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people in their vehicles....

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posted on Nov, 15 2003 @ 11:50 AM
i drive for a living and those who dont drive for a living wont understand this or will come to this thread to bash me because i do drive for a living but...

i hate retarded drivers. people who dont even do the speed limit annoy me. its not one or two people, its many people through out the day. speed all you want, its your license, not mine but dont drive slow for no damn reason.

people who dont use their signals and decide to change lanes or make a turn VERY suddenly without warning is aggravating. this pisses me off. if you're going to change lanes, use your signal, look around and THEN get over, dont start to come over and THEN use your signal and not look to see if you're clear. when you turn use your signal BEFORE you get to your turn, not AT your turn. (in fact manner driver manuals in many states tell you these very things, think i'm making it up? get a copy and read for yourself!)

people who dont use their mirrors, they seem to assume others are A) watching out for them, B) think noone else is on the road, C) think they control the road and everyone else has to kiss their ass.

people who cut you off. you're in the left lane bebopping along at (insert speed here) and then some slack jawed yokel decides "hey i got a great idea! i'll get in the left lane with no use of a signal, i'll do it really fast and just barely fast enough to pass the person in front of me. hell i'm so important i'll do it in front of this person who is obviously coming up in the left lane faster than i am driving, my schedule is all important, # HIM, he can slow down and wait"

people who cant read signs like "keep right except to pass" bother me greatly. i have a job that requires me to get from one place to another and you taking your time DELAYS me. if it werent for dickheads like this i could pretty much take my time getting everywhere i need to go because i wouldnt have to worry about people slowing me down for no apparent reason other than they have their head up their ass and dont realize the left lane of a highway is for PASSING, not cruising.

people who pull out of a side street/parking lot/alley/whatever right in front of you only to A) not do the speed limit), B) stop for absolutely no reason C) deice they want to turn down the next street and rather than waiting for YOU (not you and a string of cars) go by they MUST get in front of you as if they are "gaining position" in a nascar race annoy me a lot.

then we have those who use the left lane and rather than getting over behind you for the turn they are about to make they HAVE to get in front of youand then slam on their brakes and then make their turn slowing you down. did you #ing gain something from slowing ME down? sorry waiting till the last 3 feet to make your turn/exit isnt my problem, planning ahead and getting over a little bit before you get to your turn/exit goes a long way in showing respect and courtesy to other people. in fact if everyone did this noone would feel compelled to "get even" and do it to someone else.

LOADING ZONES are NOT for parking. they are for temporary parking of commericial vehicles who are either A) picking up something B) dropping off something or C) both. they are not for YOU in your god damn volvo to park there so you can run into the #ing bank.

people with small cars who park them in LARGE spots on the street. i do quite a bit of driving downtown in a VAN so i find spots that are BIG. do the world a favor, park your goddamn metro in a smaller spot next time. if nothing else was available i understand but i have seen people in small cars take the biggest spots. why i dont know but its stupid and uncalled for.

people who CANT parallel park. stay home. do NOT come down town and try to parallel park. i will #ing choke the life out of you if i see you doing it. watching some dumbass in a grand caravan or a BMW parallel park is like watching the special olympics, you feel sorry for them because you know they arent normal people. hitting other cars, hitting curbs, their vehicle still sticks out even after taking five minutes to maneuver their car into the spot. ok this one doesnt annoy me its more amusing to me but i thought i'd mention it anyway because their oxygen theives are taking up a space i could use!

people who run red lights. i dont mean those who enter the intesection under a yellow and it turns red. no i mean those people who punch the go pedal AFTER it turns red and blasts through the intersection as if everyone will wait for them. i have seen many a scared look from people in small cars who do this and i start to go when I have the green/right of way.

people who make left turns before they are suppose to. you've seen the "left turn must yeild" signs at certain interesection and this should be no mystery to you that you should wait lest your car gets hit and your insurance premiums go up. i've seen people gun it at the start of a green light and make their turn completely being A)direspectful of everyone else on the road, B) wreckless in their driving C) lack of concern or respect for their own vehicle or life.

i'm sure there are more example of dumbass drivers but those are theones that stick out in my mind the most.

and to clarify (in case you are reading down this far)...
i do use my mirrors, my turning signals, i do keep to the right except to pass and i try to be as courteous as i can be. i know what itslike to be on the recieving end of this behavior and i try my best not to do it to others. do NOT lump me into this category of other people who drive for a living, they annoy me even more, giving people like me a bad name. in fact they are the WORST drivers as they should know better than the reuglar driver and still dont care.

posted on Nov, 15 2003 @ 09:08 PM
People who drive behind you with their brights on! How rude! And how dangerous! I have so invented a 'light up sign' for my vehicle that reads *TURN YOUR FRICKEN BRIGHTS OFF* (Flashing bright orange words in their faces)

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 06:02 AM

Originally posted by ThePrankMonkey
people who run red lights. i dont mean those who enter the intesection under a yellow and it turns red. no i mean those people who punch the go pedal AFTER it turns red and blasts through the intersection as if everyone will wait for them. i have seen many a scared look from people in small cars who do this and i start to go when I have the green/right of way.


