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Australian Rock art In Grave danger

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posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 04:20 AM
Hi ATS'ers, love this place. Australia has some of the oldest petroglyphs on the planet. Up to 10,000 have already been destroyed.

Now 40% has been greenlighted for destruction.

Imagine 40% of Stonehenge, or the pyramids going the way of the dodo.....only here, only with this damned government....

These are being threatened by a large sh#thead mining company, presumably because these amazing artifacts don't piss oil or natural gas. Thats a damned shame, and so they must go:

You can help by sending email to the local politician, who may read it if he can drag his assinine head out of the mining companies strip joint/pig trough.

Doubtful, so please take the time to help protect these global resources.


I cannot state how angry this makes me, there has been ZERO press coverage of this outrage, unlike the media plastering the taliban got when they blew the buddha's up.



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