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I disagree about the MASS panic

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posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 09:49 AM
You know when not once but twice this morning complete strangers dug my car out by hand when I got stuck in this blizzard in IL...

I should have told them, don't bother because there's no hope.

STM it is a shame but we are wasting our time on this thread. They keep saying we don't get it. That's what I used to say to my parents when I was 15. Then I grew up and faced reality. The reality of the only way for change to happen is to get off your "A" and do something. Unfortunately many college professors just feed the problem by poisoning the minds of our youth. I am glad to see STM’s son teaching and trying to affect change.

If and when aliens are introduced you will see first hand what kind of turmoil will ensue. Like I said in another thread perception is not reality.

Nice or not the aliens will obviously have thousands of years of superiority on us. Now imagine that little thought always in the back of your mind. The thought that if you make them angry what will happen. You cannot function normally like that.

Mr Chipps, I am not angry at you nor do I dislike you. I am merely debating the subject at hand. You didn't expect everyone to agree with you did you?

There are no hard feelings here.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 07:57 PM

Your last reply was well written. I like it and I'm sorry for my harsh words.

However one statement you made I disagree with. I believe you were reffering to the Mexican border when you commented about the "Border Problem". I think the ONLY border problem is that they exist in the first place. We're all one people sharing this planet. Borders only exist in our minds, and I hate that.

I admit I've never done anything as major as the person you gave your example about, but I try to reach as many people as I can with the means I have.

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 11:11 AM
I'm a redhead with a temper and the "Woe All is lost" attitude is definitely my #1 pet peeve. Sorry I unloaded on you. LOL, my son feels doubly for you. Just wish the professors out there were a little more positive and pro-action in their course material.

My opinion on the initial effects of ETs showing themselves is as follows;

that there would be panics throughout the world in all aspects of the worlds' societies. For awhile it would bring everything to a standstill, then that would halt the flow of money, the banks would close to avoid runs on them, people would switch to using cash on hand only, the shipping and trucking of goods would probably be looted in transit (think about New Orleans and Katrina, the people started stealing and hoarding all foodstuffs and luxury items and that was just one city, this would be the whole world). I would imagine that the Brits would get bombed on gin and tonics and would refuse to be upset by it all and would probably float through it all the British way, the Americans once they realized that the banks weren't open and they couldn't afford to shop at the mall this would force all the soccer moms into action with their glocks storming the mall en masse and loading up their SUVs with all the necessities of life, Levis, cashmere sweaters, ipods, new shoes and Britney wear for their 9 year olds. The Scientologists would probably activate their own TV satellite in space to run continuous feed of L. Ron Hubbard and the returning of the slave masters, there would be Jesse Jackson stepping forward offering to be the mediator and Al Sharpton would fight him for the right to but Jimmy Carter will slip by them and negotiate a bad deal. Larry King will interview the ETs. The French would surrender the first day, peaceful ETs or not. The UN would loot their cafeteria (as they did a few years ago) and would steal all the liquor and then hide under their desks with their secretaries to console their loss of bribes through contracts, etc...etc...etc

Lol! Just my first thoughts on this, feel free to add what I've left out,


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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 12:27 PM

ROFL!!! Oh my gosh. I dunno if it's possible to add to that. Priceless. Lemme see... Survivalists would go underground and start preparing for the worst. Militias would gather enforce and start patrolling the streets on foot. Doomsday sayers would be out with their signs. Some folks would commit suicide. Innocent people would die as a survival of the fittest scenario kicked in. "Cats and dogs, living together - mass hysteria!" - Ghostbusters

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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 12:31 PM
I just can't beleive that its been 60 years in 2007 since the roswell incident in 1947.
And there's still a coverup

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 01:03 PM
All that stuff is VERY funny! I got a good laugh out of it. But seriously, I think we underestimate the amount of people who would be willing to accept the fact that they're here. I would be excited, sure, but not freaked out. I believe they're already here so just haveing my beliefs confirmed would not really freak me out. I think a lot more people feel that way than we think.

But your reply was pretty cool.

And on another note, about people who say "We couldn't handle the truth. Remember when Orson Wells did WAR OF THE WORLDS?" Well, you have to that scenario....they were all out attacking us. Something TOTALLY different than just letting us know that they're real and they're here.

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 01:09 PM
Some people are ahead of the rest of the world and those type of people
find it hard to settle in with everyday life as it is.

Those people are also going to be the ones to bring change and enlightment.
and they are going to P people off talking about all our problems
if they weren't concerned or wanted change they wouldn't talk about it.
And sometimes the best thing to do is spread knowledge and try to get
people to understand the truth one by one and then one day we may
break free of the shakles our government has placed upon us. Never
underestimate the power of knowledge for you see it is this that has kept
the elite's in power with the spreading of false information and lie's they have
created their own twisted false view of the world which they feed us so they
can manipulate and control the people into giving them power.

phew! thats a load man and I just wanted to say that I agree with you compelty and I see some of the other posters are missing the big picture.

