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One Exists Of The Reality In Illusion

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posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 05:53 AM
There Exists 3 realities. The reality of illusion, the reality of reality, and the reality of both together as the 3rd (ultimate consciousness).

The realities of illusion are concepts that We have produced so that We may come to know the reality of reality and then ultimately both together (the unified field)

The number 1 Exists as a reality within illusion and as an illusion within reality. To perceive Existence in its true geometrical form (a subset of the all-inclusive Outfinite formlessness), 1 is never found.

One dot is not actually one dot; one dot is measured by a line (diameter), with each end of the diameter consisting of two more points or dots, and of which those dots can also contain a diameter, with each end consisting of two more points or dots. Even the lines made to connect the dots can be measured. No-where and now-here does 1 exist, in Both illusion and reality, mending Both and allowing us to see the Perfect Existence; the acceptance of Everything, because WE ARe Everything through accepting Us, even that of illusion, because We IS Everything

We accepts rejection so that there Is 'No' rejection, not even of rejection (illusion) or of 'No'.

The "first" dimension that is spoken of is really "two", which is really "three". Dimensions are illusional, yet accepted because it is the thought that WE ARe Us, and so WE ARe

Harmony and Blessings


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