful replies.

Podcasts = 2500 Points
-your own design and communication of certain subject

Contests = Random Values (Usually a Few thousand)
-Found throughout ATS, BTS, PTS

Point Explained-

Points, is a great thing, and well desired by many members here on ATS, old and new. The point system was designed as a way to award members for their good work and smart thinking.

In the past the point system has gone through many changes and always for the better of ATS. Some might feel ATS is a place is for how many points you can get and how much stuff you can buy. It’s not really all that great. ATS is place for people to talk and learn really about anything.

-On ATS it points system has seemed to be a controlling factor in many of the member’s time here and sometimes goes too far. There is always questions concerning of how to get more points and so on.

The most true and best way to get points is not to worry about it and do your best in what you are good at, and everyone has something they are good at, especially here on ATS where anyone can fit in.

-Remember this one thing, try not to always post repeatedly over and over, you only receive 1 point in another thread and only two in your own, this also can be used as an offensive, you can get points taken away.

-On the bright side, try and come up with smart threads that can entangle the members here on ATS into a feeding frenzy of knowledge, on BTS you can easily try to invent ways to deny boredom on the General Chit Chat forum, here you can come up with as much crazy inventions of den boredom as possible. From good threads you might just a lot of replies and from that some points, so never give up on what your imagination can do.

So many members will do anything for points, all it takes for anyone truly is to do some research and learn about a topic, use good grammar and make sense, post a thread and there should always be a response.

-When making a good thread keep in mind to keep the readers thinking, in most of the forums here on ATS you must truly know what you are talking to make a good thread. There is always a good way of stirring up a discussion in a forum and it is easy to do so, but do this in all respect of all the members there, ask a simple question and wait for response, if you do not get a reply do not be bummed out and do not put yourself down. It takes time to learn how to truly become a good writer and a good researcher, here you can learn.

If you really want to gain points, you can try these two sections on ATS

-All you need here is a current event subject, or editorial you want to write, take your time and be true, submit this and there is a chance it could be allowed, when this is done you will receive a great amount of points and it’s not so bad.


-At Podcast central you can be a part of group of people who talk and discuss live about all types of situations and ideas, also you can Podcast random things and have fun, and talk about deep and smart conversation with your fellow friends on ATS. All you truly need is microphone and regular program that you can get for free anywhere on the net. This might be the most rewarding part of ATS, it gives you the most points for an active Podcast and also points to your replies from your podcast and so on.


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