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Is It Impossible To Know The Original WH WoT Plan?

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posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 09:06 AM
It was obvious to me from Day 1, the Bush43 White House was elated over the Nine Eleven Event. His failing presidency was lifted out of the arena of harsh debate and hurled into the lofty stratosphere of war! The newly conjured strategy first enunciated by VP Cheney - a perpetual war on terror - meant the WH could operate in the WAR mode and evade or avoid most of the Congressional oversight and publicly debating other serious issues raised by Neo Con philosophy such as privatizing government. War trumps economy! B43 had inherited a balanced budget and a projected $1.5 T. surplus. Before the Nine Eleven Event, the GOP Congress had squandered the surplus on tax cuts for the R&Fs and the country had plunged into a stock market decline that sank to 7,000 from Clinton’s high of 11,000. The Nine Eleven Event was co-opted by the GOP and Bush43.

Little people are not directly connected to the DJIA, but it is an accurate reflection what the R&Fs think about the near term future. R&Fs - Rich and Famous - are also the Movers and Shakers of society. America has always been under the rigorous control of the R&Fs, from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton and Bush43, a/k/a as Dumbya around Crawford. That’s the fate of being poor. Your future is in the hands of others. For proof, I ask you, how much money did you send your representative and senators this year? Be sure the R&Fs sent a lot. Do I have to remind you whose phone calls get answered?

I am a Democrat because Dems give me 40% of what I want, and the GOP gives me less than 5% of what I want. I’m under no delusions about that. Dems, like the Caesars, understand you have to give the proletariat some circus or they may get so angry they will pull another 1789 French Revolution complete with guillotine. That is the poor man’s ace in the hole. GOPs don’t understand that and could give a hoot less. Don’t forget Pres. Hoover ordered Gen. MacArthur to expel the Bonus Marchers from Washington DC and Mac did it with great gusto and excessive zeal resulting in the loss of some veteran’s lives. Hey, the GOP always has lacked a sense of humor.

The Gang of Four - B43, VP Cheney, the Oberfuhrer Herr Rumsfeld and the Birmingham Songbird Condo Rice, has been disrupted. Not disbanded, just disrupted. John Bolton will be gone when Congress adjourns. Richard Perle is having recriminations of conscience. Wolfowitz is safely ensconced at the World Bank on a 10 year term to continue working his convoluted ideas on the world. The “team” B43 put together to rule America and the world is dissipating into the ashcan of history. And so rightly deserved. Even the polyglots of Holy Scripture have to a considerable extent abandoned the born again “Cause” as exemplified by Bush43. Pat Robertson, him who moves hurricanes, and James Dobson, wanna be Pope of Colorado, now seem to want distance from B43 as the Neo Cons, like the WTC, begin to collapse in upon themselves. A doctrine made in hell and like Count Dracula, it cannot withstand the light of day!

Can this turn of events be laid to the electorate on November 7, who turned their back on the Judge Roy Bean West of the Pecos types out of Crawford? In part, yes, but the supreme underlying factor was the patent failure of Neo Con promises utilizing the “Spread Democracy” propaganda theme to justify their Wars of Aggression around the Persian Guff. We were promised a Rose Bowl-like parade in Baghdad but got instead, IEDs. Improvised explosive devices. Roadside bombs. 3,000 KIA. And rising every day. And to no avail! What did we learn from Vietnam? If it was not fatal to so many innocent people, it would be laughable. We cannot hold a good election here, after 211 years of practice. The 2000 election produced America’s first designated president, no thanks to the Supreme Court. Bush43 won the presidency by a vote of 5 to 4. By this dastardly act, the Supreme Court forever gave up its claim of non-partisanship. To the detriment of the body politic.

So now what do we do? Not since James Buchanan was president has the country been so mucked up by one man. That’s the legacy of Bush43. Casting about to find a “safe” person to help bail the sinking ship, the USS Iraq, they have hit upon a trustworthy but mediocre performer, Bob Gates. Holder of many jobs but never described as outstanding in any. He is a “yes” man and will follow orders from the Oval Office. They hope a new face will make an old non-policy look good. And the anticipated (by me) failure of Gates will be heralded by Neo Cons as the exoneration of Oberfuhrer Herr Rumsfeld's plans.

Congress is not in any position to translate the voters disdain for the GOP’s failed policies into meaningful action. The president can veto any act of Congress. It takes 2/3rds of both chambers to override a veto. The Dems majority in the House is slim, about 20 seats - there are still 5 seats undecided - and there is no single overriding theme amongst the Dems. The Senate is even narrower, if that is possible. Holding barely half the seats - 50 - the Dems must rely on Vermont’s Independent Bernie Sanders to gain the needed 51 votes to organize the Senate. To impose cloture - shutting off debate - requires 60 votes although Sen. Frist threatened the “nuclear option” to change the rule to a bare majority. He did not do that because the Dems caved to prevent a vote. Those who like to look for conspiracies may want to ask who ordered Virginia's George Allen to make his concession speech and to forego the legally mandated ballot recount? And why? Or did Machiavelli Jr (Karl Rove) order the Virginia loss in furtherance of his master plan to lay the blame of his failed Iraq War plan on the Dems as cut and run? Most of who now regret their vote for the War on Terror.

The US Con, Art II, Sec. 2, Clause 1: The president shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy . . “ Bush43 thought of it like a child’s toy, that he could act unilaterally so long as he determined he was acting in the interest of national security. Only the current legal jerk, Alberto Gonzales, ever thought that. He must be the worst and dumbest man to hold that post. He counseled Bush43 the c-in-c post was likened unto the post held by history’s Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England!

A legal tragedy waiting to happen. And it did. Gonzales approved Guantanamo Bay. The Patriot Act. He approved of torture. Approved of rendition. Approved of the doctrine of enemy combatants. Approved of the court rejected Military Tribunals. You name it and this scoundrel has violated his oath of office a score of times. He is the most vulnerable to impeachment. But the Dems will not do that. They will leave his legacy along with his leader's to history . By the bye, did you know Bush43 ordered the execution of 154 prisoners in Texas? In less than 6 years in office, that works out to one dead man every 2 weeks. He scheduled a triple execution once, but it failed for technical reasons. He set 2 doubles in his term! Which he pulled off! I have contended from the get-go that no normal man can do that. But then, I have never accused Bush43 of being normal.

Now we begins the campaign for November 4, 2008. Let’s hope we don’t grow weary before we vote. And don’t forget, patriotism is the last refuge of fools and scoundrels.

[edit on 11/27/2006 by donwhite]


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