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Newbie to gaming (Playstation 3 question)

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posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 10:06 AM
Im realitively new to gaming.
I have played Lineage years back when the demo came out on the mac.
Lineage II looked cool, but wasnt for the mac.

Now I play runescape, and am interested in the Playstation 3 for some reason.
(Think it looks cool, and wouldnt mind the blue ray drive.)

What kind of games will be out on Playstation 3 that are similar to Lineage II?
(I suppose a World of Warcraft type of game, never played it, so I dont know...I know they have a trial, but it wont download for some reason.)

I saw names like oblivion, etc., I suppose these are the closest, and best games that are similar to lineage and ruenscape. (I know the graphic quality in runescape is not to be compared to the games that cost $$$) but the theme is what Im after.

Also, Im curious if they will start incorporating multiple players now that 360 and Playstation 3 are online. (Maybe World of Warcraft will move over to Playstation? REad somewhere to many hot keys to do this.)

I wish sony, adobe, apple would merge and just give me one system that does everthing from graphics to gaming to entertainment. :-) (not much of a microsoft fan, suppose its for some.)




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