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My Great Invention Giveaway

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posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 03:57 PM

Originally posted by johnsky
Lol. You just asked the age old question of, "Is gravity a push, or a pull?"

Thats an answer I do not have. We can easily measure the effects of gravity... we know the cause is the mass and distance of two bodies... as to what that force actually IS, well thats a conceptual thought I suppose you will have to decide on yourself.

The problem is, we cannot SEE gravity. We can measure it's effect. And we can predict it, and even use it to figure out where, what size and how heavy other objects are without seeing them.

Check this out!!!

Back to my two funnels glued together with the smaller diameters being the furthest apart like this...

If that was flexible and you spun it really fast on its axis the smaller diameters would be pulled inward as the larger diameters would want to be thrown outwards due to centrifugal force. No brainer there.
Now take that same shape and make it a solid. Spin it on its axis what effect would you have?
It can no longer collapse due to it being a solid mass, but would you not still have the exact same centrifugal forces being applied to it?
Now put those two funnels inside of a bigger two funnels with the same geometrical shape and proportional size like this...
/ /\ \
\ \/ /

and spin both of them up to the same speed and direction. Throw some nice heavy and highly flexible air in between the two and you have linear centrifugal force being applied equidistantly around the center funnels.


So the answer to the push vs pull would be push.

Thats pretty wild, I'm sure I'm missing something here...

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 04:05 PM
I'm pretty sure your missing something there too... you're describing centrifugal force, not gravity. Gravity has nothing to do with the spin of an object or the centrifugal force applied to it. Gravity is purely a mass to distance ratio and it's effect on the objects nearby.

don't get me wrong, I'm not putting you down... nobody really 'gets' gravity. we can conceive of it in some forms, but our mind doesnt conceive of things very well if we can't visualise it.

[edit on 1-12-2006 by johnsky]

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 04:25 PM

Originally posted by johnsky
I'm pretty sure your missing something there too... you're describing centrifugal force, not gravity. Gravity has nothing to do with the spin of an object or the centrifugal force applied to it. Gravity is purely a mass to distance ratio and it's effect on the objects nearby.

don't get me wrong, I'm not putting you down... nobody really 'gets' gravity. we can conceive of it in some forms, but our mind doesnt conceive of things very well if we can't visualise it.

Your right. That doesn't explain the moons gravity since it doesn't have an atmosphere.
Or the suns massive gravity. There's definitely something else going on there with the whole gravity thing.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by Nemithesis
Your right. That doesn't explain the moons gravity since it doesn't have an atmosphere.
Or the suns massive gravity. There's definitely something else going on there with the whole gravity thing.

I like the fact that you can open your mind enough to see your own errs. That shows the kind of respect for knowlege that I spend most of my day wishing the people around me shared.

But yes, I cannot explain it either. I have a concept in my mind of what it is. But the problem is I cannot really explain it. Such is the restrictions of the english language.

The concept I have in my head isnt so much of an explanation, rather it's just the result of everything I currently know about it.

Either way, perhaps one day someone will manage to put the whole thing into an analogy that our minds can relate to. But we simply have no way of relating to the concept of gravity, other than through gravity itself.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 09:33 PM
Why I'm Giving Them Away…
Few people would realise it but I am actually quite a prolific inventor. At a guess I would say I have about 2 to 3 hundred good ideas (well over half of which are written). Yes it’s shameful but I don’t always bother to write them down, but usually I can also come up with them again if I need them (quicker than the first time).
You see currently I am also an extremely laid back individual; I also have an irrational tenancy to put doing things of, little pathetic things like my passport was a good example. Furthermore I aren’t starving and can live fairly happily without much money (even though I currently have plenty). I will want more; but these ideas I am giving you are from my point of view are pretty run of the mill; some are quite old. The washing machine is an exception but even then I’ve left two completely different improvements out. My main concern is dying suddenly and contributing nothing to the welfare of mankind; and more importantly the greater right-good. But as you will see I have taken steps to avoid this; but without loosing some very good ideas…

Assassination Note…
P.S I wrote this for servants of certain dark forces so please don’t get bored

Maybe I'm a bit paranoid but I am vaguely aware of inventors being killed because they threaten current economic interests. My message to you is that it is too late; and it’s worse.

