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Is Sony mucking up?

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posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 12:09 PM
Its a wonder why console systems are still popular, i did buy and original xbox though and even though i enjoyed it quite a bit it will be the last console i buy, got it a great price so that was a big reason. Consoles are pretty much computers where you are limited to what you do so owning a console kinda feels like owning a computer that will only do so much and for the prices they sell them you could get a pretty good computer or even upgrade your current one with really no restraints that couldnt be fixed for some more money. Some PS3's here been seeing them in the classifieds for $2000 some even $4000! like gimme a break thats ridiculous. Imagine the monster of a PC that could be built for that price that would wreck the PS3 three times over before you can say sony. Or even a low end sports car at that price. With a PC your paying more but look at all the additional things you can do its like there is no limit then feeling exlusive to console games. There are goods about consoles, can easily play with friends in one area as opposed to setting up lan partys and they are easy to transport and setup but thats the only good things about them imo, which is possible with PC just a little more hassle and effort. Personal preference though, anyway PC4LIFE.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 01:54 PM

Originally posted by elitegamer23

Originally posted by Lysergic

cant i turn the stupid crap off on the remote? i really do not want to have to lean and look all retarded when i am playing i game, just let me mash some damn buttons and fiddle my analog schtick!!!!!!!

lysergic , considering you are an oldschool , elite gamer like myself, u CANT diss the wii mote. you and I live for such evolution in gaming and that is exactly what the wii mote is. the sixaxis is proof the wii mote is moving in the next direction and its proof that controlling video games are rapidly evolving.

Originally posted by thehumbleone

Originally posted by WolfofWar
Lets see. Sony's already lost a billion dollars in there PC muck up issues with copyright protection.

Nobody really is taking them seriously, stocks dropped, the system just sucks, nobody even wants it, they just want to sell it. It has no vibration controls, the majority of its launch games are xbox 360 games.

yeah they mucked up, but they did with the ps2 and the sheep still followed en masse

Wolfofpeace, we're not dealing with a fanboy are we?

wolfofpeace is correct though. sony is hurting right now. look at their stocks and compare them to nintendos. sony might just be in panic mode right now.

Kutaragi removed from job in Sony PlayStation management shakeup

i only have one question. what happened to murcielago?


Maybe now that they got kutaragi out of their, sony will start to shape up its act.

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