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Voidmaster's Poem of Death

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posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 03:11 PM
Voidmaster's Poem

The green water gave way, and I slipped into its dark abyss. I was
lulled to sleep by the gentle movement of the sea weed, and the surreal color of the lake.

What life maybe left in me,
Whatever Death may will,
What Darkness is there left to be,
When all this Earth is still?

I have trodden the paths of many a life,
I have shared the joy of many a wife,
I have looked upon women with lust,
I have seen myself end, back to dust.

Now what might be left of me?
In this aqua world,
This dying sea.

My skin has shriveled, bloated too,
What Death has for me, I have yet to do,
Why do I sit, left to rot?
Why has Death done what it should not?

I have waited here through many a year,
Not one sad thought, nor one cold tear,
Those I knew, in life, have shed,
Now that I have passed away,
Now that I am dead.

I am left at the bottom of the Sea,
And what I ask for, you might give,
"Please, Please remember me!!!"
"So that I might live!"


Well... I said (a long time ago) that I would comment on this and, because I dislike letting things hang, I guess I'd best get to it.

The first two sentences I would not change a bit. Setting the scene in a 'first person' dialogue, I'm initially struck by the imaging it provides to the reader. Words such as 'abyss' and 'surreal' compliment the premonition of a mystery unfolding. There is a depth and an unreality being presented in one of the most mysterious of all the Earth's realities...the sea. We may think the sea is well-known, but it isn't, as any boater, fisherman or swimmer will tell you. Just beneath that murky surface or far down into the inky depths, lurks the unseen and the unknown.

A great way to set the stage for a poem about Death.

What is Death but a mystery? It awaits us all, does it not? And just like the sea, beyond the surface of that terminal point all is a mystery. The body becomes silt or soil and it is returned to the earth which gave it life.

"What Darkness is there left to be,
When all this Earth is still?"

What is the darkness that Voidmaster talks about? Is it the darkness of the night as opposite day? Or is it the darkness within our hearts which is being described?

"Now what might be left of me?
In this aqua world,
This dying sea."

Materially (?) not a heck of a lot for very long, but just a little something...a few bones, some particles of minerals, some atoms and a lot of water mixing with water.

"Why has Death done what it should not?"

Here, Death becomes an antagonist...a villain, reducing to dust and slime what once was a human being. Bad Death!!! Naughty Death!

""Please, Please remember me!!!"
"So that I might live!"

Ah, the plaintive cry from beyond the grave...lamentations of a corpse, begging the living for remembrance, summing up the grief of being cut off.

Rise, Spirit, I say rise from that pile of bones and desecration. Lament not the living, for they are chained to duality; pain and pleasure, light and darkness. Remove yourselves from that rotting mortal coil and soar.

The Death of Me

Mummuring whispers
tugging me through,
my bodiless radiance
flashing gold hue.

Loves' embrace true.

Ascending above
mortality's stain,
stinking corpse lying
below shall remain
discarding completely
an earthly domain
of discord and madness
and pitiless pain.

Minds' incarnate
freedom found
for getting
knowing profound
the leavings
the findings

and the next go-around

From Here

[edit on 30/11/06 by masqua]

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 07:57 AM
Death becomes the murderer, not the murdered.

Much worse than I ever imagined, in the land of the brilliant monkey. Murder has become their greatest pleasure. To replace the cacophony of creation with silence.

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