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Dedication for the Mother of Unrealised

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posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 03:31 PM
I'd like to send you and your family my condolences for the passing of your mother.

May she have a safe journey through the Bardos and even attain full Enlightenment without having to return to this vale of tears.

The Bardo Prayer

Oh Buddhas and Bodhisattvas abiding in all directions,
Endowed with great compassion,
Endowed with foreknowledge,
Endowed with divine eye,
Endowed with love,
Affording protection to sentient beings,
Please come forth through the power of your great compassion,
Please accept these offerings, both actually presented and mentally created.

Oh Compassionate Ones, you who possess
The wisdom of understanding,
The love of compassion,
The power of doing divine deeds,
And of protecting in incomprehensible measure,
She is passing from this world to the next,
She is taking a great leap,
The light of this world has faded for her,
She has entered solitude with their karmic forces,
She has gone into a vast silence,
She is borne away by the great ocean of birth and death .....

Oh Compassionate Ones, protect her who is defenceless. Be to her like a mother and father.

Oh Compassionate Ones, let not the force of your compassion be weak, but aid them.

Let her not go into the miserable states of existence.

Forget not your ancient vows.

Just remember that you always have your Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother

The adorable Mother Kundalini is the burning fire of the Holy Spirit. She is Mary, Maya, Isis, Adonia, Insoberta, Rea, Cibeles, etc., etc., etc.

She has thousands of adorable names. She is Love, Electricity, Universal Magnetism, Cosmic Force. The laws of cohesion and planetary gravity were created by the Mother of all adoration. All of the brilliant, sparkling and palpitating planets in the inalterable, adorable, infinite space rest within the delectable bosom of the blessed Mother Goddess of the world.

The Lady of supreme adoration takes Her children by the hand and guides them along the dangerous path of the razor's edge.

The Divine Mother is entwined three and a half times within the coccygeal church. The Lady of all adoration opens the seven apocalyptic churches of the spinal medulla.

We must search for the Divine Mother within our Heart Temple. The Cross of the Initiation is received within the Temple of the Heart. She, the adorable Lady of love is the only one who has the power of awakening Her children within the womb of the profound Universal Spirit of Life.

The Mind must become a serene lake, without tempests, so that it will reflect the picture of the starry skies. When the mind is quiet and silent, the Divine Mother is then pleased with us...

...The Divine Mother has the power to open up all of the chakras of the Astral Body. The Lady of perfection dwells within the electrons. Wise Gnostics meditate on Her. Mystics adore Her. Perfect couples lift Her up through the medullar canal by means of love...

...Be gentle in order to listen; merciful in order to judge.

May your Father who is in secret and may your Divine Mother Kundalini bless you.

Best Regards

posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 03:45 PM
A shoulder to cry on is something we can never put a price on.

My thoughts are with you and your family in this time of need.


posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 05:07 PM
WOW Tamahu

that picture is BEAUTIFUL....thank you

I didn't ever know or have a picture, myself.

Thank you for clearing this up for me....we don't grieve but rather accept and absorb and inherit and serve and honor precious memories which live within as part of the 'me.'

I knew she was going but I didn't realize the whole situation until now...and i'm sure there is more to know and learn.

Thank you both
God bless you both and all of US

shalom and namaste!


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