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The Fountain related to actual reality...

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posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 01:17 AM
Heya everyone, i just watched the new film The Fountain and i have to say i am pretty impressed. It really sparks your imagination.

After i saw it i had several different things popping up in my mind and it was just pissing me off how we dont know anything about why we are here or how we got here or what happens to you after death.

Pretty much for me, outa the movie i got that birth, life, and death are all the same in a sense that it just keeps going on. I also thought that since the movie dint really focus on any single religion, that all religions are intertwined and relate to each other some how, for example the tree of life from eden and buddhism's reincarnation.

But the whole death thing in the movie, of how you die is sorta uncomfotable to me, at least how they made it feel though.

It truly is a beautiful movie and very interesting.

I just wanted to kno wut u guys got out of it and your opinions on the story and of the nova and stars and all that stuff. because maybe i dint get all of it and i would like to kno what i missed.



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