I currently have the following ideas…
1.A. Two “new” ways of generating electricity at ridiculously low prices. One uses a much overlooked discovery at the turn of the century (or there abouts). It will probably always be overlooked because it’s just not practical in its current form. My breakthrough was to combine it with another technology (round about the same age but far more well known). A third recent invention really does the trick.
1.B. Another idea is a combination of technologies that are a bit more modern (quite a lot in fact). Again I reckon they will be overlooked; or at least for quite a time to come. Though ultimately the electricity would be even cheaper than the other idea it is more of a government-corporation type project. And don’t worry its not nuclear power or nuclear fusion (could hardly call it my own if it was that anyway).
2. A generator that is something like 90% efficient. There are two types: one uses water, the other pressure (both were great fun and challenging and were partly built on previous older ideas of mine). The water one by the way is the most efficient.

Given that we have a 30 to 40% generation efficiency rate I reckon they could cause some real trouble; particularly as the fuel-cell project only needs a slightly more efficient rate of electricity generation to really outdo the petrol engine.

3. There are few other less energy orientated ideas included as well.

Now in the event of my death it is my wish that these ideas be donated to the world. I have drawn them up; and have even made CD’s of them from a computer that (incidentally) has never been connected to the internet. The CD’s are in the hands of several plus separately living people (including my girlfriend who I don’t even live with yet; but who is standing next to me right now and reckons its ok).
So; what are you going to do about that? Even if you abducted someone I knew I would almost certainly hate you enough to defy you (one way or the other). Basically you will have to kill the others (even those you don’t know) without me realising something was up.
Anyway I'm a reasonable person and could be quite prepared to negotiate. That said (despite my low opinion of Christianity, Judaism and Islam) I am a believer in the afterlife (thanks to examples like ghosts being caught on CCTV in period clothing’s, in high secure buildings like banks ect) I am quite determined to leave the world a richer place for my existence than without it.
This is by far the biggest reason for giving these ideas away, and distributing some copies of other much better ideas amongst people I know I can trust. Basically I would hate it if I had died and all my ideas went to waste.

In my opinion…
An assassin should also care about leaving the world a richer place, unless they really believe in people breaking into high secure buildings, without setting the alarms of, to stage these kind of images, in period clothing. My diagnosis would be: “determined to not believe in god(s)” anyway there’s more evidence besides.

Weapons Thoughts...
Perhaps 40% of the ideas I still come up with are weapons related (I do it just for fun) but it used to be more like 60. I can’t remember who said it but really “killing people is just another engineering problem”.
But if George Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq my politics wouldn’t have radically changed; but they did, and I think I was enlightened by learning that Western foreign policy isn’t such a great thing.
So I'm no longer in such a hurry to damn my soul; especially when I could just as easily make money through other ways that don’t involve that risk. There was that time when I was going to email one of my most evil ideas ever to a certain countries embassy; but through ether chance or God(s) it didn’t work. I then decided post would be a more secure method of delivery. Then I had second ethical thoughts. The biggest problem I overlooked is that not matter what your politics you can only contribute to a arms race, not undo what you have already created (or exposed the world too).
So having come that close to making a very big ethical mistake the only time I would give my weapons idea’s away is probably in hypothetical world war say Hitler-Stalin situation. And it is worth noting that even the Cold War has left technological legacies mankind could at least sort of do without.

So perhaps I am destined to always become a designer of consumer-peaceful industrial projects. That said I am quite proud of my new ways of killing people; and not all would be lost even after my death but who they would go to is anyone’s guess (someone I no longer fully trust has a few, as well as a few others who I do).

[edit on 090705 by Liberal1984]

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 09:37 PM
I’ll decide whether someone is welcome to use my ideas or not. Whether or not I can stop them is something else; but at least I can call them a thief; especially if they don’t even have the courtesy to ask. And when people steel from me they may owe me something. That might not bother them this lifetime but it might bother me if I were them.

My main concern is that I might personally boost the Israeli economy (and hence also their military). My politics still frequently changes but currently I fear that supporting Israel in this way would be against “the greater right.” I know this exists, and know that like every person I could always be wrong about what exactly it is. However I try to serve it nonetheless in belief that thanks to my efforts I may be more successful than not.
That said I hate the war in Iraq and I didn’t try to restrict British and American use. In any case all people are people wherever you go; and yeah they often suck. It was almost an accident to leave that Israeli note up; but now it’s there, its purpose(s) can stay.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 09:49 PM
Idea 9
Urine Monitoring Urinal…

Aim: Improved water efficiency.

