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(Robotics) Microbot Swims Like Bacteria With Flagellar

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posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 05:37 PM

Tiny microrobots are under development at Monash University
in Australia; a remarkable micromotor will allow them to swim
using a flagellar propeller, just like E. coli bacterium.

Dr. James Friend's goal is to build a device no wider than 250
microns - that's the width of two human hairs - that would be
capable of swimming through the human body.

He and his team have already built a linear motor the size of a
salt crystal. With a $300,000 grant from the Australian Research
Council, Dr. Friend believes that his team will be able to reduce
the motor to the necessary size within three years.

According to Dr. Friend, the main difference between the micro-
robot motor and a conventional electromagnetic type is that the
latter spins much faster but has much less torque.

Ultimately, tiny microrobots would give surgeons the ability to
avoid traumatic and risky procedures in some cases.
A remotely-controlled microrobot would extend a physician's
ability to diagnose and treat patients in a minimally invasive way.


A very cool development.
This kind of thing is making the dream of true nanotechnology
(in use) ever closer to reality.

Comments, Opinions?

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 05:41 PM
And soon we all become the BORG! Scares the heck out of me. How do they plan to get that thing out of me once it is inserted? yea minimal non invasive treatments are great but what happens if that thing gets lodged in my brain and the motor keeps going? Insta lobotomy?

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 08:28 PM
It would probably get cleansed from the body like the majority of wastes do. It goes through the neccessary filters and comes out one of two ways. Due to the small size, either way would work without any discomfort. If that wasn't good enough, white blood cells would probably end up breaking them down, or at least aiding in thier destruction.

I wouldn't worry too much about it getting into the synapses and frying stuff out in the brain. Also, even if it did, the brain is more than adept at making new connections, and the loss of a few here and there wouldn't really create any major problem. Of course, you would end up with that one case in some astronomically high number that would end up causing a stroke, heart attack, death, or something else equally negative that would ruin the whole show.

On top of frying stuff out in the brain, you would have a just about equal chance of your nerves getting shorted out anywhere else in your body.

posted on Dec, 3 2006 @ 04:22 PM
Exactly. A machine, even the length of 2 hair widths will still cause the same effects a blood clot would. Strokes, heart attacks, etc.

I suppose they would have to have a retrieval method, or just ensure it reaches its destination before cycling through the rest of the body.

Yes your blood is filtered, however it is not done on every cycle for every blood cell. Just a portion of it. Over time, the body gets all of it.

One cycle around the body is ample time to get jammed somewhere you really don't want it to be.

As for peraps travelling your digestive tract, or urinary tract... now that it would have good use in.

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