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The collapse of WTC7

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posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 12:09 AM
OK, I don't want to talk about Silverstein's comments or about any other outside evidence.
I just want to know what caused WTC7 to collapse neatly into itself, in a perfectly vertical decent all inside 7 seconds (free fall speed).
Some try to tell us that the fires were worst then originally though. Witness accounts have revealed that the fires were ragging oer a good 6 floors for the better part of the afternoon. Well, as the following pictures show, there is very little signs of fires on the North side of the WTC7 so if any fire damage occurred, it had to be on the South side which was facing the twin towers:

Some fires, but nothing substantial on the North side of the building.

Just before the collapse, no fires visible on the North side.

Again, a little bit of fires on the North side but nothing that would cause a collapse

Only seconds before it collapsed, no visible fires on the North side still

So it is obvious that if there were any damage caused by fires, it would be on the South side of the building. Unfortunately, no pictures really show clearly the South side of the building to verify that but we will assume that the South side was indeed badly damaged by the fires.

Then there is the idea that the South side of the WTC7 building was very badly damaged by the falling debris of the towers even though the WTC7 was a good 300 feet away from the nearest North tower and WTC5 and WTC6 were directly between WTC7 and the towers as pictured here:

Now you will notice that WTC6 is directly between WTC7 and the North tower. Still WTC6 stood up well until it was pulled down. Of course WTC6 is badly damaged but it stood up in spite of the fact that it was about 50 feet away from the towers (much closer than the WTC7 building at 300 ft away )
Never the less, this picture reveals there were some damage to the South face of WTC7:

So there you have it: damage due to fire on the South side of WTC7 as well as damage due to debris on it's South.
So if all the damage was localized to the South side, how did the building collapse in such a perfectly vertical manner as seen in this animation:

And look at the neat pile it left on the ground, the walls laying on top of the pile as in a controlled implosion would cause:

Now look at the top of the building as it collapses, how did the penthouse collapse first, litterrally sinking into the building's core as it collapses:

You can better see in this video:
CBS video of Building 7 collapse

It's very simple: if there were damage to the South face, the building should have toppled over to the South. Only it didn't, it crumbled down perfectly vertical inside 7 seconds .... how? If you hack away at one side of a three, will it crumble down vertically or will it topple over to the side you are hacking at?

Who is going to explain how WTC7 fell down? Who is going to explain how the whole North side appears to lvirtually bow inwards as it collapses down?

Additional videos of WTC7 collapse:
Building 7 collapse
Building 7 collapse from northeast
CBS video of Building 7 collapse

[edit on 30-11-2006 by Pepe Lapiu]

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