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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 01:24 PM
I just wanted to add something. If there were no people that knew really how messed up this world is and FACED IT, THEN there would be no hope. This is why the topic creator and people like him give me hope, Thank you.

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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 03:05 PM
1. We are prisoners, of the Illuminati. That's the way it is, that's the way it has been, and that's the way it will always be (until we all awaken to this fact). That's not a "woe is us" statement, it's a statement of reality. We can choose to be prisoners or choose to be free. Someone said it on another thread, love is the answer.

2. The military industrial complex is in power. NOT your so-called "government". President Eisenhower confirmed this himself, it's all on public record. This cartel runs every last drug racket, every weapons racket, ships every drop of fossil fuel. To disclose ET would be to compromise their esteemed position in the oil and technology market. They must make sure we NEVER get access to free energy systems as it would transform the world and leave them out of pocket. All humanity would no longer be dependent on a 'supply line' as everything we need to run for power or fuel can be extracted from the air we breathe. Disclosure of ETV (extra terrestrial vehicles) would severely compromise their iron grip on the expenses of our daily lives.

3. The "Mass Panic" would not come from people. It would come from the military industrial complex, the Illuminati. They would try and induce "mass panic" in one form or another, probably by trying on an 'Independence Day' "let's get dem alien nasties" staged invasion. If mass panic ever happened, you can guarantee it would be because of that shady segment of society, not the general populace.

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 03:10 PM
Well, perhaps the "avoid mass hysteria" excuse for non-disclosure may have been true when they first used it, but...

Originally posted by MrChipps

Originally posted by Unplugged
Mass panic is not the reason why UFO info is kept secret.
Like everything else, its about money and power.

I think that after the initial release of disclosure, the majority of the earths population would experience a spiritual awakening.

...I think this is the real reason why they continue with non-disclosure. If the "powers that be" are insistent on world control, then they wouldn't want the masses to have any hope of a better life than the one they offer to us...That would really mess up their plans.

Originally posted by Scramjet76
It's not really that bad. Make the most of your time. I suggest buying a fast car. I'm not sure if you've ever owned a sports car, but they are quite fun (although not as fun as a saucer I'm sure).

If you really believe this, try explaining your point of view to the cop who stops you for going over 200 mph...Or explain it to the judge before he hits you with a fine bigger than your bank account (They do fine you more according to how fast you were going).

Okay, the alternative...Quit the rat race & go live like a hermit in the wilderness, living off the land. At least if you find a long stretch of deserted road, you may get away with speeding your sports car so fast.

But then, even in the wilderness, you should try to avoid planting too big of a crop field...They could pick it up on satellite, find you & start nabbing you for breaking laws concerning "acceptable settlers". Of course, you'd also want to have a rifle so you could hunt for meat to supplement you diet: But then if they do find you, what's the worst they could do? Well, under the Patriot Act & the Victory Act, they could arrest you as a Terrorist without allowing you any communication to family or lawyers, imprison you with no Rights (they'd strip you of your Citizenship) & no Trail by Peers, then also torture you & kill you (Military Commisions Act). No, it's very difficult to actually own your own land any more...As a rule of thumb, if you have to pay property taxes, you don't really own it. And even if you succeed in that, they could still grab you for whatever reason or no reason...Even though all you may want is to just be left alone & free.
And there's a whole plethora of other considerations I haven't even gotten into yet. Yep, go ahead & find out what it would really take to keep out of "The Man's" way...And still be set up well enough that you'd be self-sufficient. Then consider that your own individual psyche craves contact with fellow human beings...How well could you get along with no human contact at all? Yes, some have the strength of mind to accept that kind of life but it's rare.
Society has been intentionally engineered so that it won't be easy to quit the rat race. So in reality, we really are forced to live within it, as MrChipps has stated.

Originally posted by MrChipps
True we can make certain decisions to do things slightly different....but to vere to far form the way things ARE is all but impossible.

This still makes it sound as if there's very little hope...A lot less than actually exists: When our "national leaders" take Office, they must swear an Oath to "preserve, protect & uphold" the Constitution (no, it's not only the President who has to swear an Oath: All Offices of Executive, Judicial & Legislative Branches on both Federal & State levels must take the Oath), even though they break that Oath nearly every day their arses occupy their chairs. This is merely one point of leverage on them that's already being used.

