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Castro is now a figurehead leader

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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 10:53 AM
Kind of Ironic that this anti US imperialist is now nothing more then his opposite number Bush.

Unlike most people in North America I've been to Havana. And I can say that it's not a communist regime that is often stereotyped. Sorry. I survived. I wasn't killed by the roving deathsquads that corporate media will have you to believe.

In all I didn't see much difference between their culture and North American culture. The people are virtually the same as any regular American or Canadian and what they do in their spare time is no different.

I do want to address something however. Cuba could be alot better had it not been for US supported facist regime of Baptista.

The revolution came about to end facism in Cuba and when this occured America put the economic stranglehold on Cuba. It's a sad reality but this is the cause of all of Cuba's problems.

It might be a communist country on paper but it's the innocent people that pay the price of starvation and not getting the proper medical supplies. Although their healthcare isn't that bad and free aswell as schooling.

Economic embargoes are the true weapons of mass destruction.

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