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Disclosure sooner... or later?

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posted on Jan, 6 2007 @ 12:17 AM
I am enjoying hearing the various opinions on the topic of disclosure, and I become more and more intrigued with some of the avenues and timeframes through which different members feel this could occur. In retrospect, it is also pretty peculiar that in the past couple of months things have gotten fairly active around the planet with regards to sightings and phenomena. If this observation does nothing to legitamize anyones' intuitions, then maybe the consideration that (with this supposedly being the largest conspiracy site) the Alien/UFO section has more than twice as many posts and threads than any of the other conspiracy sections... hmm?

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 02:54 AM
Full disclosure? I think it'll be "soon" if the aliens want it to be soon. If it's up the governments, then it'll be later. Much later, if at all, and only if they have to.

The #1 concern is public reaction to such news. Outside of God making a public appearance, or an impending global catastrophe, I can't think of any other event that could stop the world on a dime. Not good for business.

That said, humanity must be waded into such news slowly and gingerly. Humans, by and large, are a very emotionally fragile species. You have people going to court or protesting every day because someone got offended by something... Words, most likely. And a good lot of people couldn't go through life on their own two feet without their belief that God physically helps them through hardships.

So.... it would be safe to say that Brookings is fairly accurate in how humanity would freak out to the news that aliens have landed. Not everyone would, but enough people to cause problems with the fluid functioning of society. I'd say that the reaction would be even worse if the aliens looked scary and imposing. Fear is a delicate thing.

If the government wants to open the door to the truth, they'll do it slowly, and start with something non-threatening. They'd probably be judging public reaction every step of the way, and if humanity didn't look like they could handle it, they'd go no further.

Maybe that's what's happening now, with these rash of UFO sitings. Maybe we're being desensitised to them being seen... or at least the presumption that UFO's are being seen. Maybe we're getting pushed into the wading pool to get used to the waters of possibility, in attempts to prepare us. Who knows.

But still, I can't help but wonder why a far more advanced alien would want to make contact with primative-by-comparison us. With our government wanting to weaponize everything from robots to lamp shades, I could see why they'd want to make contact with an advanced alien. But what could the alien possibly get through contact that they couldn't get while hiding in orbit?

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 04:20 AM
I totally concur with you D. I feel that in terms of full disclosure it is all up to what the Aliens decide is appropriate. I feel that this whole matter is fully in their hands.

As I read so many of the threads here I see varying degrees on different stories, theories, and details of eyewitness accounts… as do all here. Thus, I summon logic as a means to address all reads. It can be somewhat frustrating to discern what is fallacious, what is circumstantial, and what is genuine in substance. BUT, in doing so I come up with my own theories and have obtained an appreciation for all of what I have gained from scanning these threads no matter which category it falls under (or which I perceive it to fall under). I often see myself on the fence on most issues, because I would like concrete validation as anyone else here does. In regards to my opinion on disclosure… I would definitely like to see this happen in my lifetime. It just seems like a viable possibility that with everything that is going on (with regards to global politics, war, changes due to our negative interactions with the environment, our failure to care for our fellow man due to lack in monetary gain in whatever respect and the need for SELF fulfillment, etc., etc) that disclosure just might become a pressed event. In the miniscule likelihood of that occurrence, the possibility of we as a species becoming more conscious to these self-induced ailments and/ or solutions to, is in the very least promising.

Thus, I will remain hopeful that someone here on these threads or elsewhere will provide that concrete validation that we are all searching for…. Sooner, or later.

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 08:17 AM
Relax people, relax. World events have been happening on this planet since year dot. We even had two wars that the whole world was involved in and changed everyone, but no hello from the aliens.

The invention of the wheel?
The industrial revolution?
The advent of the nuclear age?

The events mentioned are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to world changing times, and on a public level at least, no disclosure.

Why now when whats happening in the world today, is nothing compered to
events that when on years ago?

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 10:19 AM
A lot of people have wildly divergent expectations about what "disclosure" means in the first place, especially "full disclosure"...

If the government (or whatever factions thereof) or some committee representing the industrial-military complex decide at some point in the future to announce that they have knowledge of extraterrestrial visitations and cultures, that aliens are real... well, that's disclosure.

If the aliens decide to park a mothership over every world capital and send a psychic loudspeaker announcement to every human being along the lines of "we're here"... that's disclosure too.

But would such an event truly reveal all? If the 'government' made disclosure, what makes us think they'd tell us the whole story? What version of the "alien agenda" or our own role in it would they tell us? Would they admit to the details of the last sixty years of black projects? Would they present us with technology?

Or would they use the announcement to make us extremely afraid, and to justify further secrecy and governmental control?

Remember, if disclosure comes, the government can still spin it any way it wants to; disclosure does not mean an end to the concept of "above top secret". Anyone who is rightly or wrongly terrified by the disclosure will be huddling behind the military, willing to approve any actions that can protect us from the advancing visitors.

By the same token, if an alien culture does the 'disclosure,' why do you think we could trust the voice coming from the mothership?

Disclosure won't necessarily mean that the truth will be revealed. Personally, it makes me nervous. Food for thought.

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 10:37 AM

Originally posted by Twiggie
I have am a regular reader on these forums, and have been intrigued with the well spring of information others bring to this site... whether or not it is false, speculative, or fact.

Some may justifiably dissagree with me, which doesn't "rattle my cage" at all. It is my belief that, even if the author or poster has the intention to share "false" information that there is some level of truth in it, regardless of their intentions to mislead or provide dissinformation. But, again, this is my opinion, which i feel inclined to share.

Thus, I am curious as to others opinions on whether UFO/ Alien disclosure will be happening in the near future.

I honestly believe disclosure on a grander scale than what is normally percieved has already been in existance, for a long time, but in a hidden manner. When it comes to our thirst for the truth concerning the matter of ufos and aliens, i feel we are sort of living in a prison without walls, our judgment has been tainted, so to speak.

My intuition and theories (which I have based on circumstances occurring in the world coupled with a significantly growing sense of impending events) make me feel that something is coming soon. Of course it could just be caffienated anxiety mixed with too much conspiracy input from this and related sites.

I think you make a VERY GOOD POINT! People know to think about what it is they know to look for. If we spend too much time always engrosed in thoughts concerning conspiracies, then we see what we are looking for. Even accepted history as written in history books is all too often based more upon POP CULTURE, and less upon the facts.

Having said that, i too subscribe to the same intuition. I believe in the next 5 to 15 years there will be more information forth coming concerning the right people devulging more information on the ufo and alien phenomenon.


posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 10:42 AM

Originally posted by D_Hoffman
Full disclosure? I think it'll be "soon" if the aliens want it to be soon.

I think it may be worth considering that the aliens do want it to be soon, as the sooner it is, perhaps the more both humanity, life on earth, and the aliens would benefit from the potential for possibilities. I think full disclosure is dependant upon us, our ideals and practices, our actions and behaviors, our intentions, rather than the aliens'.

But, this may be merely speculation produced by my opinion, and my personal best "educated guess". I concede i my opinion may be flawed, but given what i know, the plausibility of it has not been disproven in my eyes.


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