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The Serpent from the Garden of Eden!?!

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posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 01:06 PM

Associate Professor Sheila Coulson, from the University of Oslo, can now show that modern humans, Homo sapiens, have performed advanced rituals in Africa for 70,000 years. She has, in other words, discovered mankind’s oldest known ritual.

Rest of the Story

I'd give my right nut to get on this site!

He would have had a good view of the inside of the cave while remaining hidden himself. When he spoke from his hiding place, it could have seemed as if the voice came from the snake itself. The shaman would have been able to control everything. It was perfect.”

Think about the first guy to "discover" this sight:

Ug: Dude check it out!

Hurg: What?

Ug: Dude right there!

Hurg: I don't see nuthing.

Ug: Ok never mind, just go back to the fire and bring back the gang.

Hurg: Uh ok.

Several hourd later........close to sunset.

Gang: Hurg wtf are we doing?

Hurg: Ug told me he found sumthin.

Hurg and the gang see a fire and.....

"You could see the mouth and eyes of the snake. It looked like a real python. The play of sunlight over the indentations gave them the appearance of snake skin. At night, the firelight gave one the feeling that the snake was actually moving".

Ug as Python: My children I am Python......... oh almost forgot, and until then Ug is my chosen son. You will hunt for him and feed him the choice bits and let him lay with your daughters and wifes.

Hurg and Gang: oooohhhh aaahhhhh WOW!

What a racket! A species true to it's nature now and then.

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