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Saddam Trained Insurgents History Channel

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posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 01:03 PM
If you have time around 6 PM Central standard time tonight tune into the History channel show titled Beyond Top Secret. (Check your local listings for your exact time.)

It shows how Saddam anticipated the wars outcome and made plans to train insurgents within Iraq. They show actual footage taken in his office where he ordered certain items like molotov cocktails, bows and arrows (yes bows and arrows guess he was thinking cowboys and Indians
) along with several other devices all meant to be used by his supporters in Iraq against US and British Forces. He even had plans to blow up the bridges around Baghdad but cancelled them so he could send troops out to control other groups who did not support him.

I can't wait to watch it all tonight. Just thought it would be of interest and perhaps discuss it after others have viewed it.

posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 03:14 PM
Can you blame him? Its common sense. In GW1 he saw he couldn't win a convential war. There have been programs about this "planned guerilla war" before on the History channel.

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posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 08:07 PM
Saddam opened up his prisons just before also...
Figured murderers, rapists and criminal kingpins would be better of on the streets hassling american forces..

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 09:22 AM
Boy am I bad I misread the replay time it should have read HISTORY Dec 03 06:00pm (cst) Check your local listings. I thought it was last nite but when 6 arrived I learned I was wrong; sorry bout that.

Interesting about the prisoner releases though. Perhaps they mentioned it at the begi8ning, but as I stated I only caught a portion of the show.

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