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I would be for the NWO if...

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posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 12:18 PM
I would be all for a NWO if I knew for certain that it would be like this...

Every country is divided into states. Each state will be at 300 square miles.
There will be no congress, no senate. Just a president. The reason there will be no congress or senate is because once the constitution is written it stays. There is no changing it, because changing it is what causes a democracy to grow towards fascism.

Then the people of each state vote on a representative. There will be NO electronic voting and NO electoral college! 5+ numbers(depending on the state population) will be drawn like the lottery to decide who becomes a counter/watcher in a mandatory lottery. The randomly selected citizens from a different state will be watched over by another randomly selected citizen from another different state to insure the counting is done correct. The number of counters needed will depend on the population of the state.

The terms will be 3 years and no more, no less. You can not be reelected. To become a representative requires paid education to train you for the tasks as mayor, management and the such that is required to run a state. The representative will decide on a staff that he must pay a set limit, to help him in his task.

The representatives vote on a president. The president stays in for 3 years and no more, no less. He can no be reelected. The president is a representative for the people and he insures that representatives do their jobs. The president is also the deciding factor on the generals. The president may disband or recruit generals at the start of his term. In the even of an intergalactic war, the president will be the representative.

There will be 2 world armies:

The Peoples Army:
The Peoples Army will also make sure that there are no internal wars. The Peoples Army will also remove a representative if he is found guilty of trying to bribe his way into president. Potential acts of bribery will be closely monitored by a branch of the government called the Peoples Watch.

The Earth Guard:
The Earth Guard will be for our protection from a threat from space. The armies will be equally balanced in the case of a potential coup by either army. Factories will be standing ready in the case that there becomes a threat from space. Once a threat from space is defeated, the Earth Guard will be disbanded to the level of the Peoples Army.

If one or the other army attacks each other units will go to the defender until the attacking army is defeated. Once the battle is over, the armies will be rebalanced.

There will be checks and balances on corporations and individuals. No corporation or individual can not make too much money in a given year, there will be a set limit. They also can not HAVE too much money. If they go over a set limit (in America I would say 3 billion) then that wealth must be redistributed evenly amongst everyone.

We will also use gold currency. All transactions will be measured in grams or mg of gold. All the gold will be kept safely and guarded by the peoples army. The gold that will be used will be imagined (it will be invisible but still counted for) from the safe. After all the gold is counted for there will be no more added or removed. Even if more gold is found, it is not in the safe, it will be worthless. Thus there is no creating new money. The money in circulation will always equal the amount in the safe.

Medicare will be another branch of the government. Medicare will be free to any individual but the doctor must approve any medication you receive. Recreational drugs will also be prescribed. If the person WANTS recreational drugs such as the ones we know today that are illegal the doctor MUST give them to the person but there will be a set limit per drug.

There will be mandatory set laws for a crime. For example. If you murder it will be a mandatory of 50 years in prison (not maybe 50, or maybe death, or maybe 100 years. 50!) There will be set laws for every crime. All other laws, such as battery, abuse, inflicting pain (degrees of pain = different degrees of time). All these laws that will be enacted for the better being of mankind and their mandatory sentences will be decided on and voted on within 2 years of the establishment of the first representatives.

Representatives will pick judges for their states. Once the representatives term is over, the judge term is over. There will be a trial of the accused person. With in 3 days minimum and 30 days maximum (depending on the crime) the accused person will go before a judge and a jury of 20 people. All public defenders will be educated, paid and given by the state. The accused will be allowed to interview up to 10 public defenders and must decide on one before his court date. If the accused wants an extension of time before the court date that is allowed. The accused will wait for the court date at his home.

A protest must be organized and peaceful. There will be a set destination. You must notify the president of a protest with a given date for it to be legal. The president CAN NOT refuse a protest if there is a petition of one million people. If there IS a protest and one million or more people attend on the given date, then the law that they are protesting MUST be changed. The protester's organizers will vote on what they want the law or sentence changed to and the law or sentence MUST then be changed to what they want. If a president ever refuses a petition of one million or more for a peaceful protest then he will be removed by the Peoples Army.

Individualism is encouraged on planet Earth. You do not have to look or dress a certain way to qualify for any position in the world. A person is an individual and will be treated as such.

I know its getting long and I may add more, but what do you guys think? Would you vote for me if this happened?

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 03:33 PM
It looks good and is well written and clearly well though out, but of course it looks good on paper, but in practise is the problem, have you ever looked into communism at all, it looks actualy pretty good on paper, but look at history, power corrupts, and it could only hold for so long before things get out of hand, really I see that peoples army getting out of conrtol actualy, technicaly they have the most control when you look at it, they have the power to remove representatives, and I am guessing they have weaponary, so whos to say no to them? but of course it all depends on the people.

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 03:36 PM

Every country is divided into states. Each state will be at 300 square miles.
There will be no congress, no senate. Just a president.

That's what the NWO will be, a dictatorship. That is what you are describing here. One man in control of everything.

[edit on 28-11-2006 by SpeakerofTruth]

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 03:40 PM
Speaker come on read the whole thing. The president has 3 years and he's out. He's also voted in. I say we need checks on the corps and no new laws once its all set. No new laws, unless there is a million man protest for change...

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