Urinals are quite well designed things; with one big exception. No matter how much or little the thing is used the rate of fresh water discharge is the same. This is really stupid. Now obviously there are a number of ways we could solve this…
A. Have a motion censor (besides expensive this is really “Japanese style” Engineering Design as you would need a certain amount of electricity to keep the thing on).
B. Weigh the amount of urine inside the urinal (would work but has a number of problems-disadvantages)
C. Just monitor the number of uses directly.
D. A pressure activated switch which is used to record the number of urinal uses.
Frankly I think D is inferior to the C option as it doesn’t look so good, is harder to clean, could be vandalised, and anyway is a trip up hazard, that relies on users actually standing on it. Besides I'm not sure; but somebody might already have done it (which is kind of pissing of). And anyway it’s probably more expensive than 3 stainless steel rings linked with some wiring, a small meter, and water reliever…

So it was “option C” I have gone for…
A. The urinal “drain pipe bend” is the same as normal. However on the exit side of the bend there is a mildly electrified stainless steel ring slightly above where the urine comes out (should be slight enough to be touched by exiting urine; this could be aided by making the exit side of the drain pipe bend slightly narrower than the receiving end). The (Part A) component could be ether positively or negatively charged.
B. On the inside side of the urinal (above the urine in the “drain pipe bend”) there is a mildly electrified stainless steel ring (of the opposite charge to part A).
C. Far above B (like extremely near where the drain pipe meets the urinal grid) there is a third stainless steel ring which is earthed (to prevent the urinal user getting any type of electric shock whatsoever).
Industrial Note: The rest of all piping linking components described so far must be of a non conductive material. The rings do not necessarily necessitate the breaking up of the drain piping system as they could be inserted during the manufacturing process; and electrically linked with electrically insulated wires.

D. Someone urinates into the urinal. Urine conducts electricity but first flows past the earth, and then flows into the charged urine bend, as it exits this bend the water flow (but not the natural urine contained level) makes conduct with the oppositely charged final ring (described in part A). An electric is therefore completed flowing in the opposite direction to urine itself, the short distance between positive and negatively charged rings should absorb the main electrical flow; but longer distance between (and presence of) the earth will guarantee the user does not get a charge.
E. The consumption of electricity is monitored by a small meter. The meter does not need to record the amount of electricity that is consumed; instead only how often it has been consumed. Therefore the meter may be made sensitive to only relatively large amounts of electricity (as opposed to electricity in the air of the urinal) by using a very weak resistor.
F. After a given number of urine uses has been recorded the urine flush is activated with an electromagnet. It is also possible to set a electronic countdown timer to the next flush after the urinal has first been used since the last flush. This will truly minimise water use; whilst at the same time preventing urine stagnating the air. P.S I leave the exact workings and use of options described in part F down to a urine designer-engineer.

Note: Forgot to mention it but obviously the positive and negative charges involved are not mains electricity level. Each positive and negative wire must be connected to an individual resistor of equal capacities. This will be great for electricity efficiency.
(P.S I reckon an individual resistor for each wire is needed to help prevent the charge quite literally leaking away by following the water-urine trial down the drain).

Oh: You know that previous “stubble bio-gas idea”. I forgot to say if a combine won’t collect the stubble properly then an industrial lawnmower (like the ones pulled by tractors for football pitches) almost certainly would. However this might make the idea uneconomical, and even if it didn’t you would have to be careful not to cut too low if you had really stonney soil. That said I'm sure there is some biogas use for stubble; and this would be times of year when there is a straw surplus. Because at these occasions the straw is left no longer than normal to be ploughed back in.
However rather than using perfectly good straw for biomass; why not indeed cut the straw twice? (The last going for biogas).

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 10:26 PM
You and I are quite similar Liberal1984. Maybe not on the politcal end (I only go so far into it before I get frustrated at how closed-minded people are ... I tend to back out when it comes to that subject) but definitely on the engineering end as well as wanting to give something back to society. I have many partial plans, in fact so few are incomplete because I'll have a great new idea while in the middle of trying to complete old plans. I have a few patents but there is plenty of stuff that I am willing to give to the masses. I am only in my 20s so I am not too concerned about doing it right yet ... I am young enough to believe "eh, I'll get around to it."

At any rate, it is refreshing to see some selflessness on this board ... even if the ideas have already been studied or put into production in some fashion. It's always easy to build off an idea. Cheers to you.

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 04:29 AM
PMSL sheep tents!!!!! wtf, have you never heard of a barn? i live around a few farms, and work p/t on 1, theres 100's of sheep in my area, they do really well in the cold, i dont know if you noticed but they wear wooly coats
plus if it gets too cold the farmers normally just get them into the barn, If a farmer is keeping sheep they will feed the sheep during the cold times, they dont just leave them without food

i'll pass on your thoughts to the farm owner on monday and see how many sheep we can fit in a 2 man tent

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 06:54 AM
hey all ,
Just read the thread,
Its interesting to say the least .....
Wonder what will happen with more replies?


posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 12:49 PM
Actually by his posting his ideas here he has strengthened his ability to get a patent. He now has provable documentation of when he came up with the idea, with a time and date stamp. Now he has to follow through with the application. I used a sealed letter sent to a Notary that my patent lawyer recommended to document mine.

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 03:19 PM
Thats how I claim my music. I record everything I've made in a month on CD, then mail it to myself so the mail system actually stamps a timestamp on the envelope.

Plus, the files on the CD itself are timestamped to the date they were recorded, which is additional evidence.

Both of which can be tampered with of course, but it's more proof than word of mouth.

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 11:54 PM

sheep tents!!!!! wtf, have you never heard of a barn?

Ricky B you are so unbelievably short sighted.
Yes I have heard of barns. I noticed one for the first time two weeks ago; till then I had always thought they were religious buildings. Thing is barns are quite expensive to construct; yes they beat cathedrals and Mosques but it’s only by a small margin. For example on a farm we own we built a barn some years ago and it cost nearly £20,000 pounds.
In comparison my sheep tent idea costs almost nothing (some fence posts, screws, plastic sheets, and rubble-or other types of weights. Hence my emphasis being on cost. See the budget for sheep isn’t high, we rent some land to a commoner (farm worker to you) for 25p per sheep per week. Actually he’s a really nice guy, and I have as much respect for him as anyone else (but hopefully you get my point). I ought to mention my idea to him someday but so far just haven’t.

Fiverz Cool; but you’re so much more functional than me if you’ve already got round to getting patients. One thing that annoyed me about patients was the cost (but it is more of an annoyance); a bigger factor is the design work on paper which I can do well enough to describe but not supper professionally; and then if you have to hire somebody you need to trust the m as well. Perhaps putting them on a forum like this (but without “the give away bit”) is than answer?
JIMC5499 That seems to be what your saying. Tell me if someone went on to develop say that dishwashing machine idea would they be liable to pay me any money? Even with “the give away bit”? (I suppose in law I never said “give away to ATS”).

I remember at school someone had a cricket glove design idea that got stolen. That said they did receive about £3,500 so maybe that was actually a pay of? (As opposed to stingy but unnecessary compensation).
Because if I'm actually getting myself closure to a patient there could be many other ideas to come.

What I'm thinking is that if I were to put a “real star” invention up on here, and then actually get my lazy arse around to hiring somebody, then would they not be able to steal my idea because it’s already in the public domain under my name?
Surely you would at least have to be mighty careful about how you wrote stuff or uploaded it?

Fiverz One last thing. It’s really worth solving engineering problems because you speed up in terms of quality of output (though it’s taken me years to really notice). One way of doing this is imagining how things you don’t quite know work, work. With you not finishing big stuff the other thing should do is make notes. Mine are so personal they don’t look like English, they’re just a sequence of words top jog my memory.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 09:20 AM
I'd like to add my inventive contribution, not so much for a widget or product, but a business-service...

In our current culture, so many people work all the hours they can to earn a living, juggling credit cards and loans, mortgages, family commitments, that often there is no time (or energy) left over to peacefully protest in any meaningful way against the injustices in society and the world...unfortunately anti-war marches and G8 demonstrations just don't conveniently happen during your office lunch-break

This is where the business-idea comes in.....there are 000,000's of people, housewives, students, unemployed, the elderly etc. who have the time and the will to make a change, but lack finances and transport resources to attend.

For an agency-fee, you can pay to have a 'proxy-protestor' attend the march etc of your political choice, you could of course introduce a scale of services...the 'basic' offers transportation and a meal for your proxy...the 'silver' offers the above plus 'police-assault health-insurance'..and the 'gold' would offer all of those above plus 'legal insurance'

...could it work?

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