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The Axis Against The Zion's

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posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 07:38 PM
For a decade, Israel has been compromised by an axis of people that reject its right to exist. This axis has been successful in denying Israel decisive military victories, as well as political breakthroughs. This makes the national security doctrine of Israel almost irrelevant and in need of an overhaul. Recently the chief of staff and prime minister were confident that Israel would be able to secure itself from an existential threat of a one state solution. The Lebanon war was something of a wake up call, now recognizing strategic disadvantages. Although Israel may have the most powerful fighting force in the region, the axis of resistance is political. The means the axis is to prevent any decisive military victory, and more important, the establishment of a Palestinian State in Gaza would be a setback to its cause.
We built the most powerful and effective fighting force in the region. Its logic came to dominate our national security. Alas, the logic of the axis of resistance is political. In most cases they will seek to avoid direct military confrontation with Israel that would lead to their defeat. Instead, their objective is to undermine any political progress toward securing Israel's existence and to prevent any decisive military victory by Israel. They have successfully done so for more than a decade.

WE USED to think that the Palestinian side wanted to end "occupation" and to establish its state. The axis of resistance does not object to a renewal of Israeli "occupation" in Gaza and considers the establishment of a Palestinian state as a setback to its cause.

We built our military doctrine on the assumption that there will be an address, a government, on the other side that would be the subject of our policies of waving sticks or offering carrots. The axis of resistance effectively seeks to undermine such governments in the PA, in Lebanon and in Jordan. The weaker these governments are, the easier it is to use their territory for the struggle against Israel.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I think some of this have been know by most of the world for quite a long time. Some might have been suspected and the author of the article just put it in words. The biggest thing in this article I think is that a Palestinian State is not desired, despite all the negotiations where a Palestinian State was the topic of discussion, that is not what was desired. So what is desired is for the state of Israel to become destabilized. According to the author for the last decade that has been successful. Without being an expert in this field, I would boil this all down to one main point. You can choose war or you can choose peace. The axis, have decided which side they are on. That pretty well describes the kind of people that the axis is made up of.

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 12:57 PM
I don't know how many or if anybody bothered reading any of this, but anyway hear is more information on this same issue. I do think this builds to the same point that I made in the opening post.

If anything, the bloody Fatah-Hamas clashes over the past week prove that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's security forces continue to have a strong presence on the streets of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. These events have also shown that Abbas's Fatah party has thousands of loyal gunmen who are not reluctant to take on Hamas.

Ever since he came to power in January 2005, Abbas has been complaining that his security forces are too weak to fight Hamas or other terror groups. These forces, he argued, are unable to carry out their duties because Israel had "destroyed" them and their headquarters during the past six years of the intifada.

This was the excuse he gave for failing to take action against Hamas and Islamic Jihad members who were firing rockets at Israel. And Abbas used the same excuse to justify his failure to restore law and order and disarm all the militias that are running wild in the Palestinian territories.

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