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What Will The Baker Recommendations Be?

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posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 04:03 PM
It is expected the Commission’s report will be made public next week. It will be “leaked” over this weekend. Leaking has a two pronged objective. One, it gives the powers that be time to adjust their own reaction to the public's reception of the report and two, it keeps favored news sources on the hook, so they can reap higher Nielsen ratings in return for favorable reporting.

We have already been told there are but 3 options. 1) Set a date certain to withdraw Coalition Forces from Iraq; 2) Federalize Iraq into 3 distinct semi independent zones, and 3) Change our emphasis from containing the violence to training Iraqi Army and Police, stay on but also with an end in sight.

Over this past weekend, a 4th recommendation to call a regional peace conference to include Iran and Syria. Pro administration spokesmen have belittled Syria as an impotent player and Bush43 himself has continued his same pre-conditions before the US will talk with Iran.

One option no one seems to mention is if the Iraqi government of al Maliki would ask us out.

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posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 02:06 PM
The Baker Hamilton Commission has recommenced 79 actions we need to take if we are to salvage anything out of the Iraq Fiasco. Three of these are must do. 1) increase significantly the US training forces. 2) establish benchmarks for the Iraqi government to meet, and 3) talk to Syria and Iran.

Tony Snow, Rupert Murdoch’s hand picked slick and frequently verging on the smart-aleck, commentator, has already down played and bad mouthed the Commission’s Report and barely acknowledged there is any “trouble “ in Iraq. Hmm. Not a good sign. Bush43 and VP Cheney have us in a mess it will take a miracle to get out of unblemished.

The Dems will stay on the sideline; it is not January, 2007 yet. The GOP is still in control until then. We’ll have to see what the GOP does when its leader turns from stubborn to bewildered. Will Bush43 become an Amendment XXV problem?

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