Originally posted by seentoomuch
We would then get into a full out debate with me listing all the changes he could effect with his time and effort and here's just a few for brevity's sake: support term limits (no more professional politicians, only concerned citizens), no lobbyists allowed to visit with our reps at all, they should only be allowed to petition the same as the average citizen with no perks of any kind allowed), run for local offices for the changes he'd like to see in our community, stay in touch with his reps on the changes he would like to see, write them, call them, help in the community (education, homeless) , stay on top of proposed building projects and their impact on the environment, learn how to protect our waterways and contact the reps about it and vote accordingly...etc...there's a million different ways to effect change.

Thereare people waking up & making the Government hold itself accountable...They are fighting the "shadow government's" influence on the real government. They're using the Constitution against them & making them see that they can't subjugate us. So there is still hope as long as there's people who know what's going on & doing something about it. This is what the Constitution was meant for & why theymust be held accountable for their actions while in Office. There really is no room in the Constitution for "career politicians." Politics has been described as "the Art of Compromise" but the Constitution leaves no room to be compromised in itself: If it did, then there would have been no reason to write it in the first place!
But it's up to The People to enforce the Consitution on the Office Holders:
"The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance."--Thomas Jefferson
Well, we've failed to be vigilant & we're paying the price...But there are more & more people actually waking up & trying to make up for that fault.

Maybe that's what the "space brothers" are waiting for...As a sign that we are becoming socially mature, that we can still succeed at becoming free of oppressive politics being used against us. Maybe once we can accomplish that, they may feel that we're ready for full contact.
I can't really claim to know that this is what they're waiting for. All I know is that, if I were them, I would rather wait for a race to "grow up" before I help them...They would have to be capable of showing that they can help themselves first. Sort of like an uncle watching a nephew grow up...To see what kind of man that nephew can become before you can treat like a man.

Originally posted by seentoomuch
Great, another person with an "all is lost" view of the world and doing nothing about it, and it sounds like you're waiting for anyone (other than yourself) to bail us out.

This sounds like "seentoomuch" hasn't really "seen enough"...Even I've seen that MrChips has already explained how his (her?...I don't know) viewpoint as not sounding nearly as hopeless as you described, even before you posted. But I will give you credit for trying to help with some of your other points though...

Originally posted by seentoomuch
Until you explain just what you’ve done, yes, I will assume you’ve done nothing...

Do you know what they say about "assuming" anything? Look at the word itself: "Assume" only makes an "ass of U & Me". I try to get by assuming as little as possible...That's what allows people to actually wake up to the political manipulation & oppression that surrounds them. "Unassuming" means that you don't take anything at "face value" & never try to insert anything into something (or someone) you don't know about.

Originally posted by seentoomuch
Until you explain just what you’ve done, yes, I will assume you’ve done nothing. If you come forward and list a few, then yes, I would be wrong and would admit it...

You "assumed" that MrChips actually does nothing except sit & whine about the situation but then call for him to prove your assumptions to be wrong? At least I've seen that you recognize this particular mistake & make correction for it...After all, nobody's perfect--Not even me.
Besides, ATS has a "non-activist" policy...Don't advertise or recruit for them here on the forum boards: If I mention any particular "activist organizations at all here, it's to point out something newsworthy about the fight against political corruption, or to impart relevant info to a particular topic in which I post.
But I can understand your attitude towards the "non-proactive" professors at that college...After all, they've been restricted to that practice for a long time. The "teachers" in modern schools must concentrate more on teaching students how to go work for some corporate entity rather than teach how a student can work for himself or society in general. Once this is realized, it becomes a bit easier to understand just how deep & widespread that the corporate/political corruption actually infests our society.

Originally posted by RiotComing
1. We are prisoners, of the Illuminati. That's the way it is, that's the way it has been, and that's the way it will always be (until we all awaken to this fact). That's not a "woe is us" statement, it's a statement of reality. We can choose to be prisoners or choose to be free.

Well, almost...I've heard it said by various people in ATS: "Free you mind & your @$$ will follow." Love (or at least a healthy dose of basic human compassion for your fellow humans) is only a part of the answer: At least this makes you sensitive enough to keep your eyes open. You also have to remain vigilant against oppressive/reppressive corruption & fight it when it appears.

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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 03:32 PM
Here's a read that may relate to this discussion:

Now I'm not saying that people would panic to the extent of this story, but it is realistic that even with all the ufo info in our popular culture that a panic to some degree would would take place initially. The world would have changed overnight and many people would see it as an opportunity to say "what the heck" and others would think that it was the end of the world and the survival mode would kick in. Eventually the world would turn again and people would go back to their jobs and life would go on. Just my opinion.


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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 05:58 PM
Riotcomming & Midnightdestroyer, I LOVED both of your replys and viewpoints. KUDOS to you both!

Midnightdestroyer....All I can say Good work.

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