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Holla! Guten Tag! Privet! Hello!

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posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 07:03 PM
Waaaaaaaaasssup!!!!!!!!!!!! What it do? Sup ma homies, what's up?

Alright, to celebrate my return to ATS after, like 2 months or somthin? lets have a game!.......................actually..............hahahahahaha, damn, I ain't been on here in hella long! Lets make this thread a place for checkin in. Like, a blog for me, and also for others. Somethin like dat. Anything new? I made a thread not like this one, but in a lil way similar, a long time ago, but I dissappeared.

So I'll just update my status:
In the proccess of moving
Working in Real Estate (yeah, that's what I call real work, real dough, not dat stupid grocery job!
Paintin (attemptin to),, hahahaha, I be paintin caddillacs, and da ghettos and ..........nature
damn, all my homies will laugh when they find out, hahahhahaha

makin new rap songz, soon it'll be time to hit da world wit my album!

Still representin Russia, yadaimean? I've met new Russian people, been keepin in touch wit da Russian news.

Got the music maker. Its called Acid pro or somethin. Actually my DJ homies got it. They gonna help me make my beats, and remix dem wit da DJ, cuz I gotta learn about usin da musicmaker, its so complicated.... I feel stupid sayin dis... hahahahahhahaa

Gotta get the mike, however I learned the shockin truth. I was gonna get one for a benjamin, even some people here tellin me dat I could get one for 15 bucks. Datz bs. You get what you pay for. If you pay for 15 bux, you gone get a Mike dat works like it costs 15 bux. Maybe good for some podcasts, nothin else. Real Mikes for recordin my album "Russian Rocket" costs around 4 benjamins or more. Sometimes even a grand! I'm lookin for one around 2 benjamins or sumthn'.

Also I went totally broke temporarily helping others! I realized doin good fo others sometimes costs yourself! I lost more then 2 grand! Still recovering from it!

Also been partyin alot, lookin for hot babes. Goin to clubs and bars, not comin home alot, or comin hella late, goin hella hyphy. Yeah, before I go to war in Russia, I wanna have as much fun as possible, yadaimean? Have fun 'for you die!

I temporarily thought about gettin braided or dreaded but when my hair grew out, it looked bad, I could've gotten an afro, hahahahhahaha, but in the end I shaved my head as I do once a month, hahahahaha.

Wasted the few pennies I had ipod new generation video 30gb, a 6.3 hella clean digital camera (hey dat meanz I can take hella pics and vids and share em wit you guyz.)

Tuned up my myspace,,, check it out. My myspace name is Ggor. I havn't added music yet, if anybody knowz how to, tell me. When I get dat mike and make some songz, I'll fo show add them on my myspace fo show!

Been listenin to hella rap. Oh yeah, da reason I got da ipod video was cuz my shuffle just wouldn't turn on one day and hasn't turned on since! I'm hella pist! I'm planning to go to da apple store and complain.

I bought a laptop- a Toshiba Satellite with a celleron proccessor, 80gig hardrive, 490mb memory, no dvd burner, and a simple lil windows xp home edittion. What a piece of crap. It was stupid of me to have bought it, now its a hassle getting my $713.00 back! They gots to send it to me by mail, but I want my money now! BS, I went to da store hella pist but they said its store policy, and they don't be carryin this kinda dough in them registers..................shizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In da end they told me I gonna get ma money back in a week- a shame, the whole time I was waiting for my money, there was a sale at a different store-circuit city, where for da same price they had a computer with a 120 gig hard drive, dvd burner, media center windowz xp, 1024 mb memory, a hella clean computer! But da sale is over and I still ain't gotten my dough back.... grrr. As soon as I get my dough back, I'm gettin a laptop. I am waitin to hit a deal in my real estate biz, as soon as I do, I'll be able to get an apartment and a car.....its been hard fo me latley, sleepin in da car, or havin to kick it at my old folk's, gotta get dat apartment soon. Been kickin it alot wit my homeboyz.....................been havin hella fun.
Anyway, Russian soldier's back... I hope I don't dissappear again, hahahahhaa. I'm at da library now, I'll come to library to keep in touch... as soon as I get da apartment and computer, I'll get internet and go back to being on the computer 50% of the day, every day...hahahah, 'member when I used to be online all da time? Damn, I miss been on here,, been hella long.

Oh yeah, I wanna go to Las Vegas hella bad before I go back to Russia.... I love dat place... forget the casinos, I just wanna see all da hot babes they got over there! They got hella clubs, and strip clubs, like on every block....hahahahahahha

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 07:05 PM
What the hell?!??!?! What happened to my avatar?!?!! My signiture?!?! My profile?!?!!??! What the hell!??!?!?!!?!??! Where's my Russian soldier movin avatar?!?! what the hell has been goin on since I been gone?!??!?!?!?!?

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 07:07 PM
My BTS points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to them!?!??! THey are negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last time I was on I had about a thousand or somethin!!!!!!!!! What's goin on!??!?! I'm confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to my avatar!?!?!??!


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