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Illuminati versus World

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posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 11:23 AM
Ok. I know ATS is about discussing world issues.
There has to be a genius in this group that can create a strategy so that everyone can "act" against the Illuminati. I'm afraid we've been discussing for too long and we know that they did it, we know how, there is evidence. But demonstration's don't work because people are afraid to die, we wan't to spend christmas with our families, we don't want fight the government. If you were to ask me about the steps that we as a people should take to fight the government here are my suggestions.

Step 1. Create a Information beacon for the world. Something like ""/"", that we can link everyone to from ATS. It must be agreed that we will never sell the website to the government. They bought for million's and they have already reset the counters on 9/11 videos, they have disabled commenting on videos/authors. They are basically censoring internet content by buying out the most popular sites. You can see they already have News Corp, buy out,, aljazera bought by fox news, and everyone is amazed at the price they bought it out when in reality, they should be outraged that another tool of the people has fallen into the hands of the Illuminati.
For this new broadcast website to work, it must be non-profit or whatever that means but I'm basically saying it should be run by loyal non-government non illumaniti individuals and protected by them.

Step 2. We need to seek funding for our own Television, our own news. The people need to look past the government and create their own broadcasting. This is a way to battle the media censorship throughout the world and reach people who only watch tv and who aren't capable of finding sites. Also because it's more mainstream it won't be labled conspiracy because the majority would be tuned to it.

Step 3. People lawyers, politicians to attack the legislative and executive branches through the judical branch.

Step 4. Chain letter the world so we can all view and chat on the same website.,, Something catchy but don't let the government take it down we seriously need a movie/ type of broadcasting with amazing commenting and ranking and forum accessablility. We will be able to play videos and then even have a forum for that actual vidoe. Computer geeks unite and create this because its important now that is censored!

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