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how to defeat the NWO (scenario)

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posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 09:26 AM
i was originally going to post about how members personally would implement a NWO over a 50 year period of time but realised this has already been done pretty much and so, as an imaginary exercise, assume that the NWO is in place as of now.

you and a small band of like-minded members here decide to take the world back for the people. you have 50 years in which to try and achieve this (bearing in mind that the NWO, already in power, will always be a few steps ahead of you)

two teams are needed for this exercise

1. anti NWO
2. pro NWO

you must chart what you would do year by year to achieve your goal..

1. total freedom for the people
2. total enslavement of the people

post here to pick your team (no more team members after 1 week ie 8th december)

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 05:37 PM
Ok im going to be on the side of the NWO (why not I always wanted to be in charge of humanity)

Year 1: Abolish paper currency in favor of a centralised credit system controlled exclusivly by the government with no influence from the banking industry. Forget the bankers I want the power, and without currency that would severly limit the black market trade. Everything is done through the Centralised Credit System.

This credit system will be incorporated into the NWO Identification card system. One card your whole life, Issued at birth.

Year 2-10: Declare all Secret Societies treasonous, (I told you I am a meglomaniac) membership, suspected membership, and those that are associates of members of these secret societies will be rehabilitated and reconditioned to work for the state.

Create the following departments within the state; Housing Preservation/development & Mind Controll. Power Services, Internal Security, Armed Forces, Research & Design, Production Logistics and Commissary, and Central Processing Unit. All independant departments whos heads report directly to the state. In turn each citizen on the planet is tested for aptitude and graded. This aptitude test determines which department each individual is best suited for and that is their carrier for the rest of their life. Thus insuring that there is a low unemployment rate globaly.

Hows that for a start to the NWO?

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 05:41 PM

Dont bother mate, the NWO can't be beaten only delayed as its a time frame correction for the interventions made by time travellers that defeated fascism once before

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 05:44 PM
Oh heck man I didnt post this to defeat the NWO I was posting it to BE the NWO. LOL Anyway all you have to do is go through every town in america and get 20 or so homeless people that would start an army for you and you could do anything. Just replace your losses with 20% of the men from each town that you capture and you would have an unstopable army.

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by justyc
two teams are needed for this exercise

1. anti NWO
2. pro NWO

you must chart what you would do year by year to achieve your goal..

1. total freedom for the people
2. total enslavement of the people

You don't understand, the NWO is going to happen one way or the other. To deny the NWO is to delay the inevitable. The question should be what form will the NWO take.

Freedom for the people or enslavement for the people. The teams should be elitist vrs common man. Does the NWO feel that they can maintain control in a completley free society or do they feel more secure in a totalitarian type of environment that they control?

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posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 03:44 AM

The best chance we have for survival is to hijack the NWO movement somehow and twist it into something we find palatable. Why fight a losing battle when you can possibly influence it in some way to your advantage ( or minimise the downside ).

I still contend the one world order has its benifits so long as your on the top of the heap and have money, but to the majority who are latently passive and unaware of the changes occuring "now" will go extinct and only the enlightend and defensively positioned will survive.

So my advice is to get clued up on the direction the world economy takes, ensure you have no debt, stock long life foods + water, arm yourself and stay out of trouble as this little baby is coming to a theatre near you soon!

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 04:12 AM
Left Behind.. exactly.

Those who do not accept this "numbers" which will be issued at birth much like a SS card(number) will be your only identifier.

Without it( acceptance of it as your only means and way) you will be arrested and placed in some kind of work farm. IE. A slave the "subculture " of society.

The premise is that, if members of the United States REFUSE to accept this new system.. you starve.

No goods or services will be available to you. You will be much like the homeless person we see currently. However, you will NOT be able to freely walk the streets. What I mean is if, one were to choose to take that route say - try to choose NOT to take the number( of the beast).

You will be forced into work camps..slavery..bondage. You will be outcasted and stripped of your" freedoms" by force. A word that would come to mind right now is" treason".

This may be punishable by death after your work camp contract had expired.( elaborated here to help with visualizations)

I do believe ( I read extensively about this topic) that our children will be raised in this way of theNWO starting with the current generation( the 30 and forty somethings now and their kids).

It has been happening ever so slowly. I can remember 10 years ago sitting with my cousin and aunts and reading an article in a well known economic magazine that everyone by 2000 would own a thin plastic card that would help you buy goods without paper money.

We laughed.. and today not one of us readers know anyone who does not have some kind of cash card!! Shortly, we can and will say goodbye to the paper currency.

We already have our number ( SS card) which your given a number at birth and your parents get your card for you when your born.. that number will change. The SS number now holds info about your demographics at birth( age range- income range)- hell, Im sure it holds your racial background too in some numerical way.

You know.. cross off the 2 carry the

Basically, your new number will impact your life more than the SS act has for sure. Your class of people will be on this new number- your status..
You will be judged by this number- you will be classified.
And, it will be embedded just under the skin. It will also, perhaps work as a sort of GPS if and when needed- Say when you committ a crime, or just try to flee the country.

Yes, you will NOT be premitted to fly just anyplace, at any time either. THAT will be reserved for either the upper class or limited to certain times a year.
Say= you get two weeks vacation a year and for those two weeks each trip you go to Costa Rica. You will be expected to put in your request or simply punch or swipe your card( number, maybe its embedded in your wrist) and it shows, your free to fly at that time.

You may only be able to leave this country if you have work related business or family ties outside of the US.

What I am saying is it is a reality. Coming...
Debit \ Credit
Preloaded CC/cash card
Swipe this swipe that..
your house is coded
your car emitts a "beep" to let you know its loced..
its a little chip in there-
And my fav.. ONSTAR

Gives new meaning to talking to yourself-
driving along and you hit a big pot hole and somehow
your onstar activates..and your not alone...
except- its kinda weird to have someone 15,000 miles away
knowing your exact location, and your trouble.
Thats only GREAT when your lost in the mountains in the dark and its a blizzard!
GPS was an Military device. Now its in our autos and homes.
What is Satelite TV? Hey.. what about that"didital cable"?

Cameras on the highways? Protection from whom? Or is it WE who need protection from them??
This is alot like the matrix... at the level of.. when your called upon will you be a drone and just conform? Or will you opt out??

Do not take the mark of the beast- just to be able to buy and sell goods( livelyhood)

Lastly, I believe there will be a group of people

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 04:31 AM
This complete change has been happening right under our noses.
We watched it= grow- like a puppy.
Honestly, the American people..have been "asleep" this whole time.

We watched tv, read articles and laughed when we thought about how space aged and exciting the potential future was. Now we ( some of us) are really concerned.

Some, are so far "under water" that they may never wake up or come up for air..everything to those people is many moons away or simply do not believe any of this is part of a GLOBAL movement.

I fear for them, not just the enlightend. It is the people who are woken up in the midst of all the chaos who will be deeply pained by events.

Don't worry Kids.. not only will our pennies be taken in and recycled or melted to make I dunno, copper shoes... our paper bills with the all seeing eye will be tossed aside( probably sold to a so called non exsistant black market) but ironically- that all seeing eye will become ever present and multidimensional.

Now who here knows where to go or who to go to for the legions of people who WILL not accept the mark of the beast?
What underground movement is already taking strides to find members who understand and are willing NOT to accept ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?
If anyone has heard of any groups or sites that are seeking people who
a) want to join the cause
b) offer supplies and ideas for survival
c) links to communities who are like minded but free thinkers

Please post more of that.

We should not be just posting and elaborating on what is to come or what is wrong, but we should be finding solutions to live what we are.

FREE( free 2 choose)

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