I totally sympathize with you PMonkey. Driving for a living must be absolute hell with all the idiots behind the wheel in today's world. I'm in the process of Rebuilding the front end of my "Previously Restored" '69 El Camino now for the Second Time because of a Red Light Runner! Not only did they run the Red (Way Late!!) but they ran it making Wide Left Turn through 2 Opposing Lanes of a Busy Intersection! My Girlfriend, Myself and our New Puppy were 10 seconds from leaving town to go see "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy" play also!! We are lucky that we were in a car that was still made from "Old School" steel or we'd probably both be worm food right now.

All this chaos caused by her selfish impatients to wait at the turn light for 1min. until it turns green again. That and I quote: "I just looked down to grab my Coke, and when I looked up it was Red."
She must have been real thirsty to gamble with her life as well as other inocent lives. That or she was just a IDIOT and LOSER who should not be behind the wheel of a car. Then to add insult to injury, she never did say "sorry" to my girlfriend but atleast did to me when I first went to see if she was alright. However, later she decides to change her story and say it was MY FAULT!

Lucky for me though she was too stupid to remember she already admitted fault to the officer at the scene. I still had to get the police report and threaten to take her insurance to court before they complied. GREEDY CROOKS=INSURANCE CO.!!..........Ok, I'm done ranting now, hope you enjoyed that.

Here are a few observations from all my years driving, both car and truck/trailer.
1. People often drive Naked from the waist down.
2. Some of those same people Masturbate while driving too!

3. Many guys recieve Oral Pleasure from the passenger while driving.
4. Some women love to flash their breasts to Truck Drivers. (Truck Drivers also Encourage this behavior for obvious reasons.)
5. Too many people concentrate on Makeup, Coffee, Breakfast, Reading, Talking, Cellphones, Radio, Exploring Floorboard/Backseat, etc. while driving!
6. My Favorite: People often have the impression that they are somehow invisible when they're in their car which allows others to see them "Singing Wildly" and "Picking Their Nose Ferociously" along with other things that they wouldn't normally do publicly.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 08:24 AM

i hate retarded drivers. people who dont even do the speed limit annoy me. its not one or two people, its many people through out the day. speed all you want, its your license, not mine but dont drive slow for no damn reason

I'll agree on most points you raised, but the Speed Limit, is the MAXIMUM speed you are supposed to go...not the MINIMUM....

I am one of those who sings loudly in the car... Not that I think I'm invisible, but I just don't give a # who sees me, and it doesn't bother me...

However, when it comes to eating, cell phones, etc. Just are a DRIVER first, and those other things second... You don't need to see the cup, to grab it and drink from it...keep your damned eyes on the road. If you eat, eat something that is easy to eat in the car (i.e. something that doesn't fall apart or drip, etc.), and again, eyes on the road.... If you get a call, but can't grab the phone...fine, they can leave a message.... If you drop the phone...fine, call them back when you can stop, etc.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 04:36 PM
Yeah I'm in agreement with the prankmonkey,
I delivered pizzas for a living (I was 19 living with parents = cha ching) this summer and damn!! We have Max 55 Min 40 speedlimits. Let me tell you what, the residents of some of the islands i delivered to took that 40 MPH minimum seriously!! I was going nuts all night long. Besides that its the bigget coc aine importing area in the South eastern US so you can imagine that some people drove even slower than 40. It was crazy.

Anyways, I had a #in car that seemed to have afterburners so I was forced (and happy to oblige) to pull insane manouvers at deadly speeds in order to get someones pizza to them on time. Sometimes the pizza remained intact, other times it did not. But thats not my fault, its those damn slow ass drivers.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 07:51 PM
OMG how can I only agree with you PM. Excellent rant BTW. I do not drive for a living, but my job do involve a lot of deplacement requiring a car. I think it's amazing the number of driver who seem simply careless, or just freaking dumb.

I personnaly hate when people don't use their signal, or people who drive below the speed limit, and almost all what you said. Also, excuse me if I'm wrong but, I think there would be a lot less 'road rage' problem if their wasn't so many idiots on the road.

[Edited on 17-11-2003 by m0rbid]

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 08:56 PM

people who drive below the speed limit

yeah, that's pretty silly, they probably don't want to pay a $100 plus speeding ticket or something....

posted on Nov, 18 2003 @ 02:02 PM
I hate those bastards who ride your ass. Mostly it's punk kids with those stupid rice rockets with their fart mufflers and spoilers taller than the car, they have no idea what a real car looks like.


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