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So just what CAN you do?

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posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 11:41 PM
Okay, so talking in circles isn't doing anything.

So I want to show you yourself what you can do.

First I want to give you a structure of making the entangible into the tangible.

We love surprising people and scaring the heck out of them...
and it works..
Have you ever studied yourself when you are doing the scaring? ...

What are you doing? ... Waiting for an external stimulus to unleash your thoughts.. directed thoughts.. directed energy..
So you hold and build the energy, (we call suspense) ... this is called waiting for waiting to fulfill..

Okay thats great.. whoopty doooo..

Well lets take this from another angle.. (from another angel? lol ) .. [I mistyped that first.. ]

Lets surprise people in another way... lay in waiting for them to build your energy.. your suspense.. to see if it will work, if you will 'scare' them ..

in another way... to not SCARE but to .. Release.

You notice the release of energy when you intend to scare someone.. you build up the suspense to scare someone by scaring yourself.. you raise your energy to a high level of 'scared' and than direct it at the unsuspecting.. but if they are suspecting, your efforts are useless, they do not accept the energy transfer and your hyped up BOO! was just scaring yourself.. and fizzles..

So instead, lay in waiting to pass on a better intent.. the intent of healing and release.. lay in waiting and than when your mark rounds the corner instead of yelling boo ... say peace or love, and touch them... with gentleness, do not use a scary or disturbing voice, but a calm relaxing voice.. and reach out and pass your energy... it will be accepted..
watch the reactions you get.. the next time you want to scare someone.. heal them